What NOT to do when leaving a comment

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What NOT to do when leaving a comment

Post by frank1 » 12 Jun 2018, 07:25

I figured I should make a list of things on what not to do when leaving comments on videos. A lot of you guys need to learn how not to be creepy. I can't tell how many times I've seen weird sexual comments on a video.

1) No sexual or provocative comments

I see this is so often, a guy makes a video and someone makes a weird comment asking for a shirtless video. Or one time I saw a guy leave a comment asking for a naked burping video. Listen guys please keep in mind that no guy is obliged to please you and these are regular guys who like burping for fun and the fetish doesn't even cross their minds. So no matter how horny these guys make you, keep it to yourself.

2) Don't ask for personal info

I can't tell you how many times i've seen comments asking for a guys social media whether it be twitter, snapchat or Skype. This is also pretty creepy as well, one guy closed his DMs on twitter all because a video of him burping got on the forums and some guy was asking him about burping. These guys often burp for their own personal amusement not so you can get off. Please keep that in mind and show some restraint.

3) No weird requests

Demanding a guy cater to your personal fetish is downright creepy. Ive seen a whole host of people asking a guy to show his feet or fart instead. These guys aren't cam models so asking for weird things isnt going to make him want to do more just drive him away.

Ok so this just a short list of the kinds of comments I see. So if you want to know the proper way to leave comment, leave an encouraging comment followed by a simple request for the guy to do more. I generally leave comments like this for example:

"That was awesome, you should do more"

"Nice dude, you should do another video"

I've gotten great responses with comments like this. On almost every guys video I left a comment like those on has gone to make more videos. So be complimentary and encouraging and refrain from leaving disgusting comments.

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Re: What NOT to do when leaving a comment

Post by kfuny2003 » 12 Jun 2018, 11:29

It's a double-eged sword.

It's best typically never to leave comments in general, but at the same time, any content creator likes knowing people like their stuff.

But context is everything.

If you're gonna leave a comment, be normal about it. Like "Damn!" or something along the lines of impressed or amused. Unless something is an overtly fetish-driven thing, most people don't like knowing something they're doing is turning others on. And even if something is fetish driven, no reason to be creepy about it. Everyone's a person, and they don't exist to cater to anyone's needs. So just be goddamn decent.

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Re: What NOT to do when leaving a comment

Post by Ruffneck » 12 Jun 2018, 18:59

My personal opinion:
I think that everybody who's doesn't have that creepy edge, does also not need a guide on how not to be creepy.
Creeps will never learn or think about the bigger picture.

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