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Re: Burping Video Pet Peeves

Post by frank1 » 12 Jun 2019, 15:56

I'm kind of frustrated with amount of girl burp videos being uploaded and spread throughout the internet. I see practically a new video everyday on YouTube from different channels.

New compilations being made almost every single day. Various girls on social media post short burp videos getting hundreds and hundreds of vieaws.

Searching for new Twitch clips and seeing mainly girl streamer clips of them constantly burping. Meanwhile, I'm lucky to even find one guy burping clip and even more lucky to find a guy that burps well.

Instagram is the also the same sadly, its the same all over. Its gotten to the point where I don't even have to specify the word girl, I'll get them all the same. If I do managed to find a video of a guy burping its usually just one or two but definitely not nearly as much.

Its almost tragically unfair that girls burping is almost considered a novelty and an attractive girl burping even more so. I can't imagine every single guy who watches videos of girls burping also have the fetish. I also imagine any guy who doesn't is watching to see something they don't expect or just curious.

I see so many girls put burp queen in their bios, always talking about how much they burp or how proud they are. You don't see a guy doing that often, except for maybe Yanagi who pretty much the only guy on YouTube who makes burping videos consistently. All the rest have given up it seems. :/

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