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Methods to find new videos

Any videos or threads that don't fit into the other forums.
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Methods to find new videos

Post by frank1 » 11 Jun 2017, 22:44

OK so since it's been discussed I thought I'd share the ways I find new content on the internet. I generally use two methods, if anyone has a different method please post below.

Method #1 My primary method for finding content is to go one twitter and search:

@username burp OR burps OR burped OR burping OR belch OR belches OR belching OR belched

For the username I usually search for a Youtuber who burps a lot and then see if they burp in any new video.

Or sometimes I search without the username and just search: burp OR burps OR burped OR burping OR belch OR belches OR belching OR belched

This is a good way to find burp videos that aren't always tagged with a particular username.

Method #2: I go to YouTube and type in burp or any kind variation and click on closed caption and look through the videos that come up. Very often Youtubers caption their videos which sometimes includes a burp.

If you scroll through the captions it tells you the exact moment the burp is and saves any time you might have wasted looking at the whole video. :)

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Re: Methods to find new videos

Post by whyeyv » 19 Jun 2017, 08:01

Here's some useful websites for finding new content :)

Website to search through ALL YouTube comments of a certain video:

Sites with transcripts/subtitles for Movies/TV Shows:

Sites with transcripts/subtitles for YouTube videos:

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