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Introducing the BFF Wiki Database!

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Re: Introducing the BFF Wiki Database!

Post by WhoKnows » 13 Jul 2009, 02:43

Oh, hold on. I just reread your response again, Q, and I think I might have misinterpreted.

It seems like the girl chugging soda because she wants to burp would count as "forced", just as much as the air-swallowing girl.

So... is it, then, primarily a question of whether the girl intended it or not?

I'm trying to cast my mind back to when I was uploading, and I'm wondering whether I have misplaced some of them.

The thing is--- if "natural" = accidental, and "forced" = deliberate, then what about the ones which... well, what about ones which aren't "accidental", but which...

Okay, say there's a video which starts with a girl who has just finished a big meal, and she is lying on the sofa, feeling bloated and whatnot. She feels that she really needs to burp to make herself feel better. In this case, she is "making herself burp" (forced), but at the same time it sort of seems like these might just be "natural" burps (result of the meal), which she is just trying to get out.

Would something like this count as "natural" or "forced"?

I think I'm able to say pretty definitively whether most videos would count as "natural" or "forced", but it's just the occasional one like this that I wouldn't be so sure about.

Again, I draw attention to the bfsgirly "Let's try that again!" video. I'm sure that in their first video the burps were purely accidental, and thus "natural". However, I couldn't tell whether, in the second one, since they had had so many comments about the burping, they were actually WANTING to burp. So the burps moved from accidental side-effects in their first video to the focus/goal of the second...? If that makes any sense? (their description of the second video seemed to focus primarily on the burping...)

However, this is, of course, a very specific example.

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Re: Introducing the BFF Wiki Database!

Post by Q » 14 Jul 2009, 02:07

Both of the examples you gave would be 'natural' in the definition that I was thinking about.
WhoKnows wrote:Ah, right! Okay--- I think I have a better handle on the distinction now.

Is the general idea that "forced" = swallowing air, and most of the other vids are the "natural" ones?

What I had been thinking was that "forced" not only covered the swallowing-air burps, but also any other ones in which the girl might be (for example) drinking soda for the express purpose of burping. So I think my mistake was that I was considering the burper's intent rather than what caused the burps.

In that case, if there is a video in which a girl turns on the camera and says she is going to chug a soda and see if she can burp, this would still fall under the heading of "natural"?

Am I on the right tracks?
You pretty much got it there. Basically, if the person intentionally takes in air in any way, that's classed as 'forced'. If it's caused by, say, eating or drinking, that would be classed as 'natural'. Even if, to take your example, she's trying to make herself burp after eating a big meal. Sorry for any confusion, does that make sense now?

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Re: Introducing the BFF Wiki Database!

Post by WhoKnows » 14 Jul 2009, 11:24

It's all much clearer now--- thanks, Q!

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