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Post by Umbris » 08 Aug 2018, 01:40

Hello everyone.

After months of asking questions, along with looking through pages of screenshots and private messages, we feel that it's time to make this public.

buxombelch, or Anna, has been engaging in a fairly low-profile way to try and get pu_sh_it into some serious bad blood with various people. An anonymous model tipped us off that Anna has sent private messages to a number of producers, containing all sorts of lies and exaggerations. One of these lies is that pu_sh_it runs multiple forum accounts - this is not true.

To make matters worse, she has also privately admitted to "trolling" the forums for months, so instead of acting in good faith, Anna has been deliberately trying to have a negative impact here.

We have seen chains of emails between pu_sh_it and producers where he links to pirated content which has been uploaded, and the producer thanks him for pointing it out. These emails don't line up with Anna's claims.

All in all, disappointing to see and it goes against all the positivity this place should be about. As a result, Anna is going to have two strikes placed against her account, and one more act of misconduct will cause a ban. Anna also needs to contact anyone she sent her accusations to with a new message explaining that she lied and she made claims without evidence.

If this thread gets heated I'm just gonna lock it, but I'm leaving it open for now in case Anna wants to apologise.

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Re: Buxombelch

Post by WarlordX532 » 11 Aug 2018, 01:10

Oh boy...

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Re: Buxombelch

Post by MadMike » 11 Aug 2018, 02:26

I fucking knew it something was wrong with her... I didn't like her since her first appearance.
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