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Could someone write a lesbian fic please?

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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Could someone write a lesbian fic please?

Post by belchlover » 11 Jan 2018, 08:10

That'd be great.
Hmu if you wanna talk about burping! I'm turned on by burps, stuffing & bloating. Lesbian :sodaburp:

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Re: Could someone write a lesbian fic please?

Post by RightWing » 12 Jan 2018, 18:30

Definitely something I would love to read :x
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Re: Could someone write a lesbian fic please?

Post by queerbellylove » 15 Jan 2018, 03:26

There's a fic called burping and bdsming that is both lesbian and really good if you search the archives of this board.

i think there are a few others as well.

however i totally agree that it would be great to have more.

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Re: Could someone write a lesbian fic please?

Post by Omnius » 24 Jan 2018, 11:09

Yes I'm going to attempt to write a lesbian fic. I've written a few stories and have many unfinished ones on my pc but I've never done a lesbian one before, but sounds like a lot of fun to write and I'm keen to give it a go. It may take me a while though. I have been trying to think of premise, ideas, set a scene for it in my head all day and it has been a struggle but I think I've come up with some good stuff, once my flow gets going hopefully I'll be able to produce something with some depth and substance we can all enjoy. I focus mainly on the burps but I try my hardest to get more sexual stuff in there, as I'm not a lesbian that is going to be the most challenging part I think.

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