Room mate [Real,Female]

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Room mate [Real,Female]

Post by Dav64 » 03 Jan 2018, 19:52

I recently moved in a shared apartment for educational purposes and one of my room mates is a girl. Me and this girl are getting close because of our many shared interests and similarities and I was considering asking her out. Before going on with the story let me give you a better picture of her : she has medium length straight brown hair, light blue round eyes and is plump (she is 5'5 and weighs about 195 lbs with a pear shape and a big belly, she has a slim face tough).

The last day before the holidays she was the one to ask me out and I happily accepted. She took me to a buffet and, after paying the entry fee, we sat down to the table. She started taking huge servings of food and, as we were talking, between sentences, she gobbled down huge portions of it. We stayed there for about half an hour and at the end of her feast her sweater was riding up her belly and she had to unbutton her pants.

Once we were home, she took off her jacket (which she was barely able to close in the first place) and waddled to her room, asking me to follow her. Once inside her room, she sat down on her bed leaning on the wall and, after lifting up her sweater and undershirt, she demanded me to rub her belly because it felt sore. I already had massaged her neck on various occasions to ease her up from stress and she liked it, but this was a first-timer for me. I started slowly around the top and slowly worked my way along the sides and the center while trying to not show my arousal (bellies and bbws are a huge turn-on for me, along with female burps). She was evidently feeling better and enjoying the massage as she had her head resting against the wall with her eyes closed and her mouth opened while breathing heavily. I got to her underbelly and felt a softer spot and, right after I lightly pressed on it, I felt a rumble rising deep within her and she let loose a burp. It lasted 1-2 seconds but it was extremely loud and forceful, I even felt hot air brushing against my face. Her face went beet red and she started apologizing, but before she could finish I complimented her and said that she could do that all she wanted because it would made her feel better and I didn't mind it. She looked at me surprised for a second before closing her eyes and telling me to go on with the rubbing. I finished the massage and got her to burp another time. This time she turned her face away from me and covered her mouth before letting loose a 2 second burp which reverbreted loudly in the back of her throat.

After the massage we talked for a bit and she told me that she was sorry for looking and sounding like a pig. I told her that I d' rather go on a date with a girl that eats a lot and loves food than a picky girl that barely eats and that I really enjoyed the date and the massage. She looked at me and said "Thank you..." while blushing.

This was a really hot experience for me and I wanted to share it with you. After the holidays I 'll go back to my apartment and resume being around her. I want to continue dating her and make her my girlfriend not only because of my fetishes but also because I love her personality and how smart she is. I'll post eventual updates on different threads. I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect but it isn't my first language.

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