I Love Lucy (Fiction/Female/18+)

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I Love Lucy (Fiction/Female/18+)

Post by mr luigi » 02 Jan 2018, 00:06

Hey everyone, I’ve wanted to write a new story for a while now but just couldn’t think of something worth posting. However, thanks to some inspiration from other stories on the forum, I finally came up with a story I wanted to write. I don’t know how long this will go but I’m writing part 2.

The story is about a 24 year old girl fresh off a break up. She was very proper, healthy and fit during her relationship but once broken up, she decides to stuff herself and starts to eat whatever she wants and even teaches herself to burp. The story has a belly stuffing theme along with plenty of burps and maybe a fart or two. Don’t want to spoil anymore but hope you guys enjoy.

I Love Lucy Part 1

Tears were flowing from her face, streaming down her cheeks and falling to the floor. Falling, like she did for her now ex boyfriend. She thought she had something special. She started to feel as if she belonged, which is something she always wanted.

24-year-old Lucy wasn’t a bad looking girl at all. She had glistening brown hair, hazel/brown eyes and a very cute, innocent smile. She was shy, never one to talk your ear off but she could hold a conversation if she really wanted to.

Her body was the result of her ex bf, she was very toned and defined. She had explicit curves that could cripple a man. A nice large and round behind to compliment a tight abdomen as well as a hefty set of boobs. She was definitely well put together, barely tipping the scales at 130.

It was a relationship where both her and her ex would workout together, eat right and look healthy. It was all a ploy for him because she never felt the urge to work out before she met him. Now that he was gone, she certainly didn’t have the urge to anymore. At least not for a while. All she wanted to do was stay home and eat something very good and very greasy.

She ordered a pizza, a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and some cookies from a local pizza place. She hadn’t had pizza in over 2 years. She hadn’t had anything but fish, chicken and salad for the longest time. Now she just wanted to feast on her mouth watering meal.

She opened the box and began eating the first slice. My god was it good to finally taste the zesty sauce, perfectly covered with a layer of cheese. She scarfed down the first 3 slices of her 8 slice pie before cracking the 2 liter. Then...the problem arose.

Lucy couldn’t burp. She didn’t know how to do it on command so she always has to wait for the gas to expel itself. She tried patting her chest and rubbing her stomach. It usually worked but this time the gas wasn’t budging. She knew she had a big belch brewing in her bloated belly but it wouldn’t come out.

She took another swig of Dr. Pepper and as she went for another slice the beast was unleashed. She let out a 2-second power blast of a burp that created enough room to finish off the remaining five slices.

Lucy finished the entire meal in 20 minutes. She leaned back in her chair and examined the damage. Her stomach wasn’t too bloated but it was popping out a bit. She decided to get up and retire to her room. She closed the door and undressed before sitting on her bed. She looked down at her belly and was consoling it in her hands like a newborn baby. She badly wanted to burp because her stomach was making some ridiculous noises plus it was beginning to hurt a bit. The pressure was even causing her to fart pretty loudly. She was in the comfort of her own home so she didn’t care.

She kept trying to urge the burp out by rubbing her stomach and finally got fed up. She grabbed her laptop and looked up how-to’s and tutorials on burping. She looked up possible concoctions that cause people to belch. She even almost bought some of the prank burp powder packets but she wanted to just learn how to burp on command without relying on extra materials.

She looked up the process of taking in air but didn’t understand. All she saw was breathing and burping. How? How does one reach into their stomach and pull out the necessary components it takes to burp?

Right at that second a burp seemed to unlock from Lucys stomach and she even inhaled before as to try to make it bigger and it worked. She burped a very solid 3 second rumbler, low sounding and very bassy. Lucy felt so good afterwards but wanted to know how to do what she just did at will.

After looking up some videos and reading some informative posts on a burp forum, she realized that she needed to breathe in and halt the air intake at her throat hole. That will cause you to do the air intake motion but instead of taking in the air from the outside, you’re taking the air straight from the stomach. She tried and failed a few times but then it clicked, literally. She felt the back of her throat click to a halt and as she did the air intake process she felt the burp forming in her stomach and heard the noise that signified that air was coming up. She then pushed out a 6 second belch that felt like forever to her.

SUCCESS! Lucy was ecstatic. She spent the next 5-10 minutes burping and belching at all different volumes and lengths. She wasn’t bad at all, in fact by the end she was pretty damn respectable. If any of her colleagues saw her it would’ve been comedy at its finest. She was naked, bloated and very burpy while also covered in crumbs. She looked sloppy and she didn’t care. She had spent the last couple years of her life acting ladylike and proper. She now felt free to be herself.

The next few weeks, Lucy started to eat whatever she wanted. Big meal after big meal, every fry, every slice, every last bit took a toll on her body.

She was 130 and had a very muscular look when she ate that first pizza. A short month later and she was close to 160. None of her old work pants fit her due to how thick she had become. Watching her put on any type of clothing was comical. She even ripped an old pair of leggings that dared to try and contain her enormous ass.

She realized that she was getting a little fat when she put on a sweatshirt she had just bought and her belly was pudging out from beneath. Lucy didn’t care. She had come to love stuffing herself. Getting her belly to expand after tasting delicious food and drink was exhilerating as well as stimulating. She was proper for so long that finally letting out her burps without abandon turned her on a bit.

However, she still felt empty inside no matter how full she got. She still felt as if there was a missing piece to her puzzle, a hole to be filled. She longed for a lover but was still a little traumatized from her last relationship. She hated having her heart broken and didn’t feel the need to try and get back into the dating game. That all changed one day at the food market.

Lucy was looking over steaks when she heard a loud burp ring out from behind her. Smiling, Lucy turned and to her surprise found a small asian woman with the cutest eyes and amazing smile.

Lucy: wait was that you who burped?
Tonya: Impressive huh? I can do better honestly.
Lucy: haha I bet
Tonya: Excuse me btw lol gotta be polite
Lucy: ehh fuck that

Lucy reared back and belched a loud response at her new friend

Tonya: hahaha wow! Beautiful and a burper! You’re a catch!
Lucy: thank you thank you, glad someone thinks so. What’s your name?
Tonya: I’m Tonya, and you are?
Lucy: I’m Lucy, nice to meet you

They shook hands and exchanged glances. Certainly they both couldn’t be thinking the same thing but they were. Tonya was super turned on by this thick amazonian belch goddess and Lucy was wet at the sight of this cute little asian woman who had just burped like a dude. Something was forming, a beautiful friendship it would be.

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Re: I Love Lucy (Fiction/Female/18+)

Post by mr luigi » 02 Jan 2018, 02:45

Andddddd here’s part 2. Lemme know what you think!

I Love Lucy part 2

Lucy and Tonya hit it off and would spend the next couple of days getting to know eachother. They were a great duo in public. Tonya couldn’t be embarassed and was outgoing with everything she did. She was bombastic while Lucy was reserved. Tonya was always sliding compliments toward Lucy about her appearance.

‘Lucy you need hazard signs on your body, those curves can kill’


‘All that thick, makes me tick’

Then she’d slap her ass or pinch her thigh. Lucy would play it up, acting like she liked it...only she actually did. Lucy loved being around Tonya. She felt adored by this beautifully rude asian woman.

While building their friendship, Tonya and Lucy would meet up for coffee at noon or grab a beer and a bite to eat after work. One night, two men challenged Tonya and Lucy to a chugging contest because they were the center of attention (Both Lucy and Tonya together makes that unsurprising). Lucy and Tonya floored the two challengers.

Guy #1: holy shit you two are impressive
Guy #2: *burp* o my excuse me, sorry about that
Tonya: you should be that was wimpy as hell

Tonya unleashed a massive belch that caused the bar to fall silent then burst into laughter.

Guy #2: That was disgusting, at least your friend has some manners
Lucy: Actually...

Lucy followed Tonyas burp with a monster of her own. The bar fell in love with these two, how could you not. These two were a match made in heaven. Two beautys who were unapologetic for being themselves.

A few days after the bar, Tonya texted Lucy about possibly coming over and cooking her dinner. Lucy certainly would not turn down a meal. She had gone from a muscular 130 to a jiggly 170. She wasn’t exactly fat but she now had a bit of a pudgy belly. Her thighs had grown to a size that made them look just thick enough, as if she could absolutely kick a hole through a brick wall.

The only thing Lucy feared about the dinner with Tonya was how she would react to how she ate. Tonya and Lucy went to dinner before and Tonya knew Lucy could eat but in her own home, Lucy couldn’t help herself. She was a different animal in her own home. A true belching beast in her own private palace. Tonya was going to see the real Lucy, what would she think?

Tonya came over with enough ingredients to make a meal suitable for a small village. She was preparing chicken pot pie, home made mac and cheese, a bowl of mashed potatoes, some home made bread and brownies.

Tonya even made a weird request to Lucy.

Tonya: Any chance you could slip into some nice tight sweatpants? And maybe a tight tank top? Sorry if that’s weird but...

Lucy cut Tonya off by pushing her finger to her lips

Lucy: say no more

Lucy found her old grey sweatpants that were once huge on her but now gripped her lower half tightly. She found a white tank top that revealed an impressive amount of cleavage. She jiggled into the kitchen and watched Tonyas cute butt prance around the kitchen. She was a cook, incredible. Lucy was in heaven.

When dinner was served, Tonya looked at Lucy
Tonya: well? Dig in!
Lucy: Tonya I love you, this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Even my ex never cooked for me. Seriously this is too sweet.
Tonya: you can thank me by stuffing that cute belly of yours my girl. Btw I’m not waiting anymore I’m starving haha

Tonya and Lucy both jumped in. Both of them were impressive eaters, not uttering a word. The only sounds made were chewing, slurping and burping. Tonya brought over a 12 pack of beer and that had both ladies belching obnoxiously loud, so loud that the neighbors had peeked out the window wondering if they should expect an earthquake.

They cleaned their plates. Not a drop of food was left. Tonya ate a decent amount but she stopped about halfway through just to examine Lucy. It was incredible, she put down slice of pie after slice of pie while mixing in a beer chug and a belch here and there. She ate 2/3rds of the mac and cheese and every brownie but 3. When it was all said and done, lucy pushed back from the table and looked down. She looked pregnant. Her belly was bulging like never before. She was as round as a button.

Both ladies moved to the living room, burping with every step. Tonya plopped herself onto the couch and Lucy backed her robust butt right onto Tonyas lap.

Tonya: Oh my god!
Lucy: *buuuuurrrrrrppp* what?
Tonya: Your ass is huge! Like obviously but feeling it on me...wow is it *biiiiiiiiigggggg*

The pressure of Lucy on top of Tonya caused her to belch that last word right into the back of Lucys neck.

They looked adorable on that couch, lucy leaning back on Tonya. Tonya sniffing Lucys hair, complimenting it’s lovely scent. They didn’t think anything of what they were doing. They were just comfortable and it was happening.

Tonya began to rub Lucys stomach. Her belly was pulsing and making some ungodly noises. The rubbing caused Lucy to belch out enormous blasts of gas. The massage her stomach was getting was heavenly. She never felt so comfortable in her life.

Lucy: Uh oh
Tonya: what is it?

Lucy struggled to her feet and walked halfway across the room. Tonya watched her butt the entire way, she was entranced. Lucy turned and looked nervously at Tonya.

Lucy: I’m about to rip a huge fart. Like I might rip my pants it’s going to be so big oh my god

She squeezed her stomach and started to feel uncomfortable

Lucy: oh god here it comes
Tonya: I will be judging this fart with my full attention, be warned that if it’s not to my liking then I will take that as a sign that the food wasn’t good enough
Lucy: hahahaha shut up it’s going to be big

Lucy waited a little more then lifted her leg and a 12 second fart came roaring out of her huge ass. She felt so relieved and it was noticable. She began to walk back to Tonya, belly still a little pudgy, breasts vibrating with each step. She sat back on top of Tonya and belched before turning to her.

Tonya: My god you are gorgeous. My gorgeous gassy girl.
Lucy: I’m glad I met you. I needed a friend like you. Someone who loves me for me.
Tonya: And I needed a friend like you. Someone who can belch like a pig and appreciate a well cooked meal.

Lucy belched loudly just at the thought of food.

They stared into eachothers eyes and fell silent. Lucy was all of a sudden fixated on Tonyas lips while Tonya was distracted by Lucys full figure overflowing in her hands. Then...it happened. Lucy kissed Tonya.

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