Winnie the Musical [Fiction, Female]

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Winnie the Musical [Fiction, Female]

Post by CaptainLandShark » 28 Dec 2017, 00:13

DISCLAIMER: Not actually a musical
Hello, this is my attempt at another story thing. I hope I decide to continue this one maybe hopefully perhaps lmao
feel free 2 maek suggestions :^)

It was a surprise to no one more than Winnie herself that she got the part. It wasn’t really that she didn’t think she had the talent, nor was it that she didn’t try her best in her audition, but she really didn’t think much of her luck up to that point. Until again recently, the universe didn’t seem to care much for making things go well for Winnie. After just scraping by enough to enroll into the local performing arts school, there was the loss of her single mother’s job, the untimely death of three consecutive Boston Terriers, the flood that waterlogged her precious comic book collection, the inexplicable gain of twenty-three pounds since she started school, and the development of whatever odd stomach bug that gave Winnie a famously, furiously upset stomach, just to list a few. She’s had to get by on a job at a vegan pizza place, and that probably was the crowning jewel of her anguish. Winnie felt totally down on her luck. That’s why, now in her third miserable year as a Musical Theatre major, she couldn’t help but be caught off guard by the success she found in her first audition for a major musical role outside of school. Even if the show was Off-Broadway, the appeal of a low-budget passion project by a renowned director in the last few laps of her career was more than enough to bring in a five-block-long line to the auditions. In the mass of likemindedly desperate aspiring performers, Winnie was a strange mix of terrified and relieved that her pretty face, chubbier-than-average-figure, and what she was told was a voice “like a giant rolling penny” stood out enough for her to be cast in the female lead of “Best Picture the Musical.” Perhaps the universe finally wanted to pay Winnie back for taking Chancellor the Boston Terrier far too soon.

“It rolls and rolls, and is just on the verge of losing balance, but it keeps rolling, you get it?” Director Lin Salvato did her best to explain what made Winnie’s voice so deserving of her successful call back. “It has that vulnerability to it, like that pent-up tension and the insecure relief of not relieving!”

“Ah yes, of-… of course!” Winnie still couldn’t quite grasp the giant penny metaphor, but high praise from a director with a track record like Lin’s made Winnie blush, no matter how nonsensical it sounded. Before rehearsals started in earnest, the director insisted on having this first session to “get to know” the cast. It was, for the most part, the director speaking by herself on stage as the cast and crew of around sixty people sat and watched. For morale purposes, Winnie supposed.

“And you’ve got this look to you, very… atypical.”

Winnie sat there still blushing heavily, her cheeks the hue of a peach and elbows tucked to her sides. Was that supposed to be a compliment? She wasn’t the only one of her fellow castmates to receive such eccentric praise, in fact Director was doing the same for each cast member one by one. Considering, though, that she appeared to be the least experienced of the performers seated at this first meeting, she felt absolutely outclassed. Her hands found themselves idly rubbing her paunch, nervously looking for something to do as Director Lin continued with her compliments. Besides the gas that had become a regularity, a reinforced sense of worry started to brew in her belly.

UUuurp! A medium-sized burp slipped out. Winnie belched when she was nervous. Then again, Winnie belched when she wasn’t. At this point, burping really shouldn’t surprise her, but for whatever reason Winnie very rarely expects it. She quickly placed her hand on her chest, whispering a small “Excuse me,” avoiding eye contact with those seated around her. If she was a peach before, she probably turned into a full-on cherry.

Lin, trusting that the paragraphs of overly-articulate appreciation was enough to let Winnie know how valued she was in this production, moved on to the next actor. Although relieved that the attention wasn’t on her anymore, Winnie’s embarrassment doubled down. As much as she pointlessly hoped against it, she was as gassy as always.

A fit young woman seated beside Winnie leaned over with a chuckle, “Don’t stress, honey. Winona, right? Lin is a little over-the-top, but she means every word she says. You’ll do great.” The encouragement was welcome, but it didn’t do too much to quell Winnie’s nerves. The nice lady didn’t seem to have minded Winnie’s little outburst though, thank goodness.

Winne turned her head a bit towards her castmate, still not making eye contact, and tried at her best excuse for a smile. “Th-thank you. You can call me Winnie- MMmrrrp..” she pressed a fist against her lips as her cheeks puffed up in the hopes that that three second belch would be stifled. “E-excuse me! I guess I’m a little gAASSy!” she said, burping that last word. She tried to laugh it off, though there was no doubt her embarrassment shown through.

“You’re a performer, right? Don’t sweat it! (MmuUUrrp! Another belch from Winnie) Your whole job is to make a fool of yourself in front people!” This person was almost too nice. Although it would be a lie if it was said that her goodwill didn’t improve Winnie’s mood at least a little bit.

The two shared a laugh and gave their attention back to Lin, who was talking about someone’s dancing ability being comparable to that of a piece of soft corrugated steel (which Winnie supposed was supposed to be a compliment too). Winnie rubbed her distended belly, always bloated with at least a little wind. The nice lady didn’t mind her belches, and judging from a quick glance around her, Winnie couldn’t see anyone who did.
BUUUuuurp! Oorp! As if test the waters, Winnie’s belly decided to let out two bassy belches, the first almost reaching four seconds in duration. Again, her hand fell on her chest as if to pardon herself. There was no way people seated so closely together wouldn’t be able to hear them, and the lack of any real reaction of disgust gave Winnie at least a little bit of hope that she could grow to be comfortable here. She was no less nervous, but at least she had hope. That was more than she could ask for. Perhaps the universe finally wanted to pay Winnie back for taking Chancellor the Boston Terrier far too soon.
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Re: Winnie the Musical [Fiction, Female]

Post by Jigggl » 03 Jan 2018, 04:28

wow holy fuck that was hot.
I adore closed mouth burps and when a burp interrups talking, it's the best
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Re: Winnie the Musical [Fiction, Female]

Post by relus » 03 Jan 2018, 08:44

This is really good! Great work!

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