Burpy Classmate

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Burpy Classmate

Post by AnonymousHacker » 20 Dec 2017, 20:40

I share a few classes with this girl who we'll call Erin. She's in the same year as me, and I've had a few classes with her before, but this year she really caught my attention. Just to give you a picture of what she looks like, she's around 5½ feet tall, with blonde hair cut in a boyish style and bright green eyes. She has a nice bust, maybe D if I had to guess, and a nicely proportioned butt to go along with. Anyways, I had two classes with her this semester, one before lunch and one after. Because our lunch is fairly late in the day, she'd always bring in a snack to eat during class; usually apples, but sometimes tuna or something else. After she would finish her snack, she'd get the loudest hiccups imaginable, so much so that it would become a regular occurrence. The first time I heard her burp, the class was working on a group project, and I was lucky enough to be in a group. While we were discussing ideas, she finished her apple and got a case of the hiccups as normal. To get rid of them, she drank around half of her water bottle in a single gulp, and proceeded to release a perky, deep two-second burp. The other group member jokingly called her ladylike, and she responded by thumping her fist just above her bra line and burping in his face. This one was much louder than the last: the teacher looked up from his work and jokingly excused her, which made her laugh.

The most recent time I heard Erin burp was today in the second class I have with her. Our finals came and went a few days ago, so we were mostly sitting around hanging out. Erin was chewing on an apple as usual, and apparently the girl behind her dared her to burp. After about a minute or so, she opened her mouth and a loud, deep, four second belch rolled out. The girl behind her said "That's my girl!" and gestured to Erin, who was blushing and smiling sheepishly.

Those are the two incidents that stood out to me the most. I found out today that she has somewhat of a reputation for having loud belches! I don't think I have any classes with her next semester; if only I could be so lucky. Anyone else have any experiences like this?

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Re: Burpy Classmate

Post by johnq » 23 Dec 2017, 00:26

Wow that’s hot, hiccups are sexy as hell too

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