My Little Piggy

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My Little Piggy

Post by FlapJack » 30 Nov 2017, 08:59

Hey everyone! If anyone noticed, I deleted my last story, "We Matched" because I was lost. I sort of just started it on a whim and didn't have a real direction. Not only that but I barely had the time to add to it. So this time I'm going to try to attend to it at least every few days. I will also try to keep this one a bit shorter if I can help it. So without further ado, here goes! :) :computer1:

Contains: Burping, stuffing, possibly some swearing and some belly rubbing and stuff, just like basically all my other stories cause those are my personal fetishes. Hope you guys enjoy them too! :D

Part 1

10 days till Christmas.

Being out of school has made things feel so weird for me, especially holidays. I'm used to getting up early for school still, regardless of it snowing outside or whatever, but now I am officially a high school graduate, 19 years old, and instead of jumping into college or a job, I decided to turn on bum mode. My parents said I could have the year off, and I'm glad because I think I deserve it. It's not all so bad, I can help my parents out around the house and such, y'know? Christmas is a stressful time of the year for them. All the decorating, baking, cards, getting the tree up and stuff causes a lot of tension in my house.

But Christmas is also the time of year I get depressed. Like really depressed.

Every year throughout high school and middle school I had been single...except for grade 11. That's when I was with a girl named Haley...but I'd rather not talk about that bitch.

So the reason why this time of year is so depressing is how much emphasis there is on the relationships and love and stuff. When you're single and walking around the mall and seeing couples holding hands and everything, I get pretty sad. I feel like i'm really, really, missing out.

But this year I want to change that. I'm going to try and ask out my long time friend whom I know is single.


Good ol kindhearted, trustworthy, caring, adorable, pretty, funny, lovable Mary. Short girl, about 5'2, green eyes, straight dark hair that reaches her chest, her perky DDs, perky butt, and her nice round chubby body...I love everything about her. I think she's to die for. She has mentioned how she doesn't like how society views girls like her as unattractive and I agree. I've just never been attracted to girls who are skinny, I don't know entirely why. My brain is just wired that way I guess.

The most wonderful girl on the planet that i'm friends with is at her theatre practice right now in college. She's practicing for this Christmas play i'll be seeing on the 21st. It's about some kind of house party gone wrong, and Mary's supposed to be one of the popular girls with like 5 guys after her. In real life unfortunately that's the opposite. I think I am the only guy that is interested in her, and I hope it stays that way.

I'll be waiting for her outside the school in a moment, I'm walking there and her class is almost done. The 2 feet of snow is definitely making walking difficult, even with my snow boots on. Am I nervous? You bet your ass I am. I have been friends with this girl for 9 years. I am going to risk ruining our friendship forever for a chance to date her...should I really do this?

My heart says yes. Hell yes. No regrets.

I stop at the gate to the community college and wait. It sure is cold out here, but hey, it's December. I hear a bell ring, and shortly afterwards, students start flooding out of the building. It's a Friday, everyone is eager to get their weekend started, as well as their vacation, as it starts today.

Not long after, cute little Mary comes walking out, looks around and spots me. She smiles brightly and hurries over to me.

Oh no.

As soon as her eyes met mine I instantly heat up. I'm now SUPER nervous. I had planned out exactly what I was going to say, now I can't remember any of it. What am I doing? I can't do this!

She's getting closer!....

I start to breathe a bit faster. No Marty. You aren't weaseling your way out of this.

"Hey Marty!" she says, opening her arms for a hug. I open mine and wrap them around her tightly. "Thanks sooo much for waiting for me!"

"No problem, it's the least I can do for you!" I say as we separate from the hug.

Now or never pal. Do it.

"How was practice?" I force out, trying to ease myself. Why am I so nervous all of a sudden??

Mary smiled up at me. "Not the worst, but I think we can do ALOT better. I hope we can improve in time."


She stared up into my eyes. Her GOD they're so incredible...and it's so cute that she has to look up to look into my eyes cause i'm about 5'9 and-


I force a smile and nod, mentally fighting myself. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? ACT NATURAL!

"Shall we Mary?" I begin walking toward the crosswalk. We take the same route to get to our homes. We actually live in the same neighborhood.

"Oh, sure! something on your mind?" She catches up to me and grabs my arm.

I freeze as soon as she touches me.

Yes there is. I love you and I need to let you know.

"Eh, not really." I shrug and hit the button to cue the crosswalk. The sign to cross turns on.


"Are you sure? You're acting kinda sketchy." She giggles. I feel her eyes looking up at me as we start to cross the street.

I gulped. Marty, you better do this.

"Uh...let's cross the street first..." I pick up the pace a bit and she follows. I realize she's still holding my arm.

"What's up Marty?"

Say your line. You planned this out.

I stop under a tree and avoid eye contact for what seem like hours.

"Is something wrong? I'm a little worried..." I look down and see her face full of concern.

"Um...Well...Mary, we have been friends for a long long time now...and...I think over time...I have realized that...I like you" I avoid eye contact the whole time I say that.

Wow. You completely forgot your little speech you had prepared. Fuckin idiot. You got yourself into this.

I mentally scream at myself and look at the road before making eye contact with Mary again. She appears to be stunned.

"More than friends?..." she says quietly. I immediately notice that she let go of my arm.

When did she do that? While I was talking? After I was finished?

I brushed some of my brown hair out of my eyes and take a deep breath. "Well yeah...I're really cool and adorable and you make my heart jump a lot..." I bite my lip and avoid eye contact again. My face must be redder than Target's logo.

The silence is killing me. Nothing is said for a whole minute.

Oh my god...
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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by oleoleoleole » 02 Dec 2017, 02:40

Great intro! I’m hooked!

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by BFFdolan » 12 Dec 2017, 03:42

You should really continue this story!

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by MrStealYoGirl » 13 Dec 2017, 00:38

You better fuckin keep going after an intro like that!

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by FlapJack » 14 Dec 2017, 23:59

Hey, i'm excited to see people are already enjoying this story :) Here comes the second part!

Part 2

Holy shit. This silence is killing me.

"Marty..." Her face is dark red. "I...uh..."

My sweat is gonna turn to icicles on my face, I swear.

"I can't help it Mary...i'm really attracted to you."

You're putting your friendship in jeopardy man, but you have to.

"I can't Marty...I mean you're cute and all's not going to work out..."

I feel completely crushed.


"I am seeing someone..."

Who?? She never mentioned anyone before! WHO IS THIS GUY?!

"Oh...that's cool and..stuff..." I look down at my shoes.

Mary bites her lip and looks up at me, face still red. "I-I'm sorry...I gotta go...bye." And just like that she turns and quickly walk away, leaving me standing there, in the snow, feeling worse and worse with every passing second. I sigh, turn around, and head towards my favourite restaurant, the New China Kitchen buffet.

Comfort food always helps.

Around 10 pm I head back to my single bedroom apartment. It's really nothing to sneeze at: 3 rooms with green walls and a dark ceiling. I don't have very much stuff so space is not a problem for me or anything.

I flop down on my bed after throwing my coat off and sigh loudly. Well fuck. I'm not going to get in between them, that would make Mary hate me even more. But i'm not going to give up. I CAN'T give up on her, my heart keeps telling me to keep going. I need to do this.

I begin plotting. Scheming. I know for a fact that she loves food, so maybe i'll make her some sort of Christmas dinner, or baking, or-

My phone vibrates. I pull it out of my pocket and check who it is.

It's Mary.

Mary: Hey......i'm really sorry about that...I just didn't know what to say or how to say it, so I apologize for running off. I am actually seeing someone...but like, he is in Arizona, so we haven't like "seen" seen each other. We only know what we look like from our pictures online. He's SUPER sweet to me, and not to rub it in or make you feel bad but...I dunno. I always have seen you as more of a close friend instead of a boyfriend Marty...I'm sorry.

I shake my head. Arizona?? We're in fucking Washington and she thinks "dating" some guy in a different state is smart?? Wow.

Now i'm definitely going to get involved. I pick up my phone and text her back.

Marty: It's okay, I meant to plan something better to say to you but it didn't come out right. I understand, and i'm here to let you know there is no hard feelings between us. Don't worry :) Is there any chance you could come to my Christmas party on the 22nd? I would really enjoy it if you came. Nothing will happen. Just a good old holiday get together with my friends :)

I sent it. I smile as a few seconds later she replies "Totally! I'll be there :D"

What Christmas party? Well I hadn't exactly planned it yet, but I was going to invite all 6 of my closest friends to my apartment. It'll cheer me up to see my friend's there, but it'll be even better to see that gorgeous fat princess Mary there...oh yes.

I head to the kitchen and pull out a holiday baking recipe book. I browse through the dozens of gingerbread cookies and oatmeal squares and sugar and spice and everything nice that is in this book. I'm gonna be working hard. There'll be TONS of food, Mary won't resist my cooking!

And soda...she is going to be the perfect girl in my eyes, she's going to look amazing eating food the whole time and possibly letting some burps slip out. I know she doesn't know about my stuffing and female burping fetish. She already turns me on just by looking at her...

I smile wider as I get some mixing bowls out of the cupboard. "Nothing will happen Mary.

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by FlapJack » 09 Jan 2018, 10:14

Sorry to those of you who are still reading this story. This part is long overdue and I have thought about deleting it, but I hope someone is still enjoying it!

Part 3

It's the day of the Christmas party.

So far everyone is here except Mary. Trevor, Harold, Luke, Reginald, Sally, and Veronica. Veronica and Luke are a couple as well as Trevor and Sally. Those girls don't really appeal to me in a romantic way, they're both blonde and skinny, which is ideal for the average guy but...I am not your average guy.

I cooked and baked my ass off. Everyone was enjoying my gingerbread men, mint cookies, butterscotch cookies, and apple pies. Shrimp rings, pepperoni pizza, turkey rolls, mini cheesburgers, tons of little food knick knacks for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully Mary will be tempted to indulge tonight...

I've been talking a lot to Luke since he arrived with Veronica, discussing video games we've been playing recently, occasionally glancing at the door for Mary to arrive. I'm wearing a nice white dress shirt with a dark green and red tie and dark red dress pants. Pretty good for the holidays don't you think?

"Marty have you ever played 7 Days to Die?" Luke asks and takes a drink of his Sprite.

I smile. "Sure have! It's awesome. I wish they made the zombies a little more...smarter though."

"Smart zombies? The hell?"

"Well you know what I mean. They get caught on shit all the time. I stood next to a zombie super focused on this wooden fence once. Was focused on it for a long time."

"Oh yeah, their pathfinding is a little stupid."

"Yeah, they need to fix it. Majorly. Plus killing zombies is kind of hard I find. Do you?"

"Well it just takes skill. You know how-"

The doorbell rings. Oh boy oh boy!

"Pardon me Luke", I hold up my hand and hurry over to the door and open it.

And there she is. Black leggings and a nice tight red dress showing off her curves and belly. Her hair has been curled and she is wearing a gold necklace with a heart on it. I smile as I look Mary up and down. "Gorgeous..."

Mary blushes deeply. "Thanks Marty, I'm sorry i'm late..."

I shake my head and smile. "Forget about it babe. I'm just glad you're here." I lead her inside and close the door behind us.

She frowns a little. "Did you just call me 'babe'?"

I freeze. Oh fuck, that was an accident.

"Uh...what would you like to drink?" I try to pretend I didn't hear her.

She looks puzzled as she takes her shoes off. " you have root beer?"

"YEP!" I rush over to the kitchen and throw open the fridge. I feel her eyes on me. Why did you shout that response out? Why did you call her "babe"? Why are you so nervous every time she is around you? Can't you relax at your own fucking-

I drop the 2 litre bottle of root beer onto the tile floor and the cap flies off. FUCKING PERFECT.

Root beer starts spraying the wall next to the fridge. I let out a loud yelp. I don't notice Mary came hurrying into the kitchen after hearing me cry out. I feel my face turn hot red with embarrassment. But she does something totally unexpected.

She reaches down, grabs the bottle and jams the nozzle into her mouth and starts chugging. As i'm grabbing a sponge from under the kitchen sink, I watch in awe as she ends up chugging almost all of it. She leaves half a quarter of the soda left (it was a little less than 3 quarters full when she picked it up) and sighs, picks up the cap and screws it back on. She notices me watching and blushes again.

"Uh...thanks for the root beer", she laughs but then stops, covers her mouth with her hand...

And it happens. She belches. A nice long deep one, lasting about 4 seconds, into her hand. She tried to muffle it, tried to hide it from me, but she couldn't. No chance. Her eyes go wide, and keeping her mouth covered, she hurries out of the kitchen. I would run after her, but I got a mess to deal with first.

I walk back over to fridge and start wiping up the spilt root beer. I smile. So...she is a deep burper, and she just chugged soda RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

Nice. This is going to be great.

I finish wiping up the root beer, rinse out the sponge in the sink, then head back out to the party. I see the bathroom light on under the closed door. A quick glance around the room and no sign of Mary hints that she's in there. I go knock on the door to confirm.

"Mary? You okay?"

I hear an even deeper burp. Short and sweet. "I'm fine! I'll be out in a bit!" She sounds pretty damn embarrassed.

Grinning, I tell her: "You don't have to be ashamed. I may have heard you burp but-"

"You DID hear it!!"

"Well it was kind of hard not to notice sweetheart. It's no biggie. Just-"

I pause. Wait a sec. She has the bottle still doesn't she? I didn't see her put it down after picking it up...was she finishing it?

"Mary, do you have the-"

"Can you go talk to someone else for awhile PLEASE??"

"Oh, uh, sure." I walk away from the bathroom and look for Luke. Now she sounds pissed...I guess I irritated her a little? Maybe it was the "babe" thing. She needs some space.

Luke is talking to his girlfriend, so I grab a gingerbread man and munch on it. You sure did well tonight Marty. Everyone seems pretty happy...except for Mary. Maybe I can see what's up later.

I pour myself a glass of water and head over to the couch where Trevor and Reginald are playing checkers. I sit down with the boys when Trevor looks at me and grins.

"I see your girlfriend has arrived."

I gulp and start to heat up immediately. "Who?..."

Oh yeah. Play dumb Marty. After all, you're good at that.

"The chick in the red dress. You know, the single girl?" Reginald chimes in, then pauses. "...The fat one?"

I wince at hearing that. "Sh-she-she isn't fat!"

Here we go. Start being all weird and nervous again. You're already sputtering.

Trevor laughs. "Dude, why are you attracted to her?"

"I'm-I'm not! Besides, she isn't single. She has a boyfriend in another state. And I don't know her name anyways!"

Both guys immediately stop and slowly turn their heads to look at me.

"You don't know her name. And she came here?" Trevor blinks.

Reginald shakes his head. "Good one. Sure know a lot about this mystery girl don't you?"

I freeze and bury my face into my hands. You idiot. Why the fuck did you even say that?

Suddenly someone grabs my head from behind and starts knocking on it.

"Hello! Hello! Anybody home? Think McFly, think!" Harold had snuck behind me and is laughing hard, redoing the semi famous bit from the Back to the Future movie series. I guess he heard our conversation. Everyone in the room laughs, including myself. I break free from Harold. "Fuck off Biff!" I joke and drink some of my water.

Trevor leans over and whispers in my ear. "Your totally not fat girlfriend is sure putting a dent in your edibles over there." As he pulls away, grinning at me, I can't help but turn around slowly and look over at the food table. Sure as shit, there's Mary chowing down on something. At least I think that's what she's doing. I can't see since she's turned around.

A smile slowly spreads on my face. It's begun.
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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by NightHowl » 10 Jan 2018, 01:12

Please continue with this!! I love it!!

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by McBiff » 14 Jan 2018, 18:07

I'd love to read more of this, so hopefully you keep it going.

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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by RightWing » 15 Jan 2018, 20:09

Would definitely love to read more of this story :x
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Re: My Little Piggy

Post by FlapJack » 18 Jan 2018, 07:27

Glad to hear you guys are loving the story! :D I enjoy making these stories on the forums :)

Part 4

"Soooooooo who is she?"

Reginald jabs me in the ribs, snapping me out of my gaze on Mary, who had turned away from the table, holding a plate with only 3 gingerbread men and her mouth full, chewing something. I thought she was piling her plate high with food, but I guess she ate more as she stood there instead.

"Uh...I don't know, like I said, I don't really-"

Luke cuts me off by calling out to her. "Hey! You in the red dress! Why don't you come over here for a minute? We haven't been introduced." I instantly start to heat up. I must be blushing so much...

Mary also appears embarrassed, as she lowered her head and shuffles over towards us at the table, she quietly responds with, "Hi, i'm Mary...Marty knows me from school. Did he tell you?"

Luke and Reginald both turn and look at me with these all knowing grins. I blush more. "Y-yeah...?"

"Nope he didn't." Luke says, looking back down at the chess board, moving a pawn.

"Are you two together?" Reginald asks.

"Uh, no." Mary answers, looks at him with an odd look on her face, then looks at me.

I want to melt like a snowman. Just shrivel up and disappear.

"I wish..." I mumble. Mary's eyes widened a little bit.


I pick up my gingerbread man and take a big bite. "Nothing," I say with my mouth full. I stand up and walk past Mary, avoiding eye contact, and head to my room, closing the door behind me.

I'm pacing back and forth in my room. What do I do now? Do I play it cool or what? I almost want to leave but I won't do that...god. I really like Mary but she doesn't seem the least bit interested in me.

Someone is knocking on the door. I stop pacing and slowly walk towards the door. My hand on the handle, I ask "Who is it?"

"'re out of pumpkin pie Marty..."

That's Mary.

I open the door and peak out, in time to see her covering her mouth and burping into it quietly. She notices me looking, gasps, and spins around.

"Mary, why are you embarrassed? You're here at my party to relax and unwind!..."

"You heard me burp..." She doesn't turn around.

Here's my chance. I open the door, step up and slowly wrap my arms around her from behind. I feel her shiver...and she leans back into me!

I start to sweat a little bit. What is happening right now?? Is she-?

No...she isn't actually enjoying this...

And boy am I starting to enjoy it...I've never done this with her before.

God, she's so fucking SOFT! Like a giant marshmallow!

I guess I wasn't paying attention to my squeezing cause all of a sudden she lets out a short but much louder burp.

I let go of her, she squeals and covers her face with her hands, and pushes past me, running into my room and diving onto my bed, burying her face in the covers.

"Nice one Marty!" Luke grins and gives me a thumbs up.

"Uh...pardon me," I force myself to laugh before I step into my room and quickly close the door.

I sigh and slowly look at Mary on my bed still.

She's crying! Uh oh...

"Mary? What's wrong?"

She whines but doesn't respond, her face still buried in the covers.


Approach slowly Marty. Let her know you care and you're there for her.

I sit down next to her on the bed and pat her back. "There there..."

Seriously? Is that the best you got you idiot?

She sits up and looks at me. Some of her makeup has smeared and she sniffles. "M-Marty..."


"Don't judge me...but I need something to eat..."

"Oh...okay, what-"

"Do you have another pumpkin pie?"

My heart skips a beat at hearing that. "I many slices-"

"I didn't say slices did I?" She snapped at me that time.

Is she serious? I secretly hope she is.

I nod slowly, get up and leave the room. I pass by the other guests and head to the kitchen. I pull out the other pumpkin pie from the fridge and grab a fork off the food table and walk back to my room.

Is she on her period or something? I wonder...

I walk back into my room, where Mary is still sitting up on my bed. I hand her the pie and the fork, and she looks up at me and mumbles, "You'll have to go."

I blink at her.


I nod again and leave without a word, closing the door behind me.

This took a really strange turn all of a sudden...

The other guests are all staring at me as I turn around after closing the door.

"What happened with that pie? I saw you had it, I wanted another slice." Harold walks over to me, pauses, and looks at the door. "Is the fat chick keeping it to herself??"

I gulp. Uh oh...

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