burping fantasy [fiction, female]

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burping fantasy [fiction, female]

Post by addictedtoburping » 05 Nov 2017, 22:41

it’s a saturday night and we have the house to ourselves. we decide to order pizza and soda and get high. we both take some edibles and wait for the effects to kick in. i take half the amount you do cuz i’m not in the mood to get too stoned. the pizza man eventually comes and by that time, we’re both pretty high. i set the pizza and the drinks on the counter and ask if you want to go to starbucks. by this point, you’re too high to stand up. so instead you tell me your order and i leave to pick up the drinks.

while i’m gone, you get really really hungry and thirsty. you stumble to the pizza box and take a couple of slices, along with the entire 1 liter bottle of soda with you to the couch. you quickly start gulping the soda, letting out a few burps and hiccups. you alternate between soda and pizza until you’ve eaten and drunk everything. by now you can hardly move and are glued to the couch like a beached whale. you run your hands over your enlarged belly and let a large burp. your stomach is really starting to hurt.

after waiting for at least 30 minutes for the starbucks drinks, they’re finally ready and i start heading back to my dorm. when i get back and open the door, i see you laying on the couch with your shirt pulled up to reveal your large stomach. i walk over and ask, “are you feeling better?”

you sigh, “my stomach hurts a lot, i probably ate too much.” your belly loudly gurgles, “ugh, it hurts so much”

“what did you eat?!” i ask, concerned. i turn around and look at the empty pizza box and soda bottle, “you ate and drank all of that?!”

“yeah, i was so hungry” you look sheepish. your belly gurgles loudly again. “listen to my stomach, it’s going crazy”

“okay” i laugh. i press my ear into your belly, and hear the gurgle travel up into your throat.

“buerrp” you let out a small burp. i raise my head and cock my eyebrows, “excuse me,” you say, blushing a little and avoiding eye contact.

“do you want some of your starbucks drink?” i try to hand you the cup, but you won’t take it.

“i can’t even sit up,” you complain, “my stomach hurts too much.”

“here, i’ll help you out,” i try pulling you up, but your stomach loudly gurgles in protest.

“ah,” you moan as you slowly sit up. the effort makes you release a long fart. “oh noo” you exclaim, blushing deeply and covering your face with your hand. “i’m sorry, i’m so gassy right now.” you try to stifle another burp with you hand, “barrrp” your cheeks puff out as your mouth fills with air.

“it’s okay” i laugh, giving you a kiss on the cheek, “i think it’s cute” i try to hand you the drink again. “here, take this”

you grab it and take a long drink. as soon as you finish, your stomach gurgles again and you moan, “ah, not again-buuurraaap” you’re cut off by a giant burp that catches you by surprise. “that felt good,” you sigh massages your belly.

“you should burp more if it makes you feel better,” i say, patting your back

that releases another burp out of you: “buyuurrrp” i pat your back some more releasing a small burp with each, “burrp, buuurrrp, barrup” you smile a little, “ah, i feel a lot better”

you reach for your starbucks and drink some more, this time anticipating some more burps. you wait for the bubbles in your stomach to rise and you open your mouth, “hiccuup, hiccup-great now i got the-hiccups-hiccups” you hold your hand over your chest, “hiccup, hiccup, buurrp, hiccup, burrp barrp-ah now i can’t stop burping”

i laugh again, giving you a tight hug, “it’s okay, i don’t mind”

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