Burping College Girl

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Femaleforcefeeder » 04 Nov 2015, 14:56

This story is beautiful! I pray that someday I can meet a girl as cute and sweet (and gassy) as her. ^-^

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Jude3 » 22 Nov 2015, 00:20

I want to start by thanking everyone who has viewed this story, read it, and thank you for the nice comments and everything! It means so much! I apologize for my lack of promptness in continuing the story and writing new chapters as many of you know, writing takes a long time, and this is something important that I would like to put a lot of work into. I take pride in my writing and I want this to be not just another fetish fantasy, but a good story with a plot and character development. So I have a proposition and I would really appreciate your feedback.

My dream is to be an author, I've always wanted to have something published. If I could write for a living...that would be my dream. After the suggestion from Ryan (my fiancé for those of you who don't know) I'm thinking about finishing this story over the next few months, but then instead of posting it to here, publishing it through Barnes and Nobel for people to buy on their books or their Barnes and noble app, for like 2 or 3 dollars. Not only would it help me to get my writing career started but...maybe it would help draw some attention to the fetish and if nothing else show people that it exists. It could be helpful to everyone by showing the public that this is a thing...that way next time one of us wants to tell someone important about it maybe, just maybe, it won't sound so crazy or off the wall. I know most people who don't have it think it's gross, but often time good literature can take something people don't usually like and show it in a diffrent light, giving them a diffrent opinion of it. Even though a lot of people don't understand I think it would be interesting to show people the sensual side of burping, even if they don't think so.

If nothing else I'm wondering if anyone would buy it for like just 2 or 3 dollars. A full length sensual novel that involves our fetish. Anyone who can just let me know in the comments below...that would be awesome! Thanks so much guys!

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by DarkThoughtsCinder » 24 Nov 2015, 08:28

That would be awesome! I'm not sure how many would buy it, as this is a rather obscure fetish. However, like you said, it would be nice to maybe shed some light on it. As an aspiring novelist myself, I've sought advice, and one thing I was told: start with a romance novel. Even if its terrible, people will buy it. Not sure why, but they do and it's a good way to get you started. Good luck!

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Jude3 » 29 Nov 2015, 23:23

Hello everyone, after much consideration I have decided to continue writing this on here. I'm not sure if I will try and publish it in the future or not, but for now I hope you guys may enjoy. This part dosent have any burping in it, but the next parts will and I will try and get them up tonight if not tomorrow. I actually wanted to include more in this part, buuut my fiancé is hungry soo I'm going to make dinner and hopefully get some real burps out of him;) enjoy guys!

I couldn't believe it had been two months now. Two months, today, with Tyler and tonight we would be celebrating. He had prepared me a week earlier, telling me that 2 months was reason to celebrate and to mark the occasion, he had a surprise planned for the two of us. I had texted him last night, prodding for details of the coming day, but to no avail. He told me to simply go about my day, and that as it went on, he would let me know how to prepair. So, while it was hard to contain my excitement, I woke up, got dressed and went into town to pick up a little something for him, a surprise for him, of my own.

I felt lost as I walked around the mall. I liked him a lot...I wanted to get him something meaningful, but nothing that was too serious, I didn't want to scare him away. Regardless of the continuation of our stuffing escapades, neither of us had admitted to having any sort of fetish attached and we had yet to say those three little words, I love you. So I wanted to get him something special, as I was beginning to think that maybe I did love him. His old charm and respect was so sweet and his encouragement of my stuffings (even if we didn't call them that) made me feel like maybe I wasn't so crazy.

After continuing to wander around the mall, I finally decided on a card along with all the nessicary items for a movie night. I bought a 2-liter some popcorn, a gift card for pizza delivery some candy bars and a new movie.In order to show my admiration for him and our relationship I wrote in the card: "This feels like a movie, so let's watch one together" which was perfect, it was meaningful and had implications, but didn't say anything too serious that would scare him away. Satisfied I walked back out to my car and headed back to my apartment, with still no word from Tyler I was really beginning I wonder what he had planned. I glanced at the clock in my car, 4:30 p.m. I decided to text him if I hadn't heard anything by 5, but until then I would just lay low.

I was able to make it home quickly, even though it was nearly December we didn't have any snow yet so the roads were clear and traffic was good. I pulled right into a Parkin place outside of my apartment complex, grabbed the bag full of movie night goodies and walked up to my apartment. Once I rounded the corner I noticed a pink bag with tissue paper sitting outside my door. My heart fluttered and a smile grew on my face. I picked it up gently as I unlocked the door, and noticed a single red rose which he had slid in the side of the bag.

Once I was inside I immediately found a vase which I filled with some water and placed the rose it. I loved flowers...but my affinity for them sometimes wasn't a good thing seeing as I would feel sincerely bad if something happened to them. As I placed the rose in the vace I noticed a small tag on it, "by the end of the night you will have a dozen roses" read the tag. My heart soared at the thought as I took the bag into my bedroom and put it on my bed.

I removed the pink tissue paper to reveal a box. I slowly pulled the box out of the bag and pulled off the top on my bed. I couldn't believe my eyes, underneath an envelope was a perfectly folded strapless black dress. It had delicate silver beadwork under the bust and was made of a delicate silky material. As I carefully lifted it from the box and laid it out on my bed. It was short, and would fall just above the knee. It was so simple, but one of the most elegant dresses I had ever laid eyes on.

Suddenly remembering the envelope which was now laying at the bottom of the box, I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a card, "Claire, put this on, I will pick you up at 7 for our date, these last 2 months have been amazing and I can't wait to see what is in store for us. I will see you at 7, Tyler"

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Burping cartoon man » 30 Nov 2015, 22:35

Qurstion, is this story real? BTW, I love burping. I only skimmed through.

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Jude3 » 01 Dec 2015, 04:40

Lol I wish I could say it was real, but it's not. Just a lot of my own fantasies with some twists and turns. I want to be a writer so I'm kind of starting here:)

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Jude3 » 18 Dec 2015, 01:40

Not a ton of burps here but a few! I ment for this to be longer, but I have to go grocery shopping before it gets too late! As usual comments are greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to update this more over the holidays, so please let me know what you like and don't. I promise there are more burps yet to come! Enjoy:)

In the shower I let the hot water roll down my body. I turned to face the water, closed my eyes, allowing the drops to land on my face. I lathered some soap between my hands and rubbed them across my skin. Regardless of the fact that I had not yet admitted to having the fetish, Tyler had still been feeding me a lot. My belly was soft and doughy when I rubbed it with soap. It had become increasingly pudgy and rounded out after meals. I looked at it as the bubbles slid off. I was so conflicted. On one hand I liked it, for my whole life I had always dreamt about how it would feel to gain weight at both the pleasure of my partner and self, but every day I still saw skinny models on the Internet in ads and everywhere...and I still wanted others to think I was pretty. It was hard, but the fact of the matter was I was putting on weight so, I might as well enjoy it.

I turned the water off, dried off and then stepped out of the shower. I blow dried my hair and did my makeup then walked out to my bedroom to put on the dress. I slipped it over my head, the fabric felt soft against my skin. I walked back into the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. Everything looked great, but the material was very unforgiving. You could see a dark circle where the fabric went over my belly button and it did nothing to hide the little pooch forming below my belly button. Before I could overthink it too much though I heard a knock at the door. Tyler appeared in the doorway in a black dress shirt and silver tie, both going right along with my dress. He was holding another (the second) red rose.

"Wow, you look stunning," he said while looking me up and down, "how did I manage to end up with a girl as beautiful as you? Spin around for me." He took my hand and twirled me. I brought me in close and kissed my lips softly, "I knew you would look beautiful in this. And here, your second rose." He handed me the flower which I took into the kitchen and placed in the case with the other.

"Thank you so much...you didn't have to do all this." I said as I we headed out and I locked the door.

"Oh you still have to see what's in store for the night." He opened my door for me at the car and helped me buck my seat belt. The pooch that was developing at the bottom of my belly hung slightly over the belt and I couldn't help but wonder if he ment for his hand to glide over it gently as his hands retracted after he had buckled me in.

"Where are we going?" I asked we headed off and onto the road.

"Well I won't tell you exactly where we are going, but I will tell you that I'm taking you to all of my favorite restaurants. I thought we could have some fun, go to a diffrent restaurant for each course of the meal and try a bunch of different places. Sound good?"

I smiled, "Ya, of course, that sounds really good."

After about 15 minutes we were in the city and he stopped outside a little Italian restaurant. "And this, my lady, is where our night begins!" He parked the car, then opened my door, took my hand and led me inside. It was a romantic and dimly lite place.

"We will have a table for two." He said to the women in front. She led us to a booth,, the only one with a red rose in a case in the middle of the table. "Thank you miss," Tyler said.

"My pleasure sir, your server will be right with you."

I sat down and Tyler slid in beside me instead of across the table. "I want to be right next to my girl." He said while gently rubbing my knee. "Also, this, I believe is for you." Types pulled the rose from the vase and handed it to me.

"Thank you thank you." I said with a shy smile, "I will keep it in the case for now though so it can have water." It smelled amazing in the restaurant, and it was making me really hungry. My belly growled quite loudly. I immediately put my hand on it and gave it a rub.

"I hope the waitress comes soon, I'm so hungry!"

"Ya, I can hear that," Tyler said with a giggle as he gave my tummy a little pat.

*hicup rrpp* I belched. My hands flew to my mouth, sure I was over being embarrassed of my gassyness around Tyler, but in a restaurant, that was a diffrent story.

Tyler giggle, "sorry, must have loosened some bubbles with that one, don't worry, I know exactly what we are getting as soon as the waitress gets here."

After just another minute a dark haired women appeared at our table. "Can I start the two of you off with some drinks?"

"Yes please, I will have a Coke and for her, a root beer float, and if you are ready, I already know what we will be having to eat"

"Sure go ahead" the waitress responded.

"Okay awesome, we will have your garlic breadsticks, a large order of them."

"Okay, the large comes with twelve, is that okay?"

"Yes of course."

"Will there be anyone else joining you sir?"

"Nope just the two of us." The waitress looked a bit confused, but wrote down our order nonetheless.

"Okay, then I will bring out your drinks in just a few moments and your breadsticks as soon as they are done."

"Okay thank you."

After the waitress left I decided to take a trip to the bathroom before our food came. I freshened myself up for the night and wondered what the night would entail.

When I arrived back at the table Tyler had his Coke, and next to it was a huge frosty mug with my root beer float with a red straw. I sat down and took a long sip. It was cool and sweet. I felt the bubbles dance on my tongue and all the way down my throat and into my belly.

"Mmmm, that's really good." I said.

"They make the ice cream homemade right here, it's delicious and I knew you would like it!"

I smiled then took another drink followed by a belch that puffed out my cheeks as it flowed into my mouth, the out my lips and into my hands. "Excuse me." I said, still hoping none of the other restaurant guests heard it. Tyler patted my back.

"You're excused." Tyler rubbed then gave my back a little pat, "but don't be so embarrassed, maybe I'm wrong but I think there is going to be quite a bit of that tonight." He said with that sly smile that made me believe that just maybe...he liked my burps too.

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Regaliz » 23 Dec 2015, 14:19

Loving this story! The character development and the plotting is great, and the chapters without burps provide a delicious suspense :) please do keep writing more!

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by Jude3 » 07 Feb 2016, 04:34

Thank you so much for the positive comments:) I really appreciate it. I am so sorry about my inconsistency with this story, but at long last, I am back with another chapter! There are a couple burps in this part, and for those of you actually following the story there is some character development. I promise there is going to be a chapter with a lot of burps in here though soon!!! Enjoy! And as usually, comments are greatly appreciated!

I continued to sip on my frothy root-beer-float as we waited for out appetizer. The bubbles danced on my tongue, all the way down my throat and provided my belly with an airy fullness which satisfied my hunger while we waited for the food. After about 10 minutes, our waitress returned with the huge plate of bread-sticks. They were piled high with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, my two favorites. After the waitress left and Tyler and I dug in.

The bread was still warm and tasted so good. The density of the bread felt great in contrast with the air in my belly that the root beer gave me. Before I knew it, I had already eaten 4. Right as I reached for number 5 a quick hiccup burp combination escaped my lips.

"Ooh! Excuse me!" I said, embarrassed, since we were in a restaurant after all. I looked around, a brown haired women was looking in my direction, but it seemed to be only coincidence. Again I felt Tyler's gentle hand making soft circles on my back.

"Might want to slow down there a bit," he whispered as he moved his hand around to my belly, "there is a lot yet to come and we want to make sure you have enough room in there." He flashed a smile.

I finished the fifth bread stick much slower and was able to stifle anymore belches that I felt coming up. Once the whole plate was cleared, the waitress returned. She looked at Tyler, "Now what can I get the both of you for on-trays?"

"Actually, we will just have the check please." Tyler said as the waitress gave him a confused look.

"Of course, I will be right back," she said.

Once she left I faced Tyler, "I thought we were getting dinner?"

"Oh, we are," he smirked, "just not here."

"Oh, okay," I said with a bit of a confused giggle, "where are we going then?" I asked.

Tyler gave me a flirtatious, smile, "oh you will be getting a taste of many things tonight," he said as he plucked the rose from the vase and handed to to me. "Another rose for my beautiful lady," Tyler declared.

Soon our waitress returned with our check and we were out of there. We walked a few blocks further through the starlight town. There were little white lights strung over the road making the walk very romantic. Tyler took my hand lovingly as we strolled along quietly. He rubbed his thumb gently against mine and I still couldn't believe that he seemed like my dream guy in every single way.

After having walked a few blocks we turned into a small joint. Inside there were exposed brick walls and dim lighting that created a romantic atmosphere to the place. It was not quite as fancy as the last, guests were not seated by a server, we instead ordered at the front counter before seating ourselves. Upon arriving at the counter Tyler ordered both of us large bowels of potato soup along with two large fountain drinks. We were told they would call our number when our order was ready. After filling our cups with soda I was only a little surprised to see another table right next to the window which was the only one with a vase containing another single rose. Of course, that was the table we sat at.

"Hmm another rose," I said with a laugh, "I can't imagine that it's here by coincidence?" I asked with a smirk.

"Nope," Tyler said as he pulled it from the vase and handed it to me, "it is most definitely for you, but also I want to tell you something and then explain what we are going to be doing tonight."

"Okay sure, go ahead," I said, wondering what we would be doing. He took my hand and looked at me. For the first time the whole night I saw anxiety in his eyes. Anxiety, and maybe even a bit of shame. He closed his eyes, looked down and took a deep breath. When he looked up at me again I could tell he was trying to force a smile, but no matter how hard he tried I could still see how nervous he was.

"I really like you Claire, I like you a lot and I have never felt this way about anyone before. I...I love you..." he took a quick pause, just enough time for me to tell him I love him too and give his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"There is more though," he said, while peering out the window, "and I'm not sure how you're going to take it...you may feel...taken advantage of after I tell you."

"Order for TYLERRR" A women at the front counter yelled. He sighed.

"I guess I should have waited until we had our food to start this," he said with a nervous laugh, "I'll be right back."

In the minute it took for Tyler to walk up, get our food, and come back to the table a million thoughts raced across my mind. He just told me he loved me...no man had ever said that to me before, sure my Dad and my grandpa, but no one...romantically. It felt so good! But I couldn't let myself get so excited...apparently, there was more. Why couldn't it ever be that simple? Why couldn't you ever just love someone without a but? Why must everyone and everything have a fatal flaw? As I watched him turn around and begin the walk back to the table another thought crossed my mind...one that could be good, one that would make so much sense...but one that I refused to let myself think about because he was doing so much that was impressing me...I did not want to be the cause of my own disappointment. I pushed the idea from my head just as soon as he set my bowel in front of me and sat back down at the table.

"Now, where was I?" Tyler asked. He seemed a tiny bit more relaxed now, but as he brought a spoonful of soup to his mouth, I could see that his hand was shaking. The seconds between him asking where he had left off and his voice beginning again seemed to last forever. This night had been great so far, but whatever he was going to say was apparently pretty heavy...but all I wanted was for things to be okay.

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Re: Burping College Girl

Post by DarkThoughtsCinder » 18 Feb 2016, 21:58

Ooh! Things are getting intense! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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