Dragon Age 2 burping story

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Dragon Age 2 burping story

Post by pixelatedude6 » 05 May 2014, 17:53

Hey there! :D Been a fan of the site for a while and decided I'd contribute something I'd written, even if it does happen to be fandom specific.
I love responses and feedback, by the way, so feel free to comment!
Hope you like it!

Merrill was spinning a tankard in circles with magic slowly on the table absently while the others laughed and chatted around her. She didn't see Hawke come in.
“Oh, no, he was a fierce creature, that Ser-Pounce-alots! Did I tell you about the time when he swatted that Darkspawn on the nose?” Anders said a little loudly.
“Only about ten times, Blondie. You're drunk, my friend.” Varric said with a chuckle as he leaned back and eyed Anders with an air of amusement.
“I didn't even know the poor bloke could get drunk! I thought maybe the Grey Warden thing might have prevented it.” Isabela eyed Anders as well, and tried to look him in the eye. “No, he's obviously walking a stormy ship deck in there somewhere. Ah, Hawke! It's only taken you almost an hour to finally show up.” Isabela snickered at her and ordered another drink. Merrill's eyes lit up as she turned and saw Hawke. She smiled largely and twiddled her fingers in hello.
“Did you bring Fenris with you?” Aveline asked her directly, attempting to ignore the roudy Isabela as she picked up her knife and repeatedly threw it into the tabletop.
“Actually, he'll be along in a minute, but Aveline- I want you to do your best to try to tolerate him, please?”
“I'm already putting all of my effort not to retch at the men in this place. One tried to grab at me- Maker knows why, I'm in full armor.”
“Maybe that's what he likes, eh Aveline?” Isabela poked her in the shoulder.
After another few minutes of rowdy and almost caustic teasing and talking between the companions, Fenris finally made an appearnce, decked out fully in his shiny heavy armor. Once they had all settled in, Fenris and Aveline argued over what to do about the Qunari threat, the Viscount and the rest of the issues plaguing Kirkwall and the rest of them feel into deep conversation amongst themselves.
“You should try a drink, Merrill, it's somewhat harsh at first, but I think you might like it.” Hawke suggested, in an attempt to expose the elf to new things, and to get her out of her home in the Alienage.
Merrill was a sweet little thing, but Hawke had decided that she needed some exposure- wahtever endthat might bring- to the outside world. Even in her figure, Merrill was still new and untempered. Despite this, Merrill was exquisitely attractive, with full breasts that Hawke could see an impression of through the elf's thin clothing. Her skin was smooth like a flower petal, and poked through the gaps in her clothing at her waist and inner elbows. Merrill never noticed and definitely never thought about this, but Hawke's eyes feasted on the momentary glance at her lover's stomach.
“What does it taste like, Hawke? Because one time I tried this awful sticky paste that Paul said was good and it tasted worse than mud!” She giggled at the memory. “That's a little hard on mud.”
Hawke laughed. “Why would I trick you, ever, Merrill?”
Alright, Hawke.” Merrill eyed the brown liquid suspiciously at first, but then took a sip, and after a few moments smiled. “It's very... bubbly. Like little explosions in my mouth.” She made a popping sound with her lips, and then smiled brightly. With a swift gulp, she drained the tankard and slammed the cup down.
“Wow! That was much better than I was expecting. So, why is this stuff frowned upon?”
“Because it makes people drunk, Merrill.” Hawke answered playfully, tickling her skin where it had happened to show at that moment between her shirt and pants. Merrill giggled gleefully.
“Another, please.” Hawke asked politely. After another few minutes, Merrill had drank five more tankards of the stuff, and was extremely woozy.
“Hawke... I think I see now why it makes people... drunk.” Hawke laughed. Merilll giggled, too, and then put her hand to her stomach. Her eyes widened suddenly and she looked blankly at the table.
“I feel something in my chest and tummy... it feels... funny...” She then put her hand to her breasts, balancing it on top of them, and leaned back, opened her mouth and belched extremely loudly, the belch reverberated for over several seconds and then dying down to a deep bass and then an airy completion.
Hawke and Merrill were silent for a moment, but then Merrill slowly turned to her and jumped up and down in her seat gleefully.
“Oh, Hawke, did you hear that! I've been trying too burp for years! I'm so impressed with myself- by the dread wolf, that was LOUD!” She then belched again, with deep bass and an wild expression of glee on her beautiful face.
“Order me another one, ohhh, this is fun!” Aveline and Fenris had stopped their conversation to eye Hawke and Merrill oddly, Fenris' expression inscrutable. Isabela just snicked and turned back to playing some sort of drinking game with Varric and Anders.
Hawke just smirked back and turned back to Merrill.
She laughed. “Merrill, you're very funny.” Merrill smiled woozily back and laughed. She lifted another tankard and turned it almost upside down, spilling a little on her chest, where it trickled down to her breasts. After slowly putting it down again, she grimaced, licked her lips, and said “You should try it, Hawke. This burping, I mean. You never try anything fun! It feels amazing in your chest, when you let it out.” She took another swig, put the tankard down, and put her hands again to her now bare stomach and opened her mouth to release an enormous belch that resonated and died down after several moments to a conclusion. Then she made a small belch through a smile that sent her into a sprawling giggle.
“You try it, Hawke! See if you can...” She belched again. “Burp better than I can! I bet you can't!” She was beginning to slur her words, but Hawke just smiled, glad to be exposing Merrill to new things- even if one of those things was going to be a hangover. The others had expanded at this point, most likely tiring of each other's overburdening personalities. Aveline and Hawke were the only ones who hadn't drunk, but Aveline had decided instead to take a patrol than to spend more time in the bar.
Hawke looked at Merrill. She was a flushed but still-if not more so- vision of loveliness. Her hair had come down from behind her ears and was trailing along the side of her face as she looked, slightly unfocused, but still wittingly herself at Hawke, smiling. Her shirt had come undone at the top, revealing more of her bare skin, and loosening the entire shirt so that it rode up over one hip.
“All right, Merrill- prepare to get a good teaching-to!” Hawke gulped down her own drink, feeling the bubbles explode into her stomach. She put the tankard down, and tried to force out a belch, but only a gurgling sound came fro her throat so that she coughed. Merrill was laguhing very hard at this, and patted Hawke on the back.
“We'll work on it, Ma Venah. Try again.” She put her hand to her lips and waited, smiling.
Again Hawke drank, but this gtime felt a bubble of air rise through her throat and let it out, coming out in a small explosion of a belch the sounded over her lips.
“How was that?” She ashed, sheepishly.
“Good, Ma venah! I think you just need to force it out a bit more. MY goodness! Never thought I'd be teaching this, especially not to you, Hawke. I'd have thought you were practiced at this sort of thing.”
“why don't you try again, Merrill.” Hawke asked, her throat burning slightly, but sipped again and felt her stomach gurgle.
Merrill patted her stomach and leaned back in her chair and Hawke could tell she was doing something. Merrill seemed to breathe in for a moment, waiting. Her eyes were suddenly wide and a soft gurgling was heard before Merrill opened her mouth wide and released an huge, immense belch that began with a loud volley of bassy sounds and then died to an full, airy belch. Merrill moved her hand to her breasts as if to be polite. She closed her mouth for a moment but then released a staccato belch, short and rich.
“'Scuse me, Ma Venah.” She giggled sheepishly.
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Re: Dragon Age 2 burping story

Post by mephistofele » 06 May 2014, 12:14

i loved it :)

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Re: Dragon Age 2 burping story

Post by chickenskittles » 20 Mar 2016, 23:58

This was muuuuch hotter than the other DA2 fanfics I've read. I loved it. My pairing was FemHawke and Isabel. Ultimately I chose Anders, though. Ugh.

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