All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

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All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 11 Jul 2019, 23:56

Long time Lurker, not first time poster, cliche to say but this is my best story yet by far. Gonna be 6-7 parts, stay tuned! Slow start, develop the characters, you know, but it’ll get to the action soon.

Part 1)
Max sat in the back of the lecture hall, fidgeting in his chair, as class ended. The professor had just finished an actually interesting tangent about the Roaring 20s. Max just stared into the distance pondering it. Then he noticed in the corner of his eye Lucy walking toward him. Lucy, the cute brunette with blue eyes he met a few weeks ago. Lucy, who had actually asked him to work on the group project together. She was about 5’6, to Max’s 5’9, tall and thin. She was walking briskly. Was she excited to talk to him? And of course, Did she like him? Max turned toward her and smiled as she came up to him.

“Fuck you.” Lucy said. Max now noticed Jenny, Lucy’s best friend, an asian girl who was also thin and also kinda cute, standing right next to her. He didn’t know her that well but she lived in an adjacent dorm. His tunnel vision cleared, he realized pretty quickly why Lucy was mad.
“I was away for a whole week and you haven’t even touched the project.” Lucy said. “Which is due tomorrow.”
“That’s pretty messed up dude” Jenny chimed in. Both girls stared him down. Max gave a nervous grin.
“Well, you only checked the google doc, right? Cause you know, I wrote most of it down on paper-“
“Lies,” Jenny interrupted. Lucy laughed, followed by a sigh.
“This isn’t looking good for you Max,” Lucy said. “Plead your case.”
“Fine let me think,” Max replied.

He really messed up this time. He meant to work on the project, he really did. But the project simply couldn’t coexist with YouTube and Reddit. Now he needed to dig way down deep, and somehow find a way to charm these girls enough to forgive him, or at least sympathize. A lightbulb went off in his head.
“Lucy, I have an idea, and it’s a fun one”
“Hmm. Go on, I’m listening.”
“You, Me, my dorm tonight. I’ll kick my roommate out, you can just sleep over.”
“And what if your roommate doesn’t want to leave?” Lucy asked.
“I’ll use force if I must.” Max replied. both girls chuckled.
“Anyway, I’m gonna order us pizza, soda, whatever you want. We also got my playlist. Have I shown you my music yet?” Lucy shook her head. “Exactly. Anyway, we bang this whole project thing out early in the night and then just chill for the evening, no manners, just casual.” As Max finished his impromptu plan, he quickly looked to see their reactions. Jenny looked slightly confused. Lucy was smiling though. He gave a sigh of relief.

“Alright you got me,” Lucy said.”That sounds really stupid and really fun.”
“Excellent, I’m glad you like it.”
“Alright, well Jenny and I gotta go. And sorry for saying ‘fuck you’ earlier haha. Well, only a little sorry” Max leaned back in his chair.
“No worries, bye Lucy, bye Jenny”
“Bye Max” Lucy said, as they walked away. Thank God I saved that, Max thought. He immediately shot Robert, his roommate, a text. “Can you sleep somewhere else tonight or I’m gonna get killed thanks bro.”
“Max!” Lucy yelled from across the room. “Energy drinks too!”
“Got it!” Max replied as she left.

Hope this works, Max thought to himself
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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 12 Jul 2019, 00:00

Part 2)
“Wow, what a stupid ass plan” Robert said. It was 2:00 now, their classes were over for that day, Robert and Max ate lunch in the dining hall.
“Gee, thanks,” Max replied.
“Yo, you didn’t let me finish. It’s stupid as fuck, but it’ll work because dumb luck.” Robert looked at his watch. “You see, I got a party at 5:00.” Robert continued. “It’s for chads like me who are in STEM, and don’t have a group project right now. The plan is I’ll just ask to crash under the guise of staying to help clean up after the party. I’ll also sneak out boxes of pizza and sodas and wingman them over to you and Laci.”

“Lucy,” Max corrected.
“No no, this plan ain’t loosey, it’s tight as hell actually.”
“Whatever. Sounds like it’ll work, thanks.”
“I got you bro.” Robert said. “By the way, you want some insider tips for this date?”
“Ha, it’s not really a date I don’t think, I mean I hope it is, so yeah sure.”
“Alright, the basics first. Obviously don’t be a slob. Chew with your mouth closed. Don’t eat metric tons of the pizza save some for her.”
“Well she’s not gonna eat much, right?”
“Course not, she’s a girl.” Robert replied. “Also, this is extremely obvious, avoid letting out any gas. Even if she laughs, it’s not a great look when you’re the only one doing it. I guarantee she won’t be doing that my guy”
Much to the chagrin of Max’s burp fetish, something which he had told no one about, he had a feeling with a girl like Lucy he best be classy.
“Basically, don’t be an idiot”
“Exactly. And also don’t be afraid to speak up when you come up with something good. You’re capable of being a funny dude, you just gotta own it”
“Thanks man.”

“By the way, what does this girl look like anyway...” Robert started. Max was looking out the glass front wall of the dining hall, when just then he saw her. Lucy was standing in the sun by a tree just outside, talking to another girl. she was wearing a Yankees cap now, and appeared to be eating a yogurt. Max figured he could relay the new plan to Lucy via text, but he wanted another excuse to go talk to her. He got up from the table. “Hey bro where you going?” Robert asked.
“Gotta Talk to someone” Max replied simply, as he walked out the door.

Max caught her just after her friend left. “Hey partner,” he said.
“Oh, Max!” she responded. She swallowed a mouthful of yogurt. “Hi.”
“I’ve got an update on our plan”
“Sure. Here, let’s walk and talk.” Max complied.
“Ok, so you can come over to my dorm just after 5:00. Food will arrive soon after that.”
“Cool,” Lucy replied. “Also, I got an idea for the Thomas Jefferson Section. You know, of our dissertation-“
“Uhhh tell me about it later” Max interrupted. Lucy frowned. Max quickly pointed at her yogurt. “Hey, is that all you’re having for lunch?”
“What?” Lucy reacted. “Oh, umm yes. I’m saving room for tonight actually haha” she patted her belly.
“Cool” Max said. “Well I gotta get going, See you at 5:00?”
“You got it. Bye.” Max hurried off. Though he didn’t actually have anywhere to go, just returned to his dorm. 3 hours to go, Max thought, here we go.

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by Bd251 » 13 Jul 2019, 00:27

Really digging this so far!

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 13 Jul 2019, 00:55

Part 3) (Part 4 on its way and I am excited!)

Part 3)

It was finally time. Max was chilling on his bed on the left side of the room, browsing Reddit on his phone. His laptop was sitting on the desk in the middle, already set up for them. And by “set up” this didn’t mean the dissertation was open in google docs, it meant Max had put a giant picture of Alexander Hamilton as the desktop background cause he thought Lucy would find it funny. At 5:05 he heard the knock.

“Hey partner” Max said, as he opened the door, only to find Robert carrying a giant stack of pizza boxes.
“Bro you gotta get some fresh lines” Robert said, as he brought the massive stack inside. “I saw your girl down the hall don’t worry.”
“6 pizza boxes! I thought you said look modest.”
“One of em has the drinks in it. Also I changed the strategy, now she’s gonna be impressed cause you provide like the King of Wakanda. Save the other 4 boxes after she eats her 2 slices. We can bring em to class tomorrow.”
“Alright, I trust you,” Max said. “Thanks again man”
“Holy Shit!” Max heard Lucy’s voice from the doorway behind him. Robert set down the boxes and winked at Max as he left. Max turned to face Lucy, who grinned at him. “You went all out!”
“I told you we’re gonna have fun tonight.”
“Awesome. Let’s get started” Lucy brushed past Max and sat down in front of the computer. “Love your background.”
“Woah woah, Lucy, what’s the rush?” Max walked over and shut the laptop, almost on her fingers.
“Watch it” she said.
“We’ll work better on a full stomach. The dissertation can wait we have all night.” Max opened the first box.
“Fine,” Lucy replied, reaching in a grabbing a slice. She held the slice above her as it hung downward, and took a big bite into the gooey cheese. “Only because I’m hungry” she said with her mouth full.

Max sat on the bed with a slice in his hand and joined her. “I have some serious questions for you” Max said.
“Are you really a Yankees fan?”
“No, my dad is. I just like their colors.”
“How’d you meet Jenny?”
“Met her on moving day. She liked my shirt. That’s literally it.”
“Uhhh.... fuck I’m out” Max said.
Lucy laughed. “That was pathetic. My turn.” She said, reaching for another slice. Max had barely touched his first slice.

“Why’d you take US History?” Lucy asked. Max thought for a moment.
“I always liked history. It makes more sense to me. I was never a math guy, like my friend Robert. I dunno what my major will be, but history’s a start.”
“High school relationships?”
“Uhhh, a fling one time.” That was a lie, Max hadn’t really been in any romantic relationships. “Wait backtrack, why do you like history?”
“It’s cool seeing how people lived in the past” Lucy replied. “Like imagine the 1700s, around the time period our dissertation is covering”
“Or The time period of our country’s founding, a much better way to put it.”
“Uh sure. Like imagine if we lived back then. Though it’d suck for me unfortunately.”
“True, True. I could be like a politician, and I could have an estate and a cool flintlock gun, for fighting duels, and- Wait how many slices have you had?” Max had caught her reaching for another one. He grabbed the box and looked in it, it was empty. He only had taken 2 slices, 1 of which wasn’t fully finished. “Jesus”

Lucy blushed. “Well....I didn’t....” she swallowed first. “I didn’t eat lunch, remember?” It only took a moment to get her confidence back. “Hey, you’re a lightweight if a girl is out eating you Max.” She said, biting into crust. “Pass me a soda please.” Max did as he was asked. He grabbed a Sprite and threw it to her. She caught it, opened it, and took a sip. She laughed and said “watch this.” Then she began downing it. She was just about finished when Some of the soda drizzled down to her chin.
“Hey, it’s gonna drip onto my laptop!” Max cried. Lucy quickly stopped and grabbed a napkin, a wiped off her face. Then she stopped in her tracks. “What is it?” Max asked playfully.
“Great plan Max, wow.” Lucy said straight. Max looked beyond confused. “So we spend the whole night eating, and talking, and having fun while our paper sits there not getting done.” Max was silent. “I’ve just about had it with-“ her stomach rumbled loudly. Max chuckled. “Fuck, don’t laugh at me I’m trying to sound intimidating!” Lucy said. They both began to laugh. “Just get over here and write this with me, please?
“Ok, I’m sorry” Max said. She opened up the dissertation document on the computer as Max pulled up a chair.

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by relus » 13 Jul 2019, 03:49

Really like the character development. Would hate to see this die off like the others

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 13 Jul 2019, 05:03

Thanks mate. Also totally get the concern, sucks when that happens, I’ve unfortunately left most of my few stories here unfinished. But this time I hit my stride, nothing from life getting in the way, we’re following this thing through

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 13 Jul 2019, 05:12

Part 4) Some APUSH in here. Maybe I should go back and tell my teacher what I’m doing with that knowledge. She was in her early 30s, quite attractive. Wonder her reaction /:) . Anyway, Part 5 in the works.

“Alright, Alexander Hamilton. So the first section is about his life, already complete. Did that two weeks ago. Little thanks to you Max.” Lucy said
“Ok, I’m a terrible person I get it. Next section?” Max said. Lucy sighed. Yep, great way for me to sound like a jerk, Max thought.
“We have to finish sections 2 and 3 tonight,” Lucy continued, “2 being about Hamilton’s greater impacts, with a mini section on Jefferson.....”
“Ok, lets talk about the national bank first. Here, let me think what to add first.” The two sat in silence for a minute. Max’s thoughts drifted. Should I put my arm around her? That’s what Robert would do. Ok not now cause she’s pissed at me. Over the disser-FUCKING FOCUS MAX. HAM-IL-TON

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud mmmmmmrrrrrrrrp. He turned to see the source, no doubt a closed mouth burp from Lucy. Lucy was cracking up after it finished, until she caught Max looking at her. It was the second of only 2 times so far he actually saw her flush.
“Umm Sorry! That was an accident”
Oh that’s really cute, Max thought, say something funny! But he just gave an awkward laugh. Lucy cleared her throat. And it only took a moment, the confidence was back. “Hey, dissertation, don’t get distracted Max.” Lucy said. So Max again tried to lock down his thoughts on Alexander Hamilton. After a little while Lucy began typing.

“Hamilton’s National bank, despite heavy resistance from the Democratic Republican Party, enabled the colonies to balance their accumulated debts......”
“Ooh, that’s good!” Max said.
“Good, continue it.” Lucy replied.
“What? Fuck you”
“Just write”
“Wait no, I’m so sorry Lucy I didn’t mean that at all it slipped out.”
“Ok ok.” Max finally started writing. He actually got down a few words. A few words turned into a few sentences. But he had missed out on his chance to express his feelings. Not just that he liked Lucy, but the burp fetish. Who are you kidding, Max thought, if you tell her the fetish she’ll think you’re a pervert. Wait, can she see his boner?

He looked over at Lucy, she had her hand up to her mouth. She looked bloated. He caught her do another closed mouthed mmmmrrrrrrppppp. “Excuse me” she muttered.Then he faced back to the computer immediately. Fuck, you missed your chance again Max. Say something funny or cute next time. Ok, dissertation. “Umm Which lead to the alleviation of economic hardship..... and overall put the state’s back on track! Yes!” Max cried out Loud, as he finished the paragraph. “Oh! You did one, good job” Lucy said, sounding genuinely surprised. Max put his hand up for a hi five. Lucy went for it, but as she did a burp creeped up her throat. She put her hand in a fist in front of her mouth to cover it, but still let out a BAAARRRRP. After it finished she just looked at him and smiled sheepishly. No ‘excuse me’ or anything. Come on Max, she’s begging you to say something that’ll make this less awkward. Finally, Max spoke up.

He did another stupid grin. “Wait, What’s the fist doing there, I could still here your burp anyway.” Lucy raised an eyebrow.
“Uhum, what do you mean by that buddy?” Lucy said. Max cringed at what he had said, now he realized it sounded judgemental. Quick, save it!
“Uhhh, I just mean I think it’s cute. No wait.” Lucy cracked up again.
“Ok I’ll tell you why the fist.” Lucy said. “I knew the burp was gonna be loud enough to hear no matter what I do, but trying to cover it makes it look more feminine, which I like. Satisfied?”
“Yes. Wait, so are you doing the burping cause you like it? Cause I’m cool with it, natural bodily things uhhh”
“Can you do the Dissertation please Max.”
“Actually yes I will.” And just like that Max went back to typing. Lucy leaned back in her chair. She reached for the second box of pizza. She also grabbed 2 Coke Zeroes and placed them on the desk. Max then felt her reach across his shoulders to get another drink. No wait, she wasn’t getting anything. She put her arm around him. They looked at each other and she smiled brightly.
“Yo, why are you so happy?” Max asked, trying to hide how ecstatic he was from the touch.
“Oh, it’s just that....”

“I finally found something that makes you more uncomfortable than the Dissertation.”

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by relus » 14 Jul 2019, 00:31

Tge awkwardness is so cute. Nice addition

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 15 Jul 2019, 02:55

Part 5)

“Wait, So you’re just gonna burp whenever now?” Max asked.

“I mean, it’s pretty rude, and I was, like, raised with good manners, but at the same time we’re in private and being gross is fun so....” Lucy said.

“But it stops when I finish Section 2?”

“BARRRRRRRRP - ahhhh. Yup.” Lucy took another bite of pizza crust.”mmm, but I think if it’s a good burp, then like, I don’t excuse myself. Like the one i just did. But if it’s a bad one I’ll apologize and say ‘pardon,’ ‘excuse me,’ all that”

“So much for being all feminine.” Max teased.
“What? Look at these earrings! I’m still pretty fucking feminine, and arrp, ooh that was bad, dear heavens pardon me” Max and Lucy both started laughing. Damn, Robert was pretty wrong about some of this, Max thought. But even with this game thing going on between them, Max kept working diligently. Something finally snapped, he supposed, he finally lost that strong urge to resist.

“Not to draw comparisons, but I think this is one of the cool things about hanging out with a guy.” Lucy said.
“Whadaya mean?”
“I can just be loose. You think I’d be acting like this around Jenny?”
“It’d be pretty funny.
“Oh, I can’t bring myself to do that, I don’t wanna-BURRRRRP- gross her out.”
“Nothing’s stopping you from having an ‘accidental’ burp....”
“Maybe.” Lucy leaned back in her chair and gulped down another drink. “If we were living in the 1700s, I think l’d be acting a lot more proper right about now” Max started getting on a role, so he ignored her. For the Greater Good, he thought to himself. He tuned out til a couple minute later his ears shattered from a BRAAAP. Max squirmed, it was too much to handle. Lucy covered her mouth for the first time in a while. “Oops. That was loud. I’m sorry.”
“I think you woke a couple people up with that, Lucy. Jesus how’d you get it that loud.”
“I kinda just pushed on my core muscles really hard.”
“That’ll do it.” They heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” Max said. “Go away please.” Lucy said at the same time. They looked at each other. “What are you doing!” They both whispered. The door creaked open, it was Jenny.
“Jen!” Lucy said.
“Hey guys, i heard some kind of loud noise, you Alright?” Max pretended to survey the room quickly.
“Yeah, idk what that was, but I think we’re alright.”
“Can you keep it down then? Some of us are trying to sleep.”
“Sure” Lucy and Max said,
“Goodnight” Jenny said quietly. Suddenly Max saw Lucy doing something out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and saw her sucking in air.

Suddenly, she erupted BAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP. Jenny turned around just in time to see Lucy hit max on the arm.
“Jesus Max” Lucy said. Max saw Jenny staring at him and went hot.
“Ummmm....... sorry, my bad” he said, adding in an “excuse me.” Jenny raised an eyebrow.
“Do you need a gasex man? Or you could, you know, cover your mouth.”
“I’ll take the gasex, have a good night thank you!” Max said. Jenny chuckled slightly and left. As soon as she shut the door Lucy burst out laughing.
“Oh my god, sorry that was terrible, but that was really fucking funny hahaha!” She laughed so much she was crying.
“What the hell Lucy?”
“Ok, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” She wiped a tear.
“Fine. But you’re doing the conclusion paragraph now.”

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Re: All-Nighter[Female, Fiction]

Post by aa7468917 » 15 Jul 2019, 03:03

Part 6)

“I’m so proud of you, Max, you know you were really a paaiiiiin in the neck, but now you’re working, you used to be a AaAaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP whiny bitch. Wow, sorry, that was nooot ladylike, pardon and excuse me.”
It was now midnight, a few hours later, Lucy kept pacing back and forth, rambling, and letting off these much louder, raunchier burps. Meanwhile Max was on an a role on the dissertation, just about to finish section 2. But he was getting sore from the Boner from Lucy’s burps. It was heavenly but it made it hard to focus.
“Excuse me, Lucy?”
“Nah that’s what I say when I.....AAAARRRRRRRP hehehe, just kidding go ahead.
“Yeah, So, I think there were a few beers mixed amongst those drinks.”
“Yeah I know”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I stoped doing sodas a while ago.”
“Holdup” Max said. “So you knowingly got drunk, while I was working hard, and now you just have an excuse to just sit back and let me do everything?”
“Wait by the way my mouth is urrp burning, there was a jalapeño pizza, pass me another drink?”
“You’re joking.”
“yes. Soda?”
“Uhhh.... milk from the fridge?”
“......fine.” Lucy walked over and grabbed a carton from the fridge. She opened it up and drank. She then put her hand on her chest, and let out a chunky AHHHHHRRPP. Max was still aroused, but for the first time he started to feel a bit disgusted.
“Dude.... straight from the carton?”
“Oh, um, sorry.”
“Lucy you’re being a major manipulator right now.” Max said. “ I can’t believe you purposefully-
“Purposefully what? Tried my hardest to avoid urrrrp work? Excuse me. Let my partner just stress out? Lie? Sounds an awful lot like what you’ve been all about” Things were definitely getting hurtful now, but Max didn’t care. He was furious.
“Yeah, I messed up. How is what you’re doing now any helpful? You have the gaul to do this, meanwhile you made all those plans for what I needed to get done while I was gone, in advance, you know how much pressure that puts on me? I don’t work under pressure. Meanwhile I just wanted to have fun tonight, loosen up, and it worked, we were getting things done until you fucked it up.”
“Why do you assume I did this on purpose! I’m not an evil genius! Yes, i overindulged, I’m sorry, I didn’t plan that ahead of time!!
“I don’t know, maybe I’m just jealous of you! It’s so easy for you to sit down and focus, for some reason my defective brain gets too worked up every time. Too anxious” Max was panting now.
“Max...” she had another burp but this time she stifled it. “I’m know it’s frustrating, but look at hoow much you got done tonight.” Max thought for a second.
“What are talking about. You wrote a whole section by yourself. I wrote Section 2 with heavy coercion from you.”
“I did section 1 in a week. You did Section 2 in a couple hours, and it’s probably better written than my Section 1. I helped you get started because I know that once you do, you do it the best. We compliment each other’s weaknesses Max. We’re a perfect team.” Max had nothing to say.
“Damn. I.... I.......I’m sorry.”
“Me too.”
“Do you wanna finish this thing?”
“Yes. I mean, i might need to go take a shower or something first.”
“Hey don’t worry Lucy, Energy Drinks, remember!”

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