Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

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Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by modus » 12 Jun 2019, 19:15

It was another late saturday night and I was outside for a smoke at a party hosted by my longtime friend Elijah. He was just turning 21 and was hosting a rather crowded birthday bash.

Feeling pretty good off the several beers I’d had, which Eli made sure to provide plenty, I decided to mingle with some familiar faces. “Thanks again for hosting, man! Happy birthday!” I said. Eli and I hugged it out and I made way for inside the house.

I was 24 at the time. Back in my home town for the first time in a few years after moving elsewhere for awhile. I saw a few familiar faces in the crowded living room but most in attendance were friends of Eli’s whom I hadn’t met.

Across the room the house opened up into the kitchen area. At the counter sitting amongst others - legs crossed on a stool was a girl I’d been friends with in high school. Her name was Maggie. I’d always had a crush. And damn did her legs look better than ever. She had always been quite tall and was probably around 5’10. Her beautiful long back hair reached all the way down her back. Maggie was lean and had incredible features. A toned ass and nearly DD cups if I had to guess. I had to go talk to her.

Back in high school Maggie and I developed a good relationship through mutual friends and were rather close at times. We chatted in school and out- sometimes texting. She was one of the few people I ever worked up the courage to talk about my burp fetish to!

It came about the summer after junior year when I had attended a camp. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people and participate in some sweet outdoor activities. We broke up into different groups and on a sunny saturday I was paired up with some buddies and a few girls. One girl was named Dee. She was fit with blonde hair. Cute, fun and bubbly.

That day we ate lunch down by the lake.
“This is the best lunch we’ve had all week” said Dee with a mouthful of her taco salad.
“And they gave us cokes!!”
She finished chewing and picked up her liter of coke. I couldn’t believe how much she managed to get down in one go. At least half the bottle. “You said it Dee!” I said, taking a drink of mine. I was so impressed by how much she had casually chugged I nearly forgot how to speak. I watched her pull the bottle away from her lips.
“BUUURRRrpppp oh no here we go” muttered Dee.
I froze. It was loud and lasted maybe four seconds as it died off. I felt myself already getting hard. My first experience at this age with a girl openly burping like this. “Here we go?” I choked out. What followed was a series of three belches as Dee clutched her stomach.
“BUuuUUUrrrAAHHPPP” four seconds I counted again.
“bbuUUUUUUURRRRRRPPP” nearly six.

“Holy shit Dee!!” I exclaimed. It was pure bliss. I heard her belch a few more times over the next couple weeks but that was the best moment by far. I wanted to experience that again.

That night back in my cabin, I was laying on my bed winding down. My crush on Maggie from the past school year was potent and I was chatting with her over text. always eagerly awaiting a response. We were talking about who knows what and had the idea to tell her about the crazy belches I’d heard from my friend Dee that day to see how she might respond. Maybe she thought belching was funny!
“Haha today I saw my friend Dee let out a few huge burps at lunch! I didn’t think girls could belch like that” I messaged.
After a minute I got a response.
“Dang you go girl. LOL you should hear me then!! My mom can’t stand it! They can get so big sometimes”
Was she bragging about her belching? This was amazing.
“Oh is it a talent of yours? lmao” I replied.
“Something like that! Happens all the time naturally but I can even do it on command”
My night couldn’t get any better. Now my crush can burp on command? She was perfect.
I told her one of the burps was nearly six seconds.
“That’s pretty good but it’s every day material. I’ve broken ten”
I thought I might be in love. I needed to see this.
I felt the urge to be honest and told her I thought it was a hot talent.
“Haha I could see that. It’s cool to see a chick do something badass like let out a huge belch” she told me.

Sadly, Maggie moved before I ever had the courage to bring it up again. Yet here I was at this party years later - and there she was too. I had to say something.

First time writing. Based on a girl I know that I had a similar conversation with and told my fetish about. Rest is fictionalized. Let me know if you want the next couple parts! Thinking about making it a few. Also I’m open for tips on improvement.

Thanks - Modus

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Re: Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by AnonymousHacker » 14 Jun 2019, 05:17

This was really good! I'd love more parts.

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Re: Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by s-Brou_96 » 14 Jun 2019, 05:54

I’d really like to see this continue

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Maggie’s Talent Pt. 2 (fiction)

Post by modus » 19 Jun 2019, 10:46

I walked towards her. She was wearing fishnet leggings under a black skirt with a tight white long shirt on top. It was one of those with the large collars so that it was kinda down over her shoulders. You know the ones. Her tits looked phenomenal.
We caught eyes and she smiled. When I approached we hugged and sparked up conversation like it was nothing.

We spent the next half hour or so catching up on the day to day things. Chatting about life, school, our families and friends.
“Want to go out for a smoke? Do you have any?” Maggie says eventually.
“I’d love to. It’d be nice to get some air”
We make our way out onto the back deck and find a spot amongst some others.

I hand her a cigarette and give her my lighter. We sit for awhile and catch up some more. At this point I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to bring up her burping talent that I remembered her talking about so well. And then the moment presents itself -
My heart rate picks up immediately. I see Maggie put her hand to her mouth. It was small but it was something.
“Oof I’m so sorry!” she stifles.
“That was a bit weak” I say.
Hoping to get her to address her burp.
“Oh was it?” says Maggie.
I think I almost see her start to grin.
Nervously I begin
“Haha welllll I cant help but remember in high school you mentioning you had quite the talent for burping. And i’d say that was small for someone with a so called talent for it”
I see the memory click in her head.
“My god you’re right. I can’t believe I told you that! Wow I forgot I got comfy enough to share that with you”
At this point i’m curious if she remembers I followed up with the fact that I’m into it. Gotta be smooth.
“You’re also right about it being weak” she continues.
“I didn’t realize I had to impress anybody. I just don’t want to let one blast around any of these strangers!”
“I get that” I say, laughing in agreement.
“Either way I certainly don’t mind and I’ve honestly been waiting for you to impress me with it. I bet you can’t even top that”

Classic move right? Entice a bit of competition? Well I think it worked. Maggie breaks into a smile. She’s so good looking. I’ve never felt more nervous.
“Fine. I will! But let’s go down to the picnic table so I don’t embarrass myself ok?” she nods her head down the hill towards the dimly lit, string light lined path that winds through Eli’s large yard. The path continues down a small hill and around a bend to a clearing near some trees. There’s a good view of the bay.
“Alright lets do it!” I say, trying not to sound overly-excited.
“Ok i’m going to grab another beer for a little fuel and I’ll meet you down there.”

Anxiously I waited at the table. It was a very awesome clear summer night. I was in a long sleeve but it was warm and a little humid. Maggie comes around the bend from the direction of the house - beaming. In her hands are four beers.
“Got enough fuel there??!” I say with surprise.
“Well, at least one is for you! Eli told me to take as many as I’d like!” she sets them on the table and takes a seat next to me, turning to face me.
“You’re going to drink three? I didn’t realize we were planning to set up camp down here haha”
“Oh don’t worry, I can drink em quick”
“Of course you can” I smile.
“She can chug too??” I think to myself.
This is going to be so good.
“Just so you know, I CAN do it on command. But this is more fun and makes for some of my biggest belches. I’ve got a point to prove here.”
“Ok Mags, let’s see it”
She puts her bottle up to the edge of the table and pops the top. As soon as it touches her lips it’s pouring down her throat. A few hearty gulps and it’s gone in under five seconds. I’m in disbelief.
“Not bad, right?” she says and bursts into laughter. Getting such a kick out of herself.
“It’s another talent of mine”
I’m laughing hard myself. Beyond impressed. I can see her already needing to let her burps out as she puts a hand to her stomach to settle it
“That’s crazy!” I say
“Watch,” smiles Maggie
“I’ll do it again”
She pops the cap off the next one and does the same. This one is gone in maybe seven seconds. Still outrageous. I can’t stop thinking how much gas she must be building in her fit stomach right now. My assumption was correct because as she pulled the bottle away from her lips, her first eruption began.
It was eight seconds long. It varied in volume. It was loud but not obnoxiously. Perfectly deep. I felt my pants tighten. Holy shit.
“Holy shit that was pretty good for the first one!! I told you I could belch!!” she said with excitement.
“Yeah I’d say so! I’m already eating my words” I say
“Just wait”
She puts a hand on her knee and one across her stomach. I see her suck in a little air to get the next belch started. This one began softly and ended as such a manly sounding burp. It worked its way out of her for a whole eleven seconds.
I’d died and gone to heaven. I saw the relief on her face. She held up her finger before I could say anything and she pushed on her stomach.
It was so loud my ears practically rang. Another one that topped ten seconds. She was truly a beast at belching.
“Oh my god Maggie I can’t believe you can make something like that come out of you. It’s amazing!”
“THHAAAAAANNKKSSS” she belches with a hand to her mouth.
“You’re flattering me. It’s kinda gross sometimes. It’s so fun though! And holy hell does it feel good when the huge ones come out. Ouch - speaking of which”
She pounded her chest.
I saw the look of relief on her face.
“I think it’s so cool” I say.
“Yeah? And do you think it’s hot?”
“W-what uh do you mean?” I start to panic. I thought she’d forgotten. It must be obvious.
“You remembered that I could do this, and I remembered how you told me years ago how you thought it was hot. It turns you on, right?”
“W-well yeah but wow I didn’t think you’d recall or bring that up”
“UUUuuuRRRRrrrrRRRPPP” she belches once more in relief as she stands up.
“I like that it turns you on”
Was it turning her on too? What the fuck do I do here?
I didn’t have to do anything. She grabbed my hand and stood me up. She could tell how hard I was.
“I think we should go find a bedroom inside” she leans in and says.
“i’ll bring my third beer and my big big burps”

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Re: Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by relus » 19 Jun 2019, 11:32


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Re: Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by BFFdolan » 20 Jun 2019, 04:18

Awesome story keep going!! Maybe include a slight weight gain?

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Re: Maggie’s Talent (fiction)

Post by hubworld23 » 20 Jun 2019, 05:37

Great Story so Far Dude! Keep Going!:)

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