Party Like It’s 1986 - A Retro Burping Story [Fiction, Female]

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Re: Party Like It’s 1986 - A Retro Burping Story [Fiction, Female]

Post by Thatoneguy » 09 Jan 2019, 04:56

Whoo!! super late halloween chapter is out! Sorry for the lack of updates, I lost motivation for awhile, but I’m back now and ready to update their adventures. Thanks for sticking around!

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Re: Party Like It’s 1986 - A Retro Burping Story [Fiction, Female]

Post by s-Brou_96 » 30 Jan 2019, 00:42

I guess the story is done. Shame, it’s become one of my favorites

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Re: Party Like It’s 1986 - A Retro Burping Story [Fiction, Female]

Post by Thatoneguy » 31 Jan 2019, 05:41

Nah, school’s just killin’ me, i barely have anytime to write anymore. I’ll try and push out another multi chapter update sometime soon. Can’t promise a date. I’m glad you like the story so far!

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Re: Party Like It’s 1986 - A Retro Burping Story [Fiction, Female]

Post by Thatoneguy » 15 Mar 2019, 05:08

Chapter 8: More From The Night She Came Home

Cheryl and Brian walked down the streets, laughing and chittering.

“Oh my god, that dude with the chainsaw was a legend!” the former exclaimed.

“I honestly thought I was going to die there,” the latter chuckled.

“Pffft, like I would’ve let him get to you.” Cheryl reassured him. She tilted her mask back onto her face. “You’re my kill, anyway.” she giggled.

“Man, you’re all kinds of crazy.”

“Just a little bit.”

“I like it. It’s like a little bit of zest, y’know?” he laughed.

“Thank you!” she did a little bow. The two were almost home before Cheryl stopped Brian. “Hey, theres one more thing I wanna do. C’mon.” Brian followed her towards the adjacent street, where the Randolph house lied.

“Any particular reason we’re heading towards the murder mouse?” Brian asked her.

“You’ll see,”

“This is the part where it turns out you’re the killer, isn’t it?”

“You’ll see...” she chuckled. The pair made their way towards a window. Cheryl shoved her fake blade underneath it and lifted it up just a bit. She pulled it up until it was open. “After you,” she told Brian.

“No way. Not tonight.”

“Come on, it’s not like Andrew Randolph is gonna waltz in and split you in half. He’s still locked up.”

Brian exhaled. “Right, Yeah, okay.” Brian hoisted himself through the window, then helped Cheryl through. “Now what?” He set his mask down of the ground.

“C’mon, upstairs.” She told him.

“Alright...?” Brian began walking up the stairs, following closely behind Cheryl.

“Watch where you step. Nobody’s kept this place for years.”

“That’s enlightening.” Brian looked around the ground. Empty cans of root beer lined close to the walls. Brian guessed this wasn’t the first time Cheryl’s been here.

“Wait here” Cheryl told him. She pulled down the attic door as if it were her own and began climbing up. Brian’s demeanor changed from that of a calm persons, to a tense feeling. He didn’t like being left alone in an abandoned house, especially knowing what happened here. Though Cheryl’s explanation was vague, it got the point across that all good had left here.

“What the...” Brian’s head darted up as he heard Cheryl’s voice. “Oh my god...” Brian heard a thump. “Brian!” Cheryl yelled out. “Brian he’s here!” she screamed. Something dark fell down from the attic, and another THUD sounded. Brian instinctively screamed and huddled back.

He watched in horror as two legs slowly appeared, walking down the steps. Thud. Thud. Thud. He covered his eyes as they approached. He heard them approach in front of him and...

they stopped. Slowly, he uncovered his eyes.

“Boo!” Cheryl, said.

“W-what?” Brian was breathless.

Cheryl guffawed. “You should’ve seen the look on your face!” she reached out her hand.

Brian looked for a moment. He got over his fear when he saw her smile. He couldn’t begin to feel mad at her. He took her hand, and she helped him back to his feet. Brian chuckled, “ really know how to-how to take my breath away...”

“Bum Bum Bum Bum Buuum, tick tick!” Cheryl imitated the song. She walked back over to the stairs, grabbing the bag she dropped down. “Check it,”

“What’s that?”

“Candy stash. Every year I take the extras and put ‘em in here. Figured you should have some, since you were so graciously kind to donate your proceeds to moi” she giggled her infamous giggle.

“I think you should have it.” He blurted out.

“What? I already gotta bag full o-“

“The more the merrier, right? Besides, uh...I’m...not much of a...a candy guy. Yeah. Yeah.”

“Hmph! My generosity goes unnoticed once again!” she smirked. “C’mon, let’s head home.”

“Sure thing!”

The two walked down the stairs and back towards the window they came from. Brian, being the gentleman he is, let Cheryl through first. He turned around to fetch his mask. As he bent down to pick it up, he spotted something. In the adjacent room, there stood silhouette. It looked like a tall, lean man. Brian kept his eye on it.

“Brian, what’s the hold up?” Cheryl asked from outside.

“I uh...I’m coming. Sorry.” He picked up his mask and backed away from it. The silhouette tilted it’s head.

Brian shook his head and proceeded out the window.
Brian entered the living room, catching glimpse of Cheryl stuffing her candy into her face, feet on the coffee table. She looked comfortable, therefore he didn’t mind. “Comfy?” He asked

“You bet. Thanks for letting me crash here.” she replied

“Don’t mention it.”

“Nah, nah, I gotta! You’re like the coolest dude I know!” She sat up. “I mean, you’ve seen me do some shit nobody should see, and you’re still here!”

“Guess it’s just how I was brought up,”

“Either way, thank you.” she got back into her comfort position. Brian stared at her for a moment, lost in her gloriousness. “You gonna sit down? I’m getting lonely over here!”

“Right, Right!” he sat down next to her.

Borwuaarp,” Cheryl let out a soft low rumble. “Oh man, I knew eating all this old candy was a bad idea.”

“But you did it anyway?” Brian teased.

“Of course. You know me,” she giggled. “Good thing it’s a-Oruoorp-Friday. Getting ready to settle into a candy coma.”

“Good thing you take Aerobics,”

“Mmhh...I don’t know.” She poked at her stomach through her button up. Each poke give a tiny rumble. Each rumble gave a tiny burp. “I think I’m getting a bitta pudge...wanna up our gym schedule?”

“What? Go even more than we do now?”

“C’mon! Don’t you have fun?”

“Only when I’m watching you.”

Cheryl paused “What?”

“Not like that!” Brian retorted. Cheryl smirked. “I meant...I meant,” Cheryl started giggling. “I meant I just don’t like actually doing the-the things!” Now she was cackling. “Come on dude! You know what I meant!”

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