The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

Post by LikeNo1EverWas » 09 Jan 2019, 08:42

Interesting story so far and curious to see where it will go. Liked the direction where Alex was morally confused. Also I'm the dude that wrote Eureka and I'm surprised you haven't read it before because I felt the beginning was kinda similar to mine, no problem with that of course though. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see how the conflict pans out.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

Post by DrwhospideyNew » 09 Jan 2019, 18:56

I literally spent an hour writing the next chapter and it deleted it all for no reason when I clicked post. I’m angry right now. It took fucking ages and Now I have to do it all again. Damn it.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

Post by DrwhospideyNew » 09 Jan 2019, 19:02

No worries I FOUND IT!

Thanks for the replies again everyone.

Looks like I need to double check the dictionary next time with the whole blackmail thing but thanks for correcting me.

I think the reason why I have not read Eureka before was because I was kind of intimidated by how long it was with 50+ replies But now I started reading it I realized it’s well worth all the reading and your a great writer.

Anyway here’s the next part...

Chapter 7: The First Fight

It was true he had no choice to obey but he could ignore for now. He turned his phone off and got undressed for bed. He felt a tear go down his face. Dave was meant to be his friend. Who knew How long Dave had that photo of him. He must have been waiting Incase I ever did anything he did not like. What a selfish asshole. That was Dave. A selfish asshole.

Alex went to sleep after hours of thought. He was thinking of the things that could happen if that photo was released.

When Alex got on the bus the next day he saw Holly sitting on a seat near a window next to an empty seat which he assumed was for him. She waved at him and he smiled back. The bus suddenly started moving and he was standing there smiling. Guess what happened?

He fell backwards but the bag caught his fall. Everyone on the bus laughed. He knew he was in for a bad day now. He got up and Holly was not looking at him now she was talking to another girl... her name was Izzy Ends and she was quite pretty. He had a little crush on her a few years back but never plucked up the courage to talk to her. He could not sit next to Holly now. Izzy had taken it. Izzy had deep black hair and she was very outgoing.

He was a little disappointed as he wanted to be Hollies only freind but he should feel pleased for her to have more than just him. He looked at Izzies boyfriend Ethan and sat next to him.
Ethan turned to him.
“So your girlfriend has gone to speak to mine. I was hoping to sit Next to Izzy today but I can’t. You feel the same?”
Ethan was also very outgoing and talkative.
Alex replied “yeah and Holly is not my girlfriend.”
Ethan laughed “yet! I saw the way you stared at her in history and chemistry and also maths yesterday and the way you watched her when you came in. Come on. Tell me you like her.”
Alex smirked “I like her. That’s it but I dunno if she likes me back” he said back.

Ethan thought for a moment. Then he said “I dunno. Girls are tricky to understand.”

Alex rolled his eyes and replied “you’ve had enough experience”

Ethan laughed “I’m trying to help you here!”

When he got into school he went straight into the form room and sat down away from Dave and the others. He saw Holly go to the canteen where you can buy porridge before school started. The queues were short, she’d be in soon.

Dave came over.
“You were ignoring my messages Alex.” Said Dave disapprovingly.
“When didn’t you take that picture and how?” Alex asked.
“1 year ago and outside your bathroom window” Dave replied.
“Fucking Stalker” Alex replied through gritted teeth.
“You’re a fucking Pussy” Dave replied.
Alex felt rage like never before. It was worse then when George unplugged his Xbox and he was just about to be beat that one hard level. Rage.

He punches Dave right in the nose, Alex removed his hand which ached. Alex was never good at punching or fighting. Dave laughed and wiped the blood away from his nose. He kicked Alex and then lunges for a punch. Alex did not know how but he managed to dodge it.

Holly came in with her porridge when Alex went for his second punch but he missed. Next thing he knew he was thrown on the floor and then he kicked him. Ouch. Alex was kicked in the stomach and Dave kneeled down next to him and punched him in the nose causing it to bleed.

Dave said to him “just look at the message and do what it says or your picture will be exposed forever”

Alex pushed himself up. How did he look in front of Holly now? He lost a fight and maybe she thought he was weak or an asshole and he was not an asshole. But was he?

Alex was crying a little, his stomach felt okay but everything else ached. He walked out of the room. Holly could not see him crying.

He spent the whole form time locked in a toilet cubicle, thinking... just thinking.

First lesson was maths where he sat next to Holly. When he sat down Holly spoke the Alex Quietly:
“You okay after earlier?”
Alex replied “yeah”
Holly wanted to ask what it was about but did not want to intrude.

Alex looked at her. She looked prettier every passing minute. He did not want to make her suspicious of his fight with Dave and smiled “we just had a little misunderstanding”

Holly replied “Well okay.” She suddenly laughed and said “you are amazon”

When was he going to hear the last of this. Alex laughed too. The teacher came in that second, a little late.

Halfway through the lesson the teacher asked Suddenly asked Holly “what did you get for question 7?”

What came out Holly’s mouth surprised herself more than anyone because a deep, loud burp escaped her lips. It did not last in the open long as she shut her mouth but the vibrations could be heard.

When the sound stopped all was silent. A mean bitch called Suzy Day said in the most annoying voice ever “Ew. That’s not fucking gross” and just like that Holly left. She was crying. Her reputation was ruined in her second day. Alex looked at the spot where she sat and got up before walking out the room to catch up with her. She walked in the girls toilets and into a cubicle. Alex followed and knocked on the first cubicle. “Hello? Holly?”
The cubicle opened to reveal a small year 7 girl coming out and watching him with lots of suspicion. He knocked on the next one and that door opened. It was Holly.

She looked at Alex half-sad, half-grateful.
“Don’t worry Holly” he said calmly.
“I hate myself. I wish I could not burp. It just ruined everything now everyone’s going to call me Gassy Girl or something stupid” she angrily ranted.
“They’ll forget by next period Holly.” He reasssured her. He certainly won’t though.

What came next was just natural. They hugged. It was not a hug of love... it was a hug of friendship if that was a thing. Alex felt so bad for her. Holly agreed to come back to the lesson with him but they walked slow whilst Alex checked the message he got from Dave last night. The one he Ignored.

He read it and muttered to himself “no way am I going to do that.”

To be continued...

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

Post by DrwhospideyNew » 10 Jan 2019, 18:33

Chapter 8: The Plan

Alex glanced at Holly who was looking at a window in the hallway. She must have been looking at her reflection.

Alex looked back at his phone and sighed. He closed his eyes so he could think clearly.

Heres what the message read:

I need you to do this one thing and I’ll delete it forever. It will bring so much happiness to me and the boys and maybe even you. I want you to ask her to have sex and then film it for us.

That’s what Dave sent him. Alex could not even ask Holly to do that and why the hell would he film it? Fuck this. Alex thought of her sad and angry face if she found out he had filmed her having sexual intercourse with him and he would fill very guilty. It was No. he felt guilty enough when he recorded her on his phone.

If that photo of him was to be spread than so bit. But... he did have a plan. He was not going to respond yet.

Holly turned to him and said to him “You are so kind to me and i’ve Done nothing for you”

Alex said “I’m not kind. You have done stuff for me too... you asked me if I was alright after that fight”

Holly turned back to the maths classroom before saying “You are Kind Alex. You’re not all fucked up like me”

She was not fucked up, not as much as Himself anyway thought Alex. He had a burp fetish and all he wanted was to be normal, he loved it when girls burped but he would prefer it if he did not love it. Alex sighed.

Alex seemed to be a little angry in his tone “You are not fucked up. You are perfect”

Holly replied a little angry too “Perfect? You barely know me Alex. You don’t know how Fucked up I am”

Alex asked “What do you mean you’re fucked up?!”
“Do you have secrets Alex?” She asked back.
“Yeah-“ he replied. Everyone does, his most kept secret was the burp fetish - he never told anyone.
“Well So do I!” And she walked down the hall just like that.

Alex kicked the wall as hard as he could, a surge of anger...
“FUCK!” He shouted. Ouch. He hurt his foot.

After period 2 they had Physical Education once Alex had gotten out the boys changing rooms he saw Holly in her PE kit. He realized he had to cover up his crotch area.
“Hi Alex” she said as if she had forgotten about earlier.
“Hi Holly” he said back.
“You are nice Alex. I’m sorry for being angry earlier.” She replied.

Suzy Day, The girl who said mean shit about Holly’s burping came along.
“Get away from her Alex. She’s gonna burp in your face or something gross.” Suzy said in a bitchy voice.
Alex thought to himself that he wished she would do that. Holly looked like she was about to snap back when Alex thought enough was enough. Holly did not deserve to feel that way.

Alex shouted “why do you have to be such a fucking bitch!?”
He had never lost it at school before. Suzy was more surprised than angry.
Suzy laughed hard before saying “me a bitch? You fucking moron... she is disgusting...”

Alex replied “the only thing disgusting here is you” and with that Suzy walked out.

Alex looked at Holly she muttered a small “Tha-“ before the eruption took place and she let out an almighty burp right in his face. What great timing. Alex felt the air and he heard the deep sounds and it could have lasted forever but it lasted at most 5 seconds. Holly did not bother to stop it this time, because she couldn’t. It was so hard to stop the most forecrful burp ever. She turned away in the last second and it stopped.

She swished her hair and apologized - “I’m sorry Alex. That was the biggest and most forceful one I have done in a week-“ She did them once a week... wow...

Holly continued “- My throat actually hurts after that... I’m gonna go now to the other girls see ya later!” and she went.

Alex came back in the changing rooms and snuck his way into the small cubicle in there and locked the door when everyone went he quickly went to Dave’s stuff and got out his phone... He knew the passcode too, when they were friends he glanced at his phone and saw him type it.

Was Dave stupid enough to leave it in his pocket?

That’s when Dave came in - he had forgotten his shin pads for football (or soccer if ur in the US).

Dave shouted “Alex get the fuck off my phone”

To be continued...

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

Post by DrwhospideyNew » 30 Jan 2019, 00:28

Chapter 9: Mission completed

‘What do you mean? What phone?’ Alex nervously asked.
‘Do you take me for a fool Alex?’ Dave replied.
‘Yes’ Alex said back.
‘No Ex- wait you said yes’ Dave Said back confused. Dave kicked open the cubicle door.
‘Come closer and I will drop it!’ Alex shouted. With one hand he pressed the on button.
Alex opened photos and deleted it off recently deleted as well.

Dave pleaded ‘please do the video! I’ll be happy’
Alex replied ‘No but I won’t’. Alex dropped the phone on the floor and walked out. Dave came out shortly after... it was functional but the screen got cracked.

Later in the lesson:

Alex watched Holly play netball. She looked so pretty and he just wanted to... just wanted to...

“ALEX! Stop looking at the girls, they won’t let you tryout for them” the coach shouted.
A lot of boys laughed.
Alex walked slowly at the end of the lesson. Physical education sucked.
Holly was also walking slowly. They both decided to chat together on the way up.
Holly stopped for a moment and leant against a wall. She looked like she was in pain.
“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“I think I have a severe case of trapped gas. I don’t know why but I do” Holly said.
Alex got hard just thinking about it.
“You are the gassiet person I know” said Alex.
“I’m the gassiest person I know too” she replied.
“Should I help you?” Alex asked awkwardly.
Holly replied “You are so nice even when something as unpleasant as this occurs”
Alex came closer up to her face. He had never kissed anyone before. It was natural.

The two lips met like the rising of the sun in the morning... it was bound to happen.
Holly felt the same way. This was confirmation for Alex. But what was he to do?

They stopped kissing but staired in each other’s eyes with their faces close to each other. Holy let out an almighty burp that echoed in the empty basketball courts. It was deep and long. The way he liked it.

Holly rolled her eyes “there it was. Wait I still have more...”
Alex put his arms around her and pulled her even closer. Alex then led another kiss.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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Chapter 10: Dave’s demise
The best moments of his life. Just that kiss and that burp and more kissing and burping. Wow.
Alex had to stop.
“You ok Alex?” Holly asked.
“Yeah. Yeah. It’s just I... I need to go the toilet”
He had a little wet accident in his pants.

He ran into the changing rooms as fast as he could and quickly changed trousers and underwear. He then went to the toilet. The door slowly opened and something cold fell out. A dead body. Not just any dead body... Dave’s dead body.


“HEY ALEX! ALEX!” a voice cried down the hallway. It was Suzy Day.
“I heard you found the body” she excitingly said.
“Yeah I did.” Alex replied.
“I’m sorry I was a bitch earlier. You are no moron Alex” Suzy said to his suprise.
Alex looked up at her - she looked sorry.
“I’m not the one who you should be apologizing too Suzy” Alex replied.
“Alex. I was Angry because I have always liked you, I was trying to protect you from that new slut” she explained to him. She leaned in for a kiss. Alex leaned back but she leaned forward again. Another kiss. Wow. If only for a second. Alex pushed her off.
“No” he said and walked off down the hall.

He went in the boys toilets and thought.

Why was Dave found dead with a cut neck? Did he do it himself? Did Alex cause this?

He heard a bang from a cubicle. Multiple bangs that lasted 5 minutes. The door opened to reveal Izzy Ends and the muscular jock type - Clive.

Izzy Ends was the boyfriend of Ethan, one of Alex’s Freinds. On the bus today he had talked to him. Clive walked out quickly.

Izzy shot Alex a pericing look... “don’t you dare tell Ethan”

Alex asked “why?”

Izzy came up close to Alex. She was about to speak but all that came out was a large burp. A very large burp. Deep, long and chunky. Right in Alex’s face. Immediately he was attracted to her again.
Izzy rolled her eyes “I had a coke cola before so-“ she shut her mouth making a sound kind of like an extended frog ribbit. “Just don’t tell Ethan or anyone”
“You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” Alex replied.
“What do you want me to do?” Asked Izzy.
“Can you come round mine later at around five- thirty?” He asked.
“I’m not having sex with yo-“ Izzy replied.
“I promise it’s not for sex At all”
And she agreed.

He saw Holly later on.
“Holly!” Alex shouted behind her.
“I’m sorry about earlier Alex” she said to him.
“What do you mean Holly? I loved It don’t apologize!” He said back.
“We can’t be together” she said.
“We connected. We kissed” Alex stated.
“Let’s be friends for now Alex. Please” she begged.
“I understand” Alex lied.

Police cars were all around. And The Time was quarter to 4. Alex was going to the supermarket to buy food and drinks for later.

Ding Dong.
“Hi Izzy” Alex said.
“Hey.” She replied gloomily.
“My family is out till half 8” Alex stated.
“Okay” she yawned.
“What I need you to do is stuff yourself with food and drinks and stuff. I have a ton of food.” Alex explained.
“But why?” She asked.
“If u tell anyone this then I will tell Ethan about earlier” he warned her.
Izzy nodded.
“I have a burp fetish” Alex said it. Never before has he said it to anyone.
Izzy laughed for a moment before asking “you serious?”
“I am” Alex said.
He gave her a whole pizza to get started with a 2 liter of cola.
She started to eat fast to get it over with.
Alex asked if he could film it for himself and she agreed.

The first burp that escaped her lips was when she was chewing. It was like earlier but so much better. She finished the pizza and had drunk 1l.

She pushed her head Back and let the burps rip. One after one after one after one. They came out again and again and again. It was amazing. She finally turned to look at Alex.

Her body managed to stay as perfect as it was before. Alex went over to her. She let a burp rip in his face. It was deafening but so worth it.

She got up afterwards and sat back down.
“My stomach hurts” she moaned.
Alex was so aroused he just went in for the kiss. She did resist. In fact she loved it. After it was over Izzy laughed and said “never knew you were such a great kisser”
Alex laughed back “never knew I was”
Izzy seductively replied with “are you great in bed though”
Alex smiled nervously.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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Chapter 11: The Truth comes out

Alex took a deep breath. He wanted to say yes but his family were about to come in any moment.

Alex said “I’m sorry Izzy. Their about to walk in any moment”

Before Izzy could say anything Alex heard the car door slam. They were here.

His mother, his little brother George and his big sister Amy came in.

They were surprised to him with A girl. Never had be brought a girl home before. He quickly hid the plates behind him and laughed “Hi Mum. Hi George. Hi Asshole.”
Amy rolled her eyes and he could see her turn the volume up on her phone as she was listening to music.
Alex looked at Izzy.
He said “this is my er... friend Izzy Ends”
Izzy waved gloomily.
They all said Hello apart from Amy who was already locked in her room.
Alex’s mother asked Izzy if she would like to stay for dinner and she agreed out of politeness although she did request very little after the meal she just had.

At the dinner table...

Amy came downstairs and sat down messaging on her phone.

Alex’s Mum asked Izzy “how did you two meet?”
Izzy replied with “school”
Izzy tried her best to hold back a burp and it was noticable.
It started to vibrate in her mouth for 2 seconds before the force was to powerful and a 1 and a half second long, loud, deep burp came out of her mouth.
Izzy smiled embarrassed and said “I’m sorry. Excuse me”
Alex’s Mum asked “Alex. Can you serve dinner?”
Alex did not want to reveal his crotch area to his family.
He said “no” and he turned to Izzy who raised her eyebrow and looked down under the table.
Alex quickly said “why doesn’t Amy do it for once?”
His mother agreed and Amy reluctantly served dinner.

After Izzy went home Alex went to his room and checked his phone.
There were photos of Holly and Izzy’s boyfriend Ethan kissing. It looked like someone hacked into her webcam.
Who posted it? Clive. The Jock Izzy was in the cubicle with earlier.

Alex messaged Holly.
The Truths come out now. I know why you did not want to be with me. It’s cus of Ethan.
Holly messaged back with a photo.

and did you not kiss the bitch Suzy earlier?
She sent him a photo of him and Suzy in the hall.
He then threw his phone on his bed.
He felt as if he was being treated unfairly but the more he thought about it. He had kissed Izzy like how Ethan kissed Holly. He was just as bad or worse.

Izzy messaged him
Is It time we get revenge? Be my boyfriend

Alex smirked and punched the air. He had a girlfriend. For the first time ever.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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Chapter 12: Out of the shadows

An eventful start to the school year, It had been almost two weeks since Dave died. There was still an investigation going on. Was he murdered or was it a suicide?
Clive had taken photos of Numerous people in order to create drama but when he heard the news of Alex and Izzy going out he got angry... he had always wanted Izzy to be his girl.

Holly spoke to Alex still, they only spoke of school, weather and whatever came up in conversation - never anything serious. She was not seeing anyone and Ethan who she was caught kissing was completely ignoring Alex.

It was the weekend, a glorious Sunday and Alex sat by his bedroom window watching the cars go by. On Tuesday marked two weeks since Dave died.

Did he cause a suicide? It was hard to tell. He was just trying to do the right thing but that never ever works. He was home alone. He opened his computer and was about to enter burp fetish forums when he got a notification - Meet me in KFC parking lot at 6:30 pm.

It was from Izzy.

But it was on skype, she usually used WhatsApp or Instagram. This was odd. He would still go.

He got a video chat call through on his phone - Holly.

She looked a little upset.
“I’m sorry for everything Alex. I believe you now, I know you did not kiss her on perhaps. Suzy admitted it to me. Do you really love Izzy?”

Alex loved a part of Izzy but his heart was telling him to say no. Alex nodded silently.
“Ok sorry for bothering you Alex...”
She meant in to end the video call but she never did. She was walking across the room to grab a glass of milk.

She downed it in one and did not even attempt to stop the burp that came out - sorry I mean erupted out. It was 6 seconds long and was so sexy. It was low in pitch but it sounded the best it could.

Alex quickly ended the call. Shit. It was 6:10 and it took 15 minutes to get there. He’d better get going.

When he got to the car park he noticed it was already dark and was on edge. A man dressed in all black came out of a bush and grabbed Alex from behind. No matter how hard Alex struggled he could not break free from his grasp. Another man dressed in all black came out of the shadows was holding Izzy in a headlock with a knife to her neck.

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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This got dark

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Re: The New Girl [Fiction, Female]

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Chapter 13: Meeting Cathy
Alex was shoved into the pavement by the man in Black. He took his mask off - it was Ethan - Izzy’s boyfriend.
The other man who had a knife and Izzy in the headlock unmasked himself to be Clive.

Alex was confused. He then asked them “Did you two kill Dave?”
“No we were working with Dave” said Ethan. He laughed.
Ethan looked intensely into Alex’s eyes and said “We blackmailed Dave into Blackmailing you. We threatened to kidnap his sister Cathy. Clive was the one who took photos of you and Holly not Dave. We don’t know who killed Dave though but we do know you were the last one to speak to him which makes you suspect number one”
Alex laughed “Says the person who threatened to kidnap the victims sister”
Clive shouted from across the car park “Shut the hell up Smartass or I’ll kill her”
Alex stood up and said “I think we both know you don’t have the guts for that”
They could hear sirens from the road. Alex quickly got his phone but he saw it was an ambulance going past not a police car but by the time it went past Clive and Ethan had legged it.

Alex went over to Izzy to comfort her.
Izzy asked “Are we gonna tell the police?”
“No because they know my motive to kill Dave”
Izzy asked again “Did you kill D-“
“Of course not Izzy” Alex quickly replied.

Another familiar face popped round the corner.
It was Suzy Day.
She came forward in her most posh walk.
She came right up into Alex’s face.
“This will make you like me Alex” she confidently stated.
She then swallowed a lot of air and let out a pathetic, tiny burp.
Alex turned to Izzy “why did you tell Suzy?”
“It came up in conversation” Izzy replies and quickly added “we won’t tell anyone else”

On Monday after school: (Clive and Ethan were not at school unsurprisingly)

Alex took a different route and went to the neighborhood where Dave used to live.

He knocked on the door holding a bunch of flowers.
Dave’s mother opened the door.
“Oh hello Alex” she greeted him. He could tell she had been crying.
Alex told Dave’s mother how much Dave meant to him as a freind and gave her the flowers.

He saw Dave’s sister Cathy who was 1 year their junior. So she was 14. Alex gave her some flowers too. Alex and Cathy had never spoken before though he had seen her.
She thankfully accepted them. She then gestured for him to follow her.
He followed her to her room where she locked the door and opened her drawer and gave Alex Dave’s journal.
Alex put it in his pocket after thanking her.
She then said “you were his best mate”
Alex said back “we were best mates”
Cathy lied back on her bed and moved her long blonde hair around in her hands.
Alex took a glance around the room.
He asked “what’s with the mark name on the wall being crossed out”
“I went through a breakup a month ago with a guy named Mark”
“That’s silly” Alex stated.
“What’s silly?” She asked.
“Why would he wanna break up with you?” Alex asked back.
“Long story. For some reason I trust you Alex...”
“Not many people do” Alex muttered.
“It’s been the most lonely fortnight of my entire life you know” she exclaimed.

She leaned in for a kiss towards Alex.
“Keep me Company Al”
“Only if you never call me that again” Alex replied.
And they shared a kiss. Something that Alex never thought would happen.
Afterwards Alex sat on her bed with her and she suddenly said “ouch” quietly.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“I have a massive burp stuck and I can’t get it out” she said painfully before asking him to rub her stomach which he willingly did.
A low rumble echoed the room and her mouth opened to reveal the deep, chunky 5 second burp that was so amazing.

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