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My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by GirlNextDoor » 09 Jul 2018, 13:28

Hi, I have been a long time lurker on the forum but have never posted before. I am female, 24 years old and I live in Australia.

I have aways been a naturally great burper, even at a young age I was already able to burp on command (just small ones by swallowing bubbles of air at first). As I got older I was able to burp loud and often would at the behest or amusement of my friends and family.

I don't have a burping fetish unfortunately, but when I was 16, still in school, I met a boy and my to be future boyfriend, Josh. After about a month of being increasingly closer (but non dating) friends, I had begun to notice Josh would always laugh at and appreciate my loud and often embarrassingly out of nowhere burping habits. I didn't think much of it until a few months later, once we had been dating officially for a while, he began to make more interesting comments that he 'liked' my burps. So I decided to ask him, in genuine curiosity 'what do you like about my burps?'

The look on his face was of embarrassment but I quickly comforted him telling him I loved that he liked my burps but I was just curious. It was at that point he told me about his fetish, he told me all the details and answered all my questions with enthusiasm, we bonded over it significantly and I also instantly saw it as a thing to explore with him and have fun with. Obviously no one else had to know our secret.

Now back to the title of the post and why I decided to break my silence after all these years.... MY BURPS.....
I always found it difficult yet fascinating to attempt to describe my own burps from a subjective perspective while also attempting to hold on to some objective principles of the burping fetish. Since I don't share the fetish (more like an enthusiastic interest) it's hard for me to describe or understand the sexual component of even my own burps. Through what I've learnt and the insight I've gained through my boyfriend and my reading on this forum as well as watching paid and free content, I have gained a fairly good... And fairly unique perspective.

My burps are highly varied, natural and on command. I would say I probably burp naturally at least 10 times a day, definitely after every meal and most drinks but also just randomly out of nowhere. My stomach just seems to always be building up gas and when it wants to come I let it out. The way I let a burp out has much effect on the resulting sound and look of the burp, as you all know, closed or open mouth, posture, air taken in, speed of letting it come out, throat and diaphragm muscles, vocal cords, head angle... The list goes on... Now most people are basically completely unaware of all that stuff and burps just emerge naturally without much input.

So when I burp naturally I try to use a technique I've used since before I can remember, when I feel the burp about to come up I quickly swallow a tiny bubble of air and then produce a tiny hiccup before the burp naturally flows out, it can result in large loud quick burps, sickly slow deep ones or airy unexpected ones. These are among my best burps and can almost out do even my best on command burps.

I first learnt to burp on command as a little girl by swallowing little bubbles of air and then letting them out one by one as little burps, nothing more than childish fun at this point. I obviously don't remember a lot about my burping back then, it was something I was good at but didnt garner too much of my attention. My burping style and talent naturally evolved as i got older and by age 16 I was arguably the best burpers I knew.

Anyway, that's history! Fast forward to today and I've been with Josh almost 7 years and it's been an adventure of burps. We both decided it was time to share some of that with you, some of my best burps and possibly an audio recording of some of my burps... Eventually. There will never be a photo or video so don't ask. My bf, although a fairly active member on here, does not wish to identify himself at this point.

Much of our stories and my burps are shaped around his particular likes within the fetish. But I will try to keep things pretty broad as I want the focus to be the burp itself and not the particular situation necessarily.

Pushing my Burps to the Limit
Often the focal point of our scenarios was pushing my burps to the limit, right up until I was basically too sick to continue and about to vomit (or already did). At first I could barely last 10 minutes of burping on command before my burps completely fizzled out or I felt extremely nauseated. But after some practice we found my limit to be around 30min and my peak burps at around 10 to 15mins after solid burping on command. These burps are never my favourite, big, gassy, deep but also fast and sickly. Often extremely unpredictable resulting in moans, comments, laughter even hiccups or almost vomits. They often have a strong taste and although they do feel extremely good coming out, they always feel risky and make my stomach turn slightly. This is often when my best facial expressions and comments happen. I remember one particular time I let out a huge deep yet wet sounding burp that I had to cut off early in fear of throwing up, taking a breath then continuing to let it out until it ended with wetness and my eyes watering.

Drugs and Alcohol
So I'm not going to beat around the bush. Me and my boyfriend take drugs fairly regularly and occasionally drink alcohol. Our drug use can be mostly described as psychedelics like lsd, mdma, stimulants like speed, but never downers like opiates etc. You wouldn't think it, but early on in our drug taking experiences my boyfriend noticed my burps were different and often better when on a substance. And we regularly put this to the test, drunken burping sessions, lsd psychedelic burps, absolutely bangin burps for hours on speed. Even just the odd smoke of weed was fun at times. By no means are we drug addicts or anything... Lol. We have no children and we probably take something maybe once a month. And these high/drunk burping sessions could last anywhere from 1 burp to hours of burping. He pleases me and I please him.

My Burps and Hiccups
Another kind of unique thing about my burps is their ability to cause me hiccups, often big and singular seemingly out of nowhere, after or before burps. Other times repeated burping or drinking results in feirce hiccup sessions lasting from minutes to hours. This has profound effects on my burps, becoming increasingly lazy and uncontrolled and uncomfortable often even seeming to make the hiccups worse. This can be fun for creating big, deep and loud proud burps but they can be uncomfortable, and even painful, exhorting a lot of pressure as they build up and escape. Many of my stories will involve hiccups.

My Burp Talk
I can burp talk on command very well although it doesn't feature prominently as it's not a favourite burping type for my bf. But depending on how sassy I'm feeling I might let out my natural burps saying things like 'Ohhhh yeeeeahhh'.

My Burp Etiquette
Ok so I am never ashamed to let out a good loud burp (depending where I am an whose around) but I AWAYS acknowledge even my closed mouth silent burps by saying 'Excuse me'. Call it part of the habit but i almost always say it even when I'm only with my boyfriend or alone. I dont often cover my mouth and will always choose open mouth if I can.

What I am Willing and Able to Share
As i said, an audio only recoding may come later. But for now I'm happy just to share my burps and stories in writing. I want this to be as interactive as possible so PLEASE ASK ME QUESTIONS, no PMs please, only comments on this thread will be answered I want this to be about my burps, not my 'sex life' if you get what I mean so, vulgar comments may not be answered. But I am 100% open about my burps an am always keen to learn more from you guys and learn more about the fetish. Even improve my skills.

What I Look Like
I'm not going to get too specific. I am an Australian female, age 24. I am fairly tall for a girl around 175cm, black long hair just past my shoulders, often ler down but sometimes tied up. Blue eyes. Im slim to average build, white and my breasts are a good C cup. Modesty aside, I am what most in society would call hot or sexy I guess and not the type of girl you expect to let out a huge burp.

Now I know a lot of you will probably say that this is made up or that you won't believe it without a recording or picture, that's your prerogative, but I assure you I am real, names have been changed obviously.

GND :x

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Re: My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by MarylandMan » 09 Jul 2018, 15:56

Hey GND,

Like you I’m a long time lurker on the forum. I actually just created an account to respond to this post. I’m 22 and have had a burping fetish and belly stuffing fetish for the longest (attracted to female belches and bellies. In the past I’ve never been open with a girlfriend about it, although I’ve had a few who were naturally gassy and would belch at random times.
My most recent girlfriend is the first person I’ve been open to about it, one day while we where out drinking and I mentioned her belchs. Like your boyfriend I was embarrassed at first too, but she was curious about it as well (she does have the fetish too), and would oblige me time to time with burps and bloats.
Really enjoyed reading your post and would love to chat further about you and your boyfriend’s experiences and even share a few of my own. Also I think it would be interesting to speak with someone on here that’s not necessarily into the fetish.
Excited for some burp clips too. May be able to get a few audios from my girlfriend to post too

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Re: My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by HicBurpLover22 » 09 Jul 2018, 16:47

Love reading stories like this. It's proof that a relationship IS possible regardless if you have a fetish or not. I'm still single, but I'm filled with hope that I will someday find someone who will accept me and all of my weird quirks.

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Re: My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by johnq » 10 Jul 2018, 00:54

Oh my, id be extremely interested in any hiccup oriented story. I love when an out-of-control case of hiccups results in burps!

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Re: My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by girlburps.com » 10 Jul 2018, 12:46

That's awesome! I was also lucky enough to find a girl who didn't mind that I was into burping. You sound super chill :)

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Re: My Burping (Female, 24, Real)

Post by basicbirdwatcher » 11 Jul 2018, 15:02

GND ! Greetings and welcome!

I've enjoyed reading your well-written introductory post! All the good stuff in there!

If you're looking for a starting point for further writing I would be particularly interested in hearing more about PART 2 - with "lsd psychedelic burps, absolutely bangin burps for hours on speed." especially catching my eye! I'm a keen raver myself and know firsthand the thrill that can be achieved by combing all these :x I'd love to hear more about your experiences.

Hard, fast, happy times!


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