How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

Post by Stormers1972 » 03 Oct 2017, 11:55

Chapter 38 - Burping In My Face After Argument

I guess I had been blinkered over the way our relationship had been going over the last few months.

My girlfriend was a total slut, and I'd allowed myself to enjoy the benefits of that without thinking of the consequences too.

Sure, she had a sexual appetite that was exhausting, and a figure to make most men envious. The fact she belched like an absolute animal just about all the time made her my perfect partner. The partner I'd always dreamed of, and thought I would only ever dream of - not actually experience.

But I'd overlooked the fact she had become a conceited egotistical bitch too. She knew she could treat me how she wanted, manipulated that fact I desired her so much she could just spread her legs to do and get what she wanted. Talk to me how she wanted, treat me like she wanted, it had all become a big game to her.

But like all games, eventually you just get bored playing them.

She come home, standing in front of me in her tight blouse, equally tight pinstripe skirt, and black tights. Heels kicked off and lying somewhere in the house for me to pick up whilst she soaks in the bath.

In front of me now, hand on her hip, enjoying being bitchy.

Only this time rather than taking it, I give as good as I get.

No contest. She slits her eyes, puts me down with some damning comment that all but destroys me. Expertly executed.

But not as expertly executed as the way she walks off with a smug look of satisfaction, releasing a huge belch as she walks across the room, a load vibrating sound that was every bit as offensive sounding as she intended it to be, the burp ending as she walks out of the door, heading downstairs.

Leaving me standing there annoyed at discovering I now have an erection. Knowing how much she would have enjoyed being so nasty and offensive, and getting turned-on by that knowledge.

After getting changed I go downstairs and walk towards the lounge just as she is walking out.

She must have been particularly happy at the way she burped and left the room after our argument, and I knew she would be, so it is only natural that she will take the opportunity to do it again.

I am walking towards the open door just as she walks out, and she must have had little more than a second or two to react after seeing me.

Despite that she lets out another huge gob-stopping belch right in front of me, looking right through me as she walks right past me with the burp still emerging, passing so close we almost brush against one another.

I turn around to look at her, but she just carried on walking head held high, and I can imagine the look on her face! I walk into the lounge and sit on the sofa nursing another erection, and cursing myself for the fact that I now really want to fuck this foul-mouthed bitch.

She isn't done with me yet, and sitting down at dinner she almost casually announces that she thinks we should split up.

Seeing the look of hurt on my face she doesn't leave it there. She explains that she is no longer satisfied just getting off with blokes on her Saturday nights out, she wants to have one night stands like her friend Jeanette and sleep around a bit.

A tear rolls down my face. A smile appears on her face. Mission accomplished.

And so my burping adventures with my slut girlfriend end.

Or do they?

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

Post by mephistofele » 04 Oct 2017, 10:26

3 stories in a row ??? that's a good surprise for sure
i loved the one where she almost deafened you xD

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

Post by ntro » 11 Nov 2017, 16:32

Have you decided to stop updating?

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

Post by mephistofele » 01 Jan 2018, 19:15

it's a shame if you stop writing it after 2 of the best chapters :(
i hope to hear more from you
you live our dream ! you have to at least let us know how does it feel to be in paradise xD

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Re: htblasaoe ch 32

Post by gilly » 02 Jan 2018, 17:46

Stormers1972 wrote:
01 Jul 2017, 09:37
Chapter 32 - Out Burping With A Ten Minute Onslaught Of Burps
So all I had succeeded in doing was make her even more offensive and big-headed, which of course resulted in me finding her even more arousing, such arousal so intense it was almost suffocating.
I read ch 32 last night and heard a story of powerlessness I emphasize with. Not through a relationship, but I've come to a similarly dark recognition of how much I sacrifice(d) for an obsessive aspect of myself. I've skimmed the rest and seen that you have explicitly expressed this in ch 38, but, at the time, I was impressed with the feeling that the experience was horrific in the sense expressed by Kirk Schneider in Horror and the Holy. Namely, a horror that consists of the possibility of an infinity; here: constant arousal without respect or compassion from its instigator.[1]

And I'm there, imagined, with you. I'd probably pay for a similar experience, with everything in the open and hearing the results of perfect practice. This even has a reflective aside (like ch 22), that positively thrills with implication that I can project into. But, the display of her full prowess is empty because her regard for you is empty, verging on malign. At least in bdsm, the participants protect each other during and after the session, even when a neutral description of the situation would suggest otherwise.

So, thank you for sharing. I don't know that I'd feel apart enough to share about the time(s) an intimate partner demonstrated that she considers me just a sex object. <Replaced the last clause here>

[1] Strictly speaking, horror comes from recognizing a negative or indifferent infinity. Schneider identifies positive infinities, that regulate a suppliant's exposure, with holy experiences. I'm less confident about the latter, as I don't have it on hand to check.

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

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Sorry for the absence guys, but I guess it is kind of fitting as I had split up from Marie, and had spent a year without her. Anyway, new chapter finally written, and I'm hoping for new ones every Tuesday. After compiling a list from the memory banks there will likely be 150 chapters in all.

So enjoy, it is a long one, but I wanted it to have all the facts leading up to, and including, a very memorable re-union.

Chapter 39 - Back Together Again - Bigger And Better

It came as quite a shock to arrive home to the note through the door.

I sat on the sofa, contemplating it.

I’d heard from Marie just twice in the year we had been apart. Well, three times now.

The first time had been just a couple of weeks after we’d split up. She wanted to meet up on the Friday and talk about us getting back together again.

We’d had a takeaway curry and I sat back on the sofa and watched as she sat on the floor, leaning back against the armchair and rubbed her full stomach, letting out burps.

Then, a knock on the door had ruined the whole thing. Was about to ruin everything in fact.

My mate asking me if I wanted to go to the pub, a surprised look on his face to see my ex-girlfriend sitting on my lounge floor. Before I could even speak, she’d already agreed we should go down the pub, was already standing up getting ready to go. We hadn’t even discussed getting back together yet, I thought we’d have plenty of time to do that after we’d eaten.

At the pub she soon gets attention from one of my mate’s friends. Someone I didn’t know, a good looking muscular bloke with blonde hair, chatting up my ex-girlfriend as I sat there looking on hopelessly, watching in jealousy as she flirted with him, leaning in to each other to whisper privately. Laughing together. Stroking her hair. Lipping her lips. An expert.

She leaves with him. Remembers I’m there, and says “I don’t think it’s such a good idea, us getting back together” and leaves. With him.

The next time was some months after that episode. I was sitting at home late on a Saturday night when the phone rang. Always a sound that instils fear, a phone ringing at such a late hour.

It was her, obviously drunk. Loud and slurring her words.

From what I could gather, she had returned from a night out with the girls and thought she would give me a call.

“‘Old on! I need to go for a pish!” she said drunkenly.

I hear the sound of doors being opened, then the sound of her pissing into a toilet.

“Can you hear that?” she says down the phone, then burps loudly, laughs, and says “Oops!” as the sound of her pissing drains away.

A flush of the toilet, doors being closed.

“I’m feeling really horny! I need a good shlaag!....Shall I get a taxi and come round and shag you........BURRRPPPP.....Ha Ha!”.

The call ends with her saying “Oh I’d best go....sorry, I shouldna phoned!” and hanging up.

I replace the handset, and realise I’m sitting there with an erection. Imagining if she had come round, and I got to fuck her. Shouldn’t imagine that, I’ve got a girlfriend. A perfectly good girlfriend. A girlfriend I risk losing because she knows I’m still infatuated with my ex-girlfriend. Not understanding why, but understanding enough that if Marie came back into my life, she would be history. Knowing that, she soon decided to make herself history anyway, just like all the others, not willing to be in a relationship with someone clearly still in love with their ex.

Which is why I’m now picking up the phone, making arrangements to meet up with her just as her note suggested. I’d like to think I had learned from previous experience, but despite all that I just couldn’t help myself.

Sitting at the table in the pub we’d agreed to meet at I’m as nervous as hell. I’ve waited two full days for this moment to arrive, and I’m about to see her again after a full year apart. If she turns up.

She turns up alright. Walking towards me confidently, the big heels on her black leather ankle boots clicking on the hard surface of the floor. I notice she’s gained a bit of weight, wearing it well, confidently showing off her curves in a pair of tight fitting jeans. Very tight I realise as she gets closer, expensive looking jeans with a pinstripe pattern taut over voluptuous looking thighs.

She smiles at me, unzipping and removing her black leather jacket, and sits down opposite me.

“You looking at my boobs?” she asks with amusement. The first words she has said to me in almost a year.

I am looking at her boobs, staring in fact. I don’t remember them being that big. Huge in fact. A sky blue pattern top hugging the melon sized breasts underneath. No way were they that big before.

“Sorry!” I say, admitting “They look bigger!”.

“They are!” she replies, not offended by my interest in her tits over her well-being.

“I lost a lot of weight” she explains “Too much partying! Then I lost the weight, but my tits stayed the same size!”.

A couple of a nearby table glance across, overhearing.

Marie doesn’t care.

She cups a hand under each boob, gives them a jiggle and says “Do you like them?”

I can’t believe with so much to discuss and catch up the first thing we discuss is her boobs.

The couple on the next table, sharing a romantic meal out in a quiet pub, look appalled at having their meal ruined by this female boasting about the size of her boobs. Or rather the woman does, the man does too, but I suspect that is put on for his wife’s sake.

The rest of the evening is spent catching up, on old times, about old friends, and what we have both been doing over the last year. I’ve had failed relationships, Marie has had nights out with the girls and one night stands. A lot of them. As I discover when the inevitable subject comes up.
“So come on then, how many girls have you slept with since we’ve been apart?”

I’d contemplated this question beforehand, so I was well rehearsed for the lie I was about to tell.

“Four” I said, thinking that a more acceptable answer than the real one.

She laughs loudly, the couple on the table looking over at the sound, still looking when Marie announces proudly “Four?! I slept with more blokes than that in a week when I went on 18-30s holidays with the girls!”.

“For god’s sake!” I hear the woman hiss from the next table.

“I’ve got really good at giving blow jobs!” Marie adds boastfully.

The woman on the next table decides it is time to leave, glaring at Marie on the way past, who smiles sweetly back at her.

Back at my house, previously our house, I make us both drinks. Marie sits on the floor drinking hers as we continue talking, and as she sits back leaning against a sofa I marvel at those boobs. She just has to have some sort of push-up bra under that top.

She lets out a burp, clasps a hand to her mouth and chuckles.

“Still burping then I see!” I comment.

“Yeah, but I can’t do them as good as I used to!” she says “I had to stop doing them when I moved back in with my parents.

I see her out to her car long after midnight. I give her a friendly kiss on the lips, and stand back.

“Give us a proper one then!” she demands, and this time when I kiss her, her tongue slips into my mouth, and I feel the swell of her boobs pressing against my chest, and I’m sure she feels the swell in my jeans pressing against her as we stand in the street sharing a long, passionate kiss.

I sit up for a while after she is gone. No longer able to burp like she used to. That burp was very tame, in fact some of the girlfriends I’d had whilst we were apart could do better. But....what I had lost in burping I’d more than gained in boobs. I approved of her more curvy figure, and she was obviously happy with it the way she had showed it off in such tight clothing. But, I just couldn’t believe I wouldn’t be getting those big burps of hers any more.


The following evening I get a load of drink in, which we’d discussed and planned to do on our re-union evening. Tonight was to be a party, just the two of us, to celebrate getting back together.

When she arrives, she looks amazing. Taking off her leather jacket, standing there in a long black skirt, a very sexy looking pair of black knee high boots, and a pink top every bit as tight as the one she wore last night.

When she sits down I discover her skirt is a wrap-around skirt, and I get a glimpse of leg in black tights. Returning with a drink I get more than a glimpse, as she sits with one leg crossed over the other, the split up her skirt open to reveal an inch of shapely looking thigh.
“Do you like my boots?” she asks, tapping the foot of her boot as it dangles in mid-air.

I tell her that I love the boots. She tells me she calls them her “come fuck me” boots. I wonder just how many fucks those boots have earned her. She tells me they are designer boots, cost her over £100. Worth every penny.

After a couple of drinks she gets up to go to the bathroom. I am sitting there when I hear a loud burp come from the Dining Room. Another. They sound loud even with a closed door separating us.

Then the lounge door opens, her curvaceous figure appearing in the doorway as she stands there and lets out another burp. By god it was loud! Solid too, really deep and bassy sounding.

“Oops, sorry, I’ve got the burps today!” she says with amusement, making her way back across the room and sitting back on the sofa next to me.

“I thought you said you couldn’t burp like you used to?” I say, heart hammering in my chest at what I had just witnessed.

“I lied!” she replies “I can’t burp like that at home, but I still do some good ones when I’m out with the girls!”.

With that she removes her boots, slipping them off to reveal her nylon clad feet and then, to both my surprise and delight, she lifts her legs over my lap.

She smiles when I rest a hand on her thigh, parting the material of her skirt in the process. The look and feel of her thigh is amazing, her curves so womanly.

She takes her drink and upends it as my hand slowly glides up and down her leg, discretely making her skirt open up further, several inches of inner thigh showing. Those thighs! Mesmerising!

I’m admiring those thighs when she slams the empty drink on the coffee table, and looking as if in deep concentration she lets out a gassy burp, a nice gurgling sound, and expertly follows up with several more one right after the other. Blatantly showing off after commenting on her burping just a moment ago, and the results are impressive with seven burps one let out right after the other.

She is certainly impressed, looking at me and chuckling with delight. Then, with a look of surprise on her face realising she has some gas left over she lets out another burp as loudly as possible. This burp was just immense, a vast power burp let out at a resounding volume. She looks positively ecstatic.

“Fucking hell!” comes her excited exclamation, looking very pleased with herself indeed.

It was eerily similar to a performance I’d witness her do once before over a Sunday lunch.

I lose control over that, and no longer make a discrete play over fondling and admiring her legs. My hand is right up her skirt, and I take the material and pull it so it is gaping open, alternating between fondling her legs and her boobs, appreciating their extra size in my hand, as we kiss.

“Shall we go upstairs?” she asks, lying back on the sofa now underneath me. Music to my ears.

After a rowdy bout of boisterous love-making I sit up in bed smoking a cigarette, when I hear my house mate arrive home.

I reassure Marie it is my house mate, not a burglar, but she insists I check. Putting on my jeans, hurrying as the “burglar” makes his way upstairs I open the bedroom door to discover, sure enough it was my house mate all along, standing now in front of my open bedroom door, about to go into his own room.

I hear the sound of chuckling coming from behind me, a dirty chuckle at that. Meanwhile, my house mate stands there with a look of shock on his face as he looks over my shoulder. I turn around to see what he is looking at, why the sight of my girlfriend should surprise him so much, surprised myself when I see her lying there with the duvet down around her breasts, strategically placed so it covers her nipples. Just. But leaves a lot of cleavage on show.

When I join her back in bed she says “You should have got him to join us! I’d quite fancy a threesome”.

I thought she was joking, but when she has her mouth around me demonstrating her new found talent for blowing blokes that she had so openly boasted about, I wondered if she was joking after all. Wondered as I exploded in the back of her throat and she held it, not gagging, swallowing it and looking up at me with a big “Ahh!”.

We spend the rest of the night in bed, and when she goes home leaving me spent and exhausted, I realise that not only are her burping skills intact, and her boobs bigger, she has learned some new skills in the bedroom over the last year. I lay looking down at my flaccid penis, smiling. It was worth the year of agony to reach this point.

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

Post by mephistofele » 11 Feb 2018, 17:29

and what a return ...
i am glad you are back ! your stories are better then any fiction story ever

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

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Chapter 40 - Epic Burp After Meal Intended For House Mate To Hear

Marie was working all weekend, her job at a hotel dictating that her hours are often unsociable.

It makes for a long weekend without her, a weekend spent fondly reminiscing over our Friday night re-union. We arrange to meet up again Monday night, and after the drunken fuck fest of Friday night I decide to make Monday a more civilised date.

When she arrives and takes off her coat, I admire that stunning figure all over again. Loving her more shapely figure along with those huge tits, and she obviously loves it just as much herself, once again showing off her generous curves in the tightest clothes possible. Those tight pinstripe jeans again, and a red suede material top that make an indecent show of the big boobs swelling suggestively underneath.

I cook us dinner and she has arrived just before I am serve, sitting at the table patiently sipping at the glass of wine I have poured her.

Dinner is civilised, taking our time, enjoying the food and the wine, and catching up over our respective weekends.

Once the meal over, however, things become a lot less civilised indeed.

Standing up from the table, those huge tits giving a nice little wobble with the motion of her rising, she holds her empty plate in one hand, wine glass in the other, and lets rip with an explosive power burp.

The burp, really deep sounding, was simply enormous! Reverberating round the room at a high level of volume, and I see the way she shapes her mouth she does it for effect...with outstanding results.

A huge smile appears on her face, in self-approval at her own jumbo sized obnoxious belch, as she proudly announces “I bet your house mate heard me do that upstairs!”, then adds “He will think your girlfriend is a right slut!”.

With that she walks off, leaving me with the enticing view of her big bum moving under those tight jeans that must take her ages to squeeze into.

Meanwhile, I sit for a while in stunned silence and contemplation.

I’d already told her my house mate was in, and was in his room upstairs, directly above the Dining Room where she had stood to release her epic belch. She knew that all along, and the way she had burped so loudly, then so openly boasted about him hearing her do it was so deliberate, so rude, and she just looked so pleased with herself for doing it!

But it was the way she had said he would think she is a right slut. Openly admitting that her burping is slutty behaviour, obviously not caring about acting like a slut, proud of it even. Proud to be a slut! Proud also to let my house mate know just how much of a slut she is!

I go into the kitchen and wash up, Marie standing in the doorway waiting patiently, the mere sight of her standing there making me feel horny - even fully clothed she looked so sexual.

“What are we going to do tonight, then?” I ask, suggesting maybe a film.

“No!” she snorts with contempt “I haven’t had a shag all weekend, what do you think I want to do?”

So our Monday night ended up being much like Friday, the rest of the evening spent in my bedroom where, once again, I discovered she had learned a lot during our year apart.

If my house mate didn’t think she was a slut after hearing her disgustingly offensive burp, he definitely would after listening to us in the next room.

As we get down to it, I think she really doesn’t care about him hearing. In the next room, yet no holding back on her part at all.

And as the evening goes on, I realise she doesn’t merely not care, she actually wants him to hear! Smiling as the sex becomes more frantic, and her pleasure more vocal...smiling because she knows there is a bloke in the next room who can hear her having what sounds like the best sex of her life...boasting earlier how he would think she was a slut, and now letting him know just how much of a slut she was.

And of course, I’m completely proud of her.

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

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Chapter 41 - Showing Off Her New Barking Style Burps

Thanks to Marie’s unsociable working hours - me working days, and her working nights, I don’t see her again until Friday night.

I get some drinks in, and all day eagerly anticipate what the evening will entail. What will she be wearing tonight? And with a few alcoholic beverages, will I be treated to some more of her rude burping? As for the sex...the last two sessions were simply mind-blowing.

When she arrives and stands in the lounge removing her coat, she stands the same height as me thanks to the wedge heels on her designer knee high boots. Wearing a long black suede skirt, and a sweater top stretched, naturally, over a pair of epic size torpedoes. Dressed for winter, but keeping it sexy.

I get us drinks and join her on the sofa as she is in the process of peeling off her knee high boots, revealing stockinged feet in barely black tights. She promptly lifts her legs up and drapes them across mine as I flick through the TV channels to find something for us to watch, simultaneously looking between the TV and at those gorgeous legs now stretched over my lap, feet resting on the cushion next to me with their neatly painted red toenails showing.

We settle on a re-run of the Simpsons, sitting back and chuckling together over the antics of Homer and his family.

Marie’s long skirt is a wrap-around design, and I slip a hand inside the material resting it on her thigh, just above her knee, instant arousal at the soft delicate feel of her tights against her legs, the tights almost silky in texture.

She doesn’t object to my hand on her leg, and so I leave it resting there. Planning to leave it there for a respectable length of time before I allow it to explore higher up those sensual shapely legs invitingly laid out in front of me.

My hand is still sitting there when she lets out a burp.

I’d never heard her burp like this before. It was let out like a bark, a burp in two parts, a kind of “Bwroowww....wrrooowwww!” sound to it, sounding particularly rude. It was obviously intentionally let out to sound the way it did too, which just made it all the more indecent because it was so deliberate.

She makes no reaction, a four second gap after her burp before she casually chuckles at the TV again, making absolutely no acknowledgement of the rude burp she had just let out.

I’m so aroused by such a deliberately dirty sounding burp that all sense of self control is lost. I let my hand run lightly up and down her thigh, parting the material of her skirt in the process so I now get to look at her soft shapely thigh as well as feel them, those thighs looking so sensual in the delicate material of her tights. She doesn’t react to my hand, and so after stroking her thigh I let my hand come to rest higher this time.


An identical burp to the last one! Let out with my hand sitting half way up her thigh, and
once again making no reaction at all.

My hand goes higher still, the skirt gaping open yet further with plenty of thigh now on show.


She ignores it once again, but a look on her face gives her away. A glint in her eye, a look of conceited amusement on her face. As suspected, this is a deliberate performance.

As I say, I’d never heard her burp like this before. It was a unique sounding burp, and she made them sound utterly filthy the way she was so expertly barking them out. Clearly something well practiced over time, long since mastered, and right now she was thoroughly enjoying showing them off in front of me.

The evening continues like this for a while, Simpson on the TV, a double bill with us drinking and laughing at the TV, me fondling Marie’s thighs as she sits there casually showing off her rude new burping skills.

I no longer care how obvious it is what I’m doing, and by now I have her skirt gaping open with virtually all her legs on display as I stroke and fondle them. Meanwhile, she sits there looking pleased with herself as she lets me fondle her legs whilst continuing to openly show off her burps. The fact she is doing them now with her skirt gaping open makes it seem even more rude.

Then, she lets out the mother of all barking burps.


This one was just off the scale filthy!

I look across at her and she knows I’m looking, stares right at the TV, trying not to smile at the burp she just did, knowing how disgusting it must have sounded, and looking highly pleased with herself because of it.

I let my hand wander further than before, the extra few inches it takes to reach the top of her thighs, and I see her smiling at my hand finally arriving at the destination it had in mind all along. I could tell from her smile she had been wondering how long it would take me to get to this point.

Since I’ve already been caught in the act, I grab her skirt and open it all the way, heart skipping a beat when the material opens to reveal the neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair and her clit piercing through her tights.

She chuckles at my discovery, not bothered that she is now sitting there with her pussy fully on show.

Actually, the reason for my surprise is not because she isn’t wearing any knickers, but because she had been on our previous dates. For the last few months of our dating before we split up I was used to her going around with no underwear on practically all the time. The discovery of her now wearing underwear was a disappointment, the only concession that she perhaps wasn’t the brazen slut she was before.

“I see you still go around with no knickers on then!” I comment, the surprise she had registered on my face one of pleasant discovery.

“Not as much as I used to!” she responds with amusement, and explains “When I moved back home my mum asked me why I never seem to have many pairs of knickers in the wash, so I thought I’d better start wearing them again....ha! ha! I had to buy some well boring ones an ‘all, can you imagine if my Dad saw my Anne Summers ones?”.

Laughing over the prospect of her Dad seeing the sexy collection of underwear she built up over the regular Anne Summers parties she had with the girls, she adds “Didn’t think I’d bother tonight though, I knew they wouldn’t be on for long!”.

Those words cause my heartbeat to rise, heart hammering in my chest. After listening to those deliberately rude burps of hers all evening, sitting here now with her legs stretched across me and her pussy on display, she had just declared that she come round with the intention of fucking me! I have a sense of total euphoria at that very moment.

“Shall we go upstairs then?” I suggest.

“Nah!.....” she replies, making my heart sink.

Then, after a painstakingly long pause, she adds “Lets just do it here!”

This sets my heart racing, and we briefly discuss the merits of us having sex on the sofa.

My reason against - my house mate is out for the evening, but could walk through the door at any moment.

Her reason for - my house mate is out for the evening, but could walk through the door at any moment! She says it will add to the excitement, for me not to be so boring, and besides it isn’t even nine o’clock yet, so he probably won’t be home for ages yet.


Pure sexual arousal gets the better of me. I lift her legs up so I can get up off the sofa, and kneel on the floor. Marie giggles with excitement, and when I bury my head between her inviting thighs she lifts her left leg draping it over the back of the sofa so that her legs are now wide open for me, arching her back and moaning in instant ecstasy as I kiss and suckle at her tights at the warm moistness between her thighs. She then tears them open at the crotch allowing me full access so I can fully penetrate her, which I do using my tongue. Marie grabs the back of my head roughly pushing me against her with such force I think I am going to suffocate in her delightful pussy.

She reciprocates, her on her knees this time, head bobbing away as I sit back in controlled arousal, holding back as long as possible to enjoy this moment. Difficult, as I realise once again that she is now really good at sucking cock. None of the clumsiness of before, she must have sucked a lot of cocks during our year apart to get this good......damn! good!......what?

Interrupted now as she takes her mouth away from my manhood, looking up at me with a smile.

She says “Can you imagine how funny it would be if your house mate came home right now?”

With that she puts her juicy lips back over me, expertly taking me fully into her mouth so deeply she almost takes the balls too, and her mid blow-job comment about how funny it would be to get caught in this moment is so naughty, so filthy, that I promptly explode into the back of her throat. She stays in place, cock firmly in her mouth, mouth full of cock turning into a smile as she swallows my load.

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Re: How To Burp Like A Slut And Offend Everyone - Non Fiction

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Chapter 42 - Burping In Front Of House Mate And His Girlfriend

Now that both myself and my house mate both have girlfriends, we have to come to a decision on how best to all accommodate each other.

We decide that during the week he can have the lounge, and over the weekend I will have the lounge, Friday nights included.

I wish I had just told him he could have the lounge all the time, because I discover being with Marie in my bedroom is even more fun than when we are in the lounge. She has to stretch herself out on the bed, and typically it isn’t long before we do what comes naturally. Last week I’d seen her every night, and we’d fucked every night too. More than once. So much fucking that it might just be possible that her sexual appetite was even bigger than before. It was certainly more varied, and she had made it obvious she was up for anything, with no boundaries - or at least none that I had yet discovered. Oral sex was a much bigger feature, and she’d told me after swallowing my load one night last week how she liked to suck blokes off first, because then they would go longer second time around when they are fucking her. Which is how it would go on those nights in my room, a kiss, a fondle, she would suck me off, I’d go at her with tongue, fingers, and even using whatever objects might be within reach, and then she would expertly massage me back to a full erection and spend a long leisurely time enjoying it.

Tonight is a bedroom night, and I’m glad because Marie has come round dressed like a hot horny slut. A tight fitting beige ribbed jumper, emphasising the gigantic boobs underneath, long white corduroy skirt with her rounded bum prominent underneath, and those sexy knee high boots of hers. She peels them off, revealing legs in black tights, the contrast against her skirt looking sexy.

My housemate John walks through to the kitchen as I’m serving dinner, takes one look at the boots, raises an eyebrow and says to me “Oh yeah? You got plans for the night then?!”.

I look across at Marie, wondering how she will react to this clear reference to our sexual exploits. She sits with a knowing smile on her face, neither embarrassed nor flustered, if anything appearing to enjoy the lewd comment.

He at least respects our privacy as we eat though, closing the connecting door between the Dining Room where we eat, and the lounge where he sits with his girlfriend watching TV.

The phone rings and I put my finger to my lips with a “Shh!” sound, wanting to hear the conversation to see if the call is for me.


A brief pause.

“Oh hiya Mum...........yeah........probably this Saturday”.

Clearly not for me, but we remain in silence, heads craned and ears pointed in the direction of the door, as if that somehow makes listening in on the conversation easier.

There is a long pause as John’s mum lectures him about something or other, and we sit in silent amusement listening to his side of the conversation.

That long silence interrupted by a booming burp filling the room.

I look across at Marie with a stunned look on my face, her deep sounding powerful burp let out far too loudly, much louder than the phone conversation in the next room.

My house mate and his girlfriend in the room not only heard it, but must have been offended by such a loud obnoxious burp, which of course was her every intention when she deliberately made it come out that loud.

Marie clasps a hand to her mouth and tries to stifle her laughter, but lets a little giggle slip out, intended I suspect to let them know it was her that burped, not wanting me to get the credit for such an impressive burp, and to let them know she not only didn’t care about burping so loudly for them to hear, but she actually found it funny. Deliberately adding to the offensiveness of it all.

I spent the rest of the meal in stunned surprise at her intrusive outburst, and the casual way she shared her amusement afterwards. She just sits there looking really pleased with herself for the rest of the meal.

The meal finished, washing up done, it is time to head upstairs.

But not before Marie has yet more fun at their expense.

She picks up her boots and standing with them in her hand says in a loud voice “Right, well we’d better not disappoint John! Lets go upstairs and you can give me a good shagging in my boots!”.

She smiles as she leaves the room and makes her way upstairs. I watch that big arse making its way up the stairs, as shocked by her rude announcement as I was by her burp - her announcement intentionally loud enough for them to hear in the lounge. After being forced to hear her loud obnoxious burp, they now had to listen to her proudly announce she is about to receive a good shagging!

In the bedroom she is disgusting. Loud and obvious, a lot more vocal than normal, leaving my poor housemate and his girlfriend in no doubt what we are doing right above their heads. True to her word she wears her boots, wrapping them around me as I writhe around on the bed frantically fucking.

Now that my house mate had a girlfriend, it seemed to provoke something in her, and tonight was just the start of it. She seemed to take great joy out of burping when they were in earshot and having noisy sex when they were in the house, totally and utterly shameless about it, finding it a highly amusing source of entertainment.

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