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18+ girl/guy burping contest that leads to...

Tell us your stories, either real life or fictional.
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18+ girl/guy burping contest that leads to...

Post by pianoplaya80 » 19 Jun 2017, 03:11

Hey all. So weird. This morning I woke with a story in my mind. I wrote it all out and there's more but I wanted to see what everyone thought. This will mostly appeal to those that love girl/guy burping contests and guys that love brunettes. I also have checked for grammar. But this story is pretty much the "bees knees" for my fetish.

My friends and I were sitting by the pool in my apartment complex one warm summer afternoon. We had each had a drink or two but we were keeping everything under control, lots of laughing and good times. There was a group of girls about 20 feet away and I knew one of them as she rented a place a few doors down from me. I assumed her friends were guests and they were definitely easy on the eyes.
A few minutes later, one of her friends stood up and walked toward the pool. This was easily one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. A tanned brunette with her black bikini barely holding back her D cup breasts. She was extremely toned and clearly knew that she looked good, but didn’t seem like a high maintenance girl who only cared about what she looked like. She stopped for a second and let out a loud, two second belch similar to how bizburp used to belch. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I shifted a bit so people wouldn’t notice how turned on I was. She laughed and looked around to see some people’s reactions, then said “Sorry!” A few people chuckled.
At this point, I knew I had to at least introduce myself to her but I couldn’t do it immediately after that to avoid sending up red flags. My friends and I continued to hang out and just chat, as did her group. As the day went on, clouds started to grow in the sky. People started to leave the pool but our two groups stayed. We felt a drop or two of rain and then her group started to pack up, as did our group. I knew I had to at least introduce myself before she walked away. As I was packing up the cooler, I heard another belch of similar length and volume. I looked over and she was giggling, looking over at us for our reactions. One of my friends said “She’s hot but I don’t know if I could deal with that all day.” She knew that she had our attention and yelled over “Hey, are any of you guys manly enough to challenge me to a belching contest??” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, but I had to keep things under control “down there” lol. Luckily, I had had a few drinks so I was more in control of things.
My friends were leaving and they knew I was a good belcher, so they laughed and said “good luck!” She stood there, maintaining her ground and said “Are you sure you want to do this?” I belched “Bring it on.” We both laughed and although it was sprinkling, we decided to go at it. She inhaled some air and belched “BEAT THIIIIIIIISSSS.” By now, her friends had left as well and it was just me and her. I belched back a pretty decent one, but I didn’t want to use all my power and make her admit defeat. What I didn’t realize was she was holding back as well. It started raining more so we decided to call it quits. “I think this warrants a second round” I said with a smirk. “You’re on!” she said. “Are you staying with Amanda?” I asked and to my amazement she said she was staying with her short term while she looks for her own place. I gave her my apartment number and told her to swing by anytime for a second round and maybe a glass of wine.
The next day was Sunday and around 3pm, I hear a knock and then she belched “Dominos!!” and I laughed and opened the door. “Ready for round two??” she asked. I just nodded and smiled. “Come on in.” We didn’t get into it immediately. I offered her some wine and showed her around real quick. When we walked back in the living room, I inhaled some air and let out a bigger belch than any of the others I did yesterday. “Oh, you’re going to make me try now?” I laughed but was a little unsure of how much she was holding back yesterday. She sucked some air in and got in my face and let out an even louder and longer belch, but not by much. She smiled. “I’m extremely competitive” and I said, “So am I” and inhaled more air, belching back into her face a five second, loud belch. “Impressive” she said. “I never thought I’d meet a cute girl who could give me any competition at burping” I remarked. She looked at me, paused for a second and said “You know, this is kind of embarassing, but I think it’s a little sexy that you can belch like me.” I was in pure astonishment. Did this mean that this incredibly hot girl could have the fetish as well? “Don’t be embarrased, I was turned on when I heard you do it at the pool!” She chuckled, “That wasn’t even a good one.” I moved over and kissed her and we immediately got into a tangled, hot mess of kissing and hugging. I picked her up and brought into my bedroom, gently tossing her onto the bed.
We messed around for a bit, stripping off each other’s clothing. As I slowly pushed my cock into her already wet pussy, she moaned and said “We never finished our contest.” I could have cum right then but I held back and while still going back in forth inside of her I whispered “Well, it’s your turn.” She immediately pushed me to the side and got on top of me. Her breasts were spectacular and her toned abs looked incredible. While slowly rocking back and forth, she said “I’ll just get straight to the point” and power belched a quick two second insanely loud one (think Sarina, Bizburp or Killerriotmachine). I couldn’t believe it. “You can power belch?” Then I realized she probably had no idea what that was. She said, “You call it power belching too??” and again, I had to pinch myself to be sure this was real. I pushed her to the side and on my knees I inhaled as much as I could. I let out an even louder belch that last the same. “Holy fuck I’m jumping on top of you” and pushed me down and started riding me. “I’ve never met a guy who could do that louder than me. Whenever I have a contest, that’s usually my “kill” strategy. She inhaled a ton of air and pushed out an incredible power belch. It was so loud, I could feel it on my cock from her diaphragm. “Jesus” I said, and she giggle/moaned. “This is so fucking hot” she said in disbelief. “It’s about to get hotter” I said.
I picked her up and took her into my bathroom which had high ceilings and great acoustics. I pushed her up against the wall. I knew we were both better at belching while standing. We went back and forth a few rounds, each of us belching in the others face. And these weren’t just belches, these were extremely loud, deep eruptions. Everytime she belched louder or longer than me, she smiled between moans and I did the same. Finally, I felt her inhale like crazy. She belched louder than I’ve ever heard a human belch. I came immediately and she immediately responded “What? You can’t handle a girl out belching you?” I was still inside her and hard, and I wasn’t going to let that be the end.
I started moving back and forth again. “You’re seriously still hard?” I told her she better get ready for more. I sucked in all the air I could and shoved my cock into her, letting out an equal belch just as I reached as deep as I could. “Oh my god. You’re going to make me cum” she said. I did the same again, just the tip of my cock inside her pussy as I inhaled. I couldn’t believe the volume of the next one. It even impressed me. Then the most amazing thing happened. She said, “Let’s try synchronised belching.” I smiled. We took it slow and every time I was almost out of her, we both inhaled, I pushed in and we both belched. Everytime she was better, she smirked. I couldn’t believe what was happening. About five mins later, I did the loudest belch I’ve ever done and she came immediately. “I guess we’re tied.” “Looks that way,” I said.

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Re: 18+ girl/guy burping contest that leads to...

Post by SpasticSpecter154 » 19 Jun 2017, 07:37

Who's Amanda? Don't you think it's a little important to establish your characters?

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Re: 18+ girl/guy burping contest that leads to...

Post by Tbug3399 » 19 Jun 2017, 17:23

I like it! Interested to see what comes next!

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Re: 18+ girl/guy burping contest that leads to...

Post by mephistofele » 19 Jun 2017, 19:31

it's the end ? or will you continue it ?

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