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What would be a perfect fart for you guys?

Talk about any other fetishes in here.
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What would be a perfect fart for you guys?

Post by Quazar1996 » 16 Mar 2018, 13:41

Im just curious, I'm a guy who has a burping and getting fetish and i was just wondering what would be the perfect fart, like the position, how the girl would react, and the fart itself. For me it would be perfect if she was kneeling, my body between her legs with her ass in my face with either soft yoga pants or soft underwear. I would prefer the girl to be a little chubby with a nice plump ass. I would want her to say something like "hear it comes" or "this one is going to be a big one". I would like the fart to be really powerful, loud, and long like a 10 second fart. After the fart if the girl said something like "ah that felt good" or "mmm I've been holding that in all day". To me that would be the perfect fart situation.

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Re: What would be a perfect fart for you guys?

Post by Dracindahood » 16 Mar 2018, 20:36

Sounds like heaven my friend lol

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