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List of animal farts or burps in movies

Talk about any other fetishes in here.
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List of animal farts or burps in movies

Post by Toottoons515 » 07 Oct 2017, 18:21

I'm posting here as this will be similar to the belch bank, only for farts, and more specifically animal characters.

I wanted to basically get a list of movies that feature animal characters farting! They can be male or female, fully CGI or CGI and live action hybrid, but as there is nowhere else I can see that has this.

A lot of movies featuring talking animals have fart jokes so it's hard to track down every one.

I'll start off with a few movies that feature animated animal farts, and if anyone else can make some suggestions that would be cool too!

Also burps can be included as well, just general gassiness.

Scooby Doo 1 and 2
Open Season 1
Garfield 1 (burps) and 2 (burps and farts)
Charlottes Web (the 2006 version)
Racing Stripes
Doctor Dolittle (Eddie murphy version)
The various Lion King movies
Ice Age 2
Date Movie
Paddington (Burp)
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

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Re: List of animal farts or burps in movies

Post by AlastorKnight » 15 Oct 2017, 06:35

Several of the "Buddies" films (Air Buddies, Snow Buddies, etc.) have at least one fart occurrence in the form of Budderball--it's something of a running joke for him to fart whenever his paw is pulled. And it's implied he enjoys it too.

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Re: List of animal farts or burps in movies

Post by sub_2 » 15 Feb 2018, 20:45

Hey dude... a horse farts in halg baked.... its super funny and secretly arousing (hehehe)

Keep on parping

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