Fart Fetish Help...?

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Fart Fetish Help...?

Post by dakota.l » 25 Aug 2018, 22:47

So i’ve made one other post on the forums, but i’m genuinely curious and confused about my fetish.
I’m currently 18, and a female. I go by Dakota online. Okay now that my little intro is out of the way..
I need help. I met someone on a different site who also had a burping fetish, BUT he also had a fart fetish! Ofc we takes a little bit, and eventually he asked me if i had a farting fetish. Naturally, I was skeptical, since i’ve never really explored it. He then sent me a few videos of him farting and these were fucking POWERFUL. So I got really turned on.

Fast forward a few months to present day. We haven’t spoken in quite some time, but i’m debating on reaching out to him and asking for some help with my new fetish.
I’m talking to a sweet boy who I met on these forums, and i’m kinda scared to tell him about my farting fetish... We’re supposed to meet up sometime during these next few days.

This is a very messy post lol, I know.. but basically, how should I go about talking to the person I met off of a different site, and more importantly, how should I tell this new person I like hearing a guy fart...?

PS. I’m willing to talk to others with the fetish on kik.
My kik is Unlovely.plum , and I also have a fart fetish as well~

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Re: Fart Fetish Help...?

Post by SpasticSpecter154 » 03 Sep 2018, 19:44

While I don't have a farting fetish, if you want to know how to talk to people, it's as simple as just talking and being honest. If you've got questions, politely ask them and hopefully they'll be able to answer them in a respectful manner. The only wrong way to go about it is to be overtly sexual (ironic seeing as this is a sexual topic) as this will likely produce a reaction I'm not certain you're looking for. They'll likely either be turned away by it or they'll see you behaving in a sexual manner and react in kind, perhaps directly to you (as seems to be the case of the guy who sent you farting videos).

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