Story with different fetishes

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Story with different fetishes

Post by Georgij Zhukov » 02 Aug 2018, 04:17

Hi! This is a totally imagined story.
Tell me if you liked it! (It contains burping, farting, socks/shoes/feet/armpit smelling)


It was a normal evening for John, his parents were at at work, his big brother was camping with some friends in the woods, his two sisters were doing a sleepover at a friend's house. Outside the house, there was a heavy rain, that made everything more sad and boring: instead of going out and have fun, John was forced to stay at home all day... at least he had his videogames to keep him busy. He loved to play videogames, they can create a new world where passing some time, having fun, killing some people and doing what you want. During a Halo 3 campaign his phone started ringing:
-Hello, who's there?
-Hi it's you John? Oh thank God! I am Anne, unfortunately I discovered that my parents will be all night outside for work, my brother didn't advise me and I am stuck here under the rain, without a place to sleep... is not that I could stay with you and sleep? It's just for tonight, you'd do me a big favor...
-Oh Yeah, of course you can! Not even my parents are home tonight and I'm alone at home
-Yayyy thank you!! I'm at the door of your house, I tried to ring the bell but no one answered!
-The ring bell doesn't work, sorry. I am coming to open you!
(John opened the door and saw a girl totally wet, with black long hair, brown eyes and a very sweet face)
-Hi Anne, come inside!
-Thanks again pal!
(that said, she hugged him, forgetting that she was soaking wet)
-Oh I'm so sorry about it! (she started blushing)
-Relax yourself, it's just water! By the way, I wanted to do a shower hahaha
-Hahaha thanks for all again!
-And again you're welcome! Put your wet clothes in the bathroom, I prepared there a clean pajamas, you're the same size as my sister, it'll be fine! Meanwhile, I start to prepare dinner: how about pizza, chips and soda?
-Perfect! I like them!
-Good! I'll call you when it's ready!
(after 10 minutes)
-Anne, it's ready! Come at table!
-Ok I'm coming!
(during the dinner the two talked about school, movies and videogames; Anne was very hungry and thirsty, so she ate his pizza and a quarter from John's and a bottle of soda, in addition to fries of course)
-Ohh I'm full, the dinner was exquisite!
-Yeah it was, you finished almost everything haha! So, wanna go to the sofa and do something?
- Yep, good idea!
(John sat on the sofa, while Anne stood still, with a slightly embarrassed expression)
-Hey babe, what's the matter?
-Uhm, there's a problem...
-Go on tell me, don't be shy!
-To reach your house, before calling you, I run a lot to avoid the now I am a little sweaty and stinky...I did not even take a shower!
-C'mon, come here! I don't care if you smell a little! I remember you that once you had to endure my smell after a long game of volleyball, just because I had finished an hour before, your house is close to the field and I had to wait for my parents!
-I forgot about we'll be even hahaha!!
-What you wanna do now?
-I have an idea... I challenge you to a COD PvP: who lose will have to do everything that the other person wants
-Ok, Challenge accepted! No way you can beat me hehe!
-We'll see, Pal...
(after a long match, Anne won with 6 kills to 3)
-Ha! I won, my friend! I told you!
-But...H-how it's p-possible...I am the champion with the sniper rifle...n-no way... WERE the champion hehe!
-So..congratulations! What you want to do now?
-You forgot? You lose so you must do whatever I say ehehe!
-I remembered that that time in my house you stuck with your smell my bedroom... I think it's time to take revenge hehehe...
-Hey listen...I am sorry about that...
-I know...but I still want a revenge, just to celebrate my victory! Let's start! Close your eyes sweety, when I count to three, take a deep sniff!
*a powerful and smelly scent hit John's nose, making him open the eyes: Anne was holding her shoes and he was sniffing inside*
-What the fuck is that!! It's terrible!!
-hahahaha poor Johnny...we have already started!
(then she took off his socks and put one against the friend's nose)
-Ohh please not that!!!
(He opened the mouth to talk and the smelly sock fell into it, touching the tongue)
-Bleah!!! Nooo please not that! It's disgusting! Ahhh my tongue! You stink babe! (*In reality he was turned on by that*)
-hahahaha I told you! Now grab my feet and massage them or I'll put my socks in your mouth! Hehe
-O-ok... (he starts rubbing her sweaty feet) C'mon it's gross, the smell is so powerful!! Please stop, I beg you! finish you'll have to do just one final trial...
-What is it...?
-You have to smell my armpits and lick them for 1 second!
-I have to?
-Yeah or I'll put my feet on your tongue and make you lick them for all night!
-Ok then! *he took a deep sniff and licked the armpits*
Gross!! Please stop It's terrible!!! (*he was even more excited)
-It's finished!
-now we are even, right?
-yeah finally...
-N-now what we do...?
-Well... you can take your revenge on me, by beating me at Dragon Ball; the stakes are always the same! Yeah we are even but I tortured you so it's right for you to take a little revenge
-Ok! And this time I'll win
(after another match he gets smashed again by the friend, this time on purpose)
-Ooops I won again hahaha
-It's all luck!
-Maybe but now it's time to have some fun hehehe
-You know... the dinner made me very gassy...
I think this will be a very smelly night hehehe
-Oh shit...
-Well...maybe It's too much for you...maybe we should stop, I exaggerated a bit, is not it?
-Well...saying the truth...I have something to tell you...It's very embarrassing... please promise me that you won't laugh...
-What's up, Pal? I promise...
-Uhm...well...It's...OK I HAVE SOME FETISHES! I loved your shoes, your socks, your feet...but most of all I have a fetish for burps and farts... and I like you...
-Oh it's that? I know!
-First I noticed your member grow up in your pants...I like you too, John! There is nobody more kind and honest than you, who can appreciate me even while I do disgusting things, and if these things excite you, so much the better for both!
-Now I have something for you! Come here, my love...
(she then let out a big, loud burp, blowing it to his face)
*BUUUUURRRPPP* liked it?
-Yeah! Please more!
-Yeah my dear! *BRRRRURRPP* *BRAAAAP* *BBBUUUURRRPP* (three loud burps came out from her mouth, directly in his face)
-Ohhh God...Thank you...
- I think something special is coming!!! Come nearer, fast!!
(She released a strong, powerful, smelly fart on John's face, making him kiss that beautiful butt)
*FFFFFAAAAAARRRRRTTT* uhhh the room started to smell like me hehehe
-Please more!
-We have all night Pal!
*BRRRRTTT* *PPRRRRT* *PROOOTPT* *PFFAAARRRTT* (4 incredibly smelly farts filled the room and John's nose with that stench)
-Open your mouth, Johnny!
*BBRRRRAAAAPPP* (She burped inside his mouth in a long burp-kiss)
(then she continued to burp and fart on the lucky guy)
(After 10 minutes of farting and burping)
-I am tired Pal, wanna go bed? *Yaww-URRRPP-wn* (she yawned and burped the same time)
-Ok my love...
-I'll come with you, in your bed...I'm not done with you...sweety... *Sma-URRP-ck* (she burp-kissed him on the lips)
(In the bed)
-Goodnight Anne, my love... *smack* (John kissed her the forehead)
-Goodnight John... (she trapped him in the blankets) *PFFFFFFFFFFTT* (she released a long and very smelly silent but deadly fart)
-I love you Anne!

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