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Barefoot fetish

Talk about any other fetishes in here.
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Barefoot fetish

Post by burpfetish82 » 19 Jun 2017, 02:26

I also have a foot fetish, well, more of a barefoot fetish. A woman who is barefoot, and especially constantly barefoot, and has gorgeous feet and are normal to large (around size 8-10 US women's) arouses me. If she is a barefoot burper, she's a twofer.

I have a couple of other fetishes that I guess I should reveal here: One is a tall fetish. I am attracted to women are between 5'7-6 ft. I also love women who act goofy and wear "fake" mustaches or beards to be funny. Of course, I meant fake, not real,facial hair. LOL.

So, a burping, barefoot, tall funny woman who likes wearing fake facial hair to be goofy is one who arouses me and satisfies my fetish. A lot of people I know may think I'm a pervert, but I've finally stopped caring and embraced my fetishes. That's why this site is a gift.

If any women here in her 20s-30's satisfied all or at least a few of these fetishes (especially the barefeet and burping ones) let me know.

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