Different Ways To Find Burps

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Different Ways To Find Burps

Post by 123123 » 26 Apr 2018, 20:00

    Im creating this topic because I would like to share and learn new ways to find burps. I dont know if this will help you guys but here it goes. (BTW Inglish is not my main language).

    I will list what I do to find burps in the main web sites, if you have a different way to do it, please comment :)

    1. Pretty simple way is writing words from different languages related to burping, and the click in the option "Upload Date":
      • Inglish: burp, burps, burped, burping, belch, belches, belching, belched;
      • Portuguese: arroto, arrotos, arrotar;
      • Spanish: eructo, eructos;
      • Deutch: rulps, rulpsen;
      • French: rot, rotte;
      • ETC (BTW im not sure these are all right).
    2. Make combinations with burping related words:
      • girl burping, girls burping, belching girl;
      • burping contest, burping constest girl win, belch competition;
      • burping at school, burping in the bus, burping.
    3. Search challenges where people usually burp:
      • Sprite and Banana Challenge;
      • Nugget challenge ;
      • Soda Testing;
      • Mukbangs;
      • Try not to burp challenge;
      • Basically all challenges containing food and drinks.
    4. Simply go to a channel and write burping related word in the search bar:
      • It also works writing the youtuber's name in the main search bar I think.
    5. Transcriptions:
      • Open the transcript of a video, press Ctrl + F and write "burp" or "excuse me" etc
      • Simply copy paste the link of the video and it will automatically find comments with the words you chose (you should use "burp" or "burped").
      • What I usually do is: I go to a to the video tab of a Youtube channel, I copy the link of a video (right click on the video, copy link) and change tabs to paste the link to the comment finder. It takes about 2-5 seconds to copy paste each video link. This way you know if a video has a burp in it, even without even opening it
      • The only problem is that its too sensitive (even if you write "burp" it wont appear comments with "burping" for example) and thats why the 7th way is better but it takes way more time
    7. Before or while watching a video you can scroll down in the comments:
      • Press Ctrl+F and write "burp", usually there are burps when people mention them in the comments;
      • If you dont have the patience to scroll down, use this: Auto-Scroll .
    8. If you want to watch the video not "trusting" the comments:
      • Press Ctrl + Shift + J and write "document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = x". ("x"= the speed of the video). This way you can watch way quicker than the usual 2x, being the max speed 15x I think.
    1. Google "twitch clips burp":
      • Instead of "burp" you can use any burping related words in any language;
      • Click on the google topic "Videos" for better results;
      • The topic "Images" also redirect you to clips;
      • Search results in "Last Week" or "Last 24 hours" for the most recent results;
    2. Go to a streamer channel and start searching clips:
      • Do it like searching youtube comments, usting Ctrl+F and Auto-Scroll ;

    1. Use this: Search-Advanced :
      • Write as many burping related words in the section "Any of these words", start the search and select videos;
      • Like YouTube, you can add random words in the section "Exactly these words";
      • Text tweets about burping are great too;
      • People can burp in videos without mentioning it, you may find them if you use words like chug, soda, disgusting, nasty and so on, instead of burping related ones .
    2. You can focus on a single person:
      • If you see someone that tweets about burping a lot, you can put his @nickname in advanced search in the section "Mentioning this account", add a few burp words in the section "Any of these words" and tap search;
      • You can simply search the account and select the video section. As I said, sometimes there are videos where burping is not mentioned, accounts that say they burp a lot are the ones with more videos of these type.
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    Re: Different Ways To Find Burps

    Post by Umbris » 26 Apr 2018, 23:09

    I never do this but you can simply ask the streamer to burp, they can be annoyed though.
    Yeah, to anyone reading: please never do this. These forums have a bad enough reputation on Twitch already, we really don't need even more people saying "burp pls" than already do so only to get shut down by mods in the chat. Trust me, it makes us look like we have no self-control.
    Just my two cents. C:
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    Re: Different Ways To Find Burps

    Post by 123123 » 26 Sep 2018, 23:32

    Edit: Added 2 new ways to find burps in Youtube

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