Want to tell your fetish story? RedLume Podcast is looking for you...

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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RedLume Podcast
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Want to tell your fetish story? RedLume Podcast is looking for you...

Post by RedLume Podcast » 14 Mar 2018, 19:55

Hello! I am Alex Fury... I am an Executive Consultant, TV Writer, Author, and Podcaster... and I have developed a new podcast series. The show is interview style with various people whose profession or predilections are considered somewhat on the fringe.

You can listen to the show here (or on iTunes or Google Play... just search RedLume Podcast): www.redlume.podbean.com


follow us on social media here: twitter.com/redlumepodcast * instagram.com/redlume * facebook.com/redlume

The idea of the show is to provide a peek behind the fascinating curtain in which you live and/or work, to engage listeners on a personal level with you and your specific interests, to go beyond perception.... and of course, to be entertaining.

I'm happy to do the show with you as an anonymous guest or would be happy to promote your work or lifestyle and your various social and websites. The entire interview will be fun, classy and in no way demeaning or putting down the things you enjoy or the work that you do. Many of the documentary style shows seem to aim to demonize those who don't fit in a particular mold... we aren't about that at all. We and our listeners are curious about you.

All that I would need on your end is that you have Skype on your phone, openness, an interest in sharing your story and about 60 minutes of your time. Note: This is only audio... no video or photos required.

Would you be willing to be interviewed by me? If you have a story to tell, I'd like to hear from you. Please don't waste my time or yours... serious inquiries only.

Please visit www.calendly.com/redlumepodcast to schedule a time for us to talk!
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Re: Want to tell your fetish story? RedLume Podcast is looking for you...

Post by Jerryfromfinance » 11 Jul 2018, 20:22

I just starting listening and I am in love with this podcast. I hope it's not to late to be on the show

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