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Mother fetish? (Nothing to do with mothers)

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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That guy (Yea him)
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Mother fetish? (Nothing to do with mothers)

Post by That guy (Yea him) » 19 Aug 2010, 06:19

Does anybody think they have a mother fetish in a sense, A simple attraction which all of your fetishes stem from? Because from looking around these forums, It doesn't seem like too many of you have a "Pure" burping fetish, As in you find the act of controlling air in the throat attractive, And not sometimes associated fetishes (Other bodily functions, etc) It seems like lots of people here instead seem to have a general unladylike "Mother fetish" which burping, among other things stems from. Thoughts?

Do you think your burping fetish is part of a larger fetish? Or do you think it stands alone?(I need to tone down using the word "fetish" in this thread.)
Please don't mind if my posts make no sense, I can only come on after the family all go to sleep :P

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Re: Mother fetish? (Nothing to do with mothers)

Post by belchingmouse » 19 Aug 2010, 13:30

That guy (Yea him) wrote:Do you think your burping fetish is part of a larger fetish?
I think my fetish is pretty much stand-alone. Though my personal preferences and tastes may differ from the next fetishist, burping itself is really the "root" fetish. Let's say you had a thing for breasts; you may prefer larger, smaller, rounder, whatever the case, and you may be less attracted to certain looks also. I find myself in a similar boat with my fetish, I may like this or that specifically, but it's the burping that does it for me; I can't think of anything outside of this (other unladylike habits, etc) that could be paired in the same category.

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Re: Mother fetish? (Nothing to do with mothers)

Post by TheGkid » 20 Aug 2010, 05:18

This is going to sound weird:
I think my fetish is girls doing stuff stronger than guys (weird I know)
I used to get turned on by mixed wrestling and shit like that, but fortunately it went away
Burping and farting are the only big ones still so i guess that sorta has to do with what I said. I really only like extra loud/long burps and/or farts.
Eh, this is the first time I've admitted that to myself (much less anyone else)

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