What Physical Attributes Make an Excellent Belcher?

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What Physical Attributes Make an Excellent Belcher?

Post by subliminal91 » 24 Dec 2017, 00:52

This is mainly concerning on-command belchers. Anyone can learn to burp on cue if they try hard enough, but I suspect there's a ceiling on who can be a remarkable belcher of the Phantom, Elyse, DayeThur, Yanagi quality. My hypothesis is there are certain physical attributes a person needs to be in that level, such as an usually capacious stomach, strong abdominals, or maybe large vocal chords. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed any physical similarities among good burpers or if you think there are physical qualities that may make someone a good burper and thus might influence your attraction to them?

It seems that good belchers are often good singers as well, so when I meet a woman who has good enough control over her diaphragm to sing, I tend to be more attracted to her in hopes of that ability extending to belching (and I'll mention that my better burps seem to come after singing or abdominal exercises).

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Re: What Physical Attributes Make an Excellent Belcher?

Post by Ruffneck » 25 Dec 2017, 02:50

I'm with you on the singer-part, I've noticed that a lot.

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Re: What Physical Attributes Make an Excellent Belcher?

Post by Omnius » 24 Jan 2018, 23:18

It's got a lot to do with muscle control, not only in the throat but also diaphragm and abdominal. Aswell as posture, including chest position, neck tilt, mouth openness, tongue position and how the person chooses to vocalise it. Other than that I think it's down to finesse and technique, which each particular person will have their own style and usually remain consistent with that style.

And yeah i think you're onto something there about the singing because one of the girls I know who can burp on command very well has also had singing lessons when she was younger and I have noticed that she uses her diaphragm a lot when she burps, she will give the initial push from the diaphragm and abdominals hold those muscles tight while she lets her burp out, then finally and suddenly fully relaxing as it ends.
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