Dating Advice - My Girlfriend Can't Burp

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Dating Advice - My Girlfriend Can't Burp

Post by jdoe32674 » 13 Aug 2018, 10:40

Hey all. I'm a longtime lurker here, and I've recently created an account and made a few posts. I'm seeking some advice related to my burp fetish and my relationship, and since I can't ask any of my close friends (for obvious reasons), I thought I'd turn to you all.

I've been dating this girl for three years now. Fairly early on in the relationship, she randomly mentioned that she couldn't burp. By that, I mean she is self-diagnosed with a condition in which her larynx physically can't relax to burp up the built-up gas like ordinary people do, so she tends to eventually fart it all out. It's described in this article, and there's an entire subreddit dedicated to it that I personally find fascinating to read. Unlike a fair number of you all, I'm not graced with a fart fetish (I actually find it a fairly big turnoff because I'm aware that I'm specifically not attracted to it). As I side note, I also have difficulty burping, but at least I can sort of force myself too when it gets really bad (I think that's one of the reasons I developed this fetish in the first place).

Sometime after she randomly told me that she can't burp, we were having a flirtatious conversation about things we find attractive about the opposite sex. She could tell I was holding something back, and so I eventually confessed that I find burping attractive. I felt bad saying this because I know she wouldn't be able to fulfill this fantasy of mine, but I felt like I had no other choice because I'm a horrible liar and she wouldn't let up. Thankfully, she was understanding and curious, but she was sad because she would never be able to burp for me.

Since then, she has attempted to burp while we're in private, but it just never works. She gets the gurgles described in the Manchester Evening News article and subreddit I linked above fairly frequently, but she hasn't yet associated that with burping. (I actually have some 18+ stories about these gurgles, but I don't think I can share them in this subforum, so please direct me to the appropriate place if ya'll want to read these stories.) It's not like people with this condition are completely unable to burp, but it only happens at most once a year and they have no idea when it's coming or what causes it to happen. I can confirm this from my own experience. In the time we've dated, she's twice told me about how she unexpectedly burped earlier that day, and both times it egged me on inside that I might one day hear her actually burp.

When I read the above article, I sent her a link to it, telling her that the dude's symptoms sound a lot like hers. If you read it, you'll see that it describes a botox injection that allows a person like her to burp by loosening the tight larynx. It's also all the rage on the subreddit. Without prompting her, she began talking about that botox procedure a couple weeks later, but she said it seemed intrusive and dangerous just to be able to burp. However, I'm sure that if she got it, she would physically feel a lot better, stop farting as much (lol), and she would finally fully fulfill my fetish.

With that backstory and context, here are the questions I'm seeking some help on:

When I told her that I find burping attractive, I told her that it's because it means a girl feels comfortable around me, but as you all know, the fetish is much more sexual than that. Based on how she tries to burp for me and will independently bring it up (even in front of her parents, which was the most anxiety-inducing experience I've felt in a long time), do you think she understands that this is a full-on fetish? Should I tell her the full extent if she physically can't do anything to satisfy me in this way and risk making her feel even more bad?

Is it selfish of me to try to convince her that the botox procedure would benefit her if it would also satisfy my fetish? Based on the subreddit, the procedure is safe and greatly improves one's quality of life. (Just imagine not being able to burp. I can tell you from experience that it's really painful.) However, we're not too far out of college, the procedure is nearly $6K, and I have no idea how much her health insurance would cover. Reportedly, the procedure only costs a few hundred dollars out of pocket with some insurances. As an additional benefit, we live only a few hours drive from the premier surgeon for this in the U.S, and as a benefit for me, people who get the procedure have a hard time suppressing their newfound talent, haha. :horny: Again, she currently believes that injecting botox in your throat is both intrusive and excessive.

As an extension of that, should I show her the subreddit? The subreddit has basically devolved into praise for these botox procedures and how they improve one's life. She occasionally uses Reddit and it might help her feel supported/not alone, but it feels manipulative/selfish to show her the page if part of me hopes that doing so would change her mind.

She also tends to get jealous of the fact that her siblings and girlfriends can burp but she simply can't. Should I try to explain to her that I find her gurgles attractive to help her feel better about herself, or is this just reinforcing in her mind the fact that should can't fully satisfy me? Should I also tell her that her friends's and siblings' burps aren't competition for me because I wouldn't be dating her if I didn't love her for who she is?

I love her and am both emotionally and physically attracted to her, but honestly sometimes I need to scratch my burp fetish itch. However, since we have enjoyable sex basically whenever I/we want, that means that the only porn I watch now is burp porn. Is that unhealthy, and should I try to roll myself back from specifically burp porn to suppress my fetish?

Thanks ya'll in advance for your advice. Also, feel free to use this thread as a place to address "noburp" since there currently isn't another thread on this forum. And feel free to tease me about how it's ironic that the guy with a burp fetish landed the perfect girlfriend except for the fact that she can't burp.

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Re: Dating Advice - My Girlfriend Can't Burp

Post by » 13 Aug 2018, 13:57

I can relate to you, my girlfriend burps in front of me all the time but I never really told her it turned me on. I was worried she would find it too strange or something. Then one night we were both drinking and I told her. and I'm glad I did because she was totally understanding of it and she burps even more now. I would say be open and honest with her and I think you will be glad you did ;)
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Re: Dating Advice - My Girlfriend Can't Burp

Post by HicBurpLover22 » 13 Aug 2018, 16:39

I'm by no means a relationship expert, so feel free to ignore me, BUT I feel like if you show her this she would understand. You gotta let her know you feel conflicted.

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Re: Dating Advice - My Girlfriend Can't Burp

Post by Omnius » 06 Sep 2018, 15:50

That's a difficult situation. If you can live with the fact she may never be able to burp then you should definitely re-assure her of that, while also letting her know it is something you still have to endulge in every now and then by watching videos or whatever. Maybe ask if she would want to watch videos with you, if that would make her feel more comfortable about it and you could sort of make some kind of foreplay out of it.

It would be unreasonable in my opinion to ask her to get the botox thing just because it might make her able to burp and therefore able to fulfil that need for you. But if she feels upset or bad about the fact she can't burp and wants to learn, then perhaps it is a good idea to just mention it might be possible through this procedure and just see what she says, without putting any pressure on her about it.

And if it's such a big thing for you that you don't know if you can be with her if she can never burp then definitely you should tell her and see what could be done to solve the issue, just make sure you are clear it is something you cannot control or stop having as a fetish. For me personally I don't think I could be with a girl who couldn't burp, but burping is the only thing which can get me to climax so it's kind of necessary for me.
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