Missed Opportunity

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Missed Opportunity

Post by rockysavannah » 30 Jun 2018, 08:25

There is the one scene in a work, be it film, book, TV, video games, etc., where a character is in a scenario that puts them in an ideal position to belch, like drinking alcohol or soda or eating food, but they just don't belch for some reason. It's that one moment where you think, "Oh, this is it. They're going to burp. I can't wait.", only to realize that it's not going to happen and the story threw away something great.

For example, in Shrek the Third, a film that's terrible for many other reasons besides the one that I'm going to list, Princess Fiona is having a baby shower and is mentioned to have some effects from her pregnancy, like cravings. She's even seen chomping down on a large slice of cake. Given that pregnancy is known to make women gassy and that Fiona is an ogre with an already strong appetite and belching prowess, then having her burp to show off more of how her pregnancy is affecting her should have been easy. Unfortunately, even that simple notion was ignored, and I am merely left to ponder what could have been.

So, does anyone else have any other stories of missed opportunities that they have to offer?

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Re: Missed Opportunity

Post by JWAPPEL » 07 Aug 2018, 00:48

Thought this thread deserved a reply:} One specific instance I can think of is from Hotel Transylvania: the series. In the episode, "the trouble with Wendys", Mavis' friend, Wendy Blob, thinks she owes a life debt to the hotel doctor and spends all of her time around him. A later scene has Mavis complain about having to hang around guys all the time while said guy friends, Pedro the mummy and Hank'o' stein, have a burping contest behind her. I don't particularly like humor that revolves specifically around gender stereotypes, but the scene would've been better if Mavis started to worry about the effects of lacking female friends, see the contest, join in, and win, illustrating her point. One of many times the show let me down:}

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