Question about customs...

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Question about customs...

Post by MysteriousS89 » 04 Oct 2019, 15:38

Hi there! I know some of you have seen my burp videos. Thanks to anyone that enjoys them and purchased them.
I am a giver and a pleaser and with this community being so large I want to be able to give everyone what they want.
So I was wondering from you guys- what do you like to see? My candid face videos of random burps throughout the day seem to be what most want but I’m asking if that is still what you guys want to see or is there’s more? Since it’s halloween season I wasn’t sure if people would want to see Halloween makeup type stuff and burping or specific types of videos. I could get on Zoom with my best friend who’s not a burped and burp and catch her reactions...v I mean I can keep making the candids but not sure if that’s getting old. I made one of me on my bed in lingere burping that someone suggested I try and no one wanted it. So I’m not sure if it’s the candid appeal or what.
Anywho- like I said. I am a butper and am here to give you guys what you want. So if y’all have ideas on what you’d like feel free to drop them here.

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Re: Question about customs...

Post by ultrasword » 05 Oct 2019, 11:14

I would repost this thread in the commercial video clips section under female, much more people will see it that way.

I think the biggest thing that will help maintain interest is improving your burps each time, people will still be into your basic videos if you can do that. Here's a model with really good technique if you want something to work towards, you're a naturally good burper so I imagine you would be amazing if you could take in air like she does. ... room-burps These burps are obviously not candid, natural ones though.

Doing burps in public around strangers is always something people love but obviously might not be something you'd want to do. burps where you combine it with drinking beers might be an idea. Saying things in burps(sexual, insults, whatever you can think of) is always a big hit. Doing burps in an echoy place like a tunnel or a parking garage could be cool. The video with your friend sounds promising. Also keeping the cost to roughly a 1-1.50$ per minute is appreciated.

FYI: This site will be closing down soon, here's a link to the new site

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