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General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Re: Fantasy Burp All-Star

Post by Sairuka » 13 Nov 2018, 00:14

Don't laugh, but I recently developed a crush on Clancy Brown. He's just got such a deep, rumbling voice and... Oof, man. Yeah.
Please don't PM me asking if I want to talk about burping or offering to burp for me. I'm not interested.

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Re: Fantasy Burp All-Star

Post by whyeyv » 06 Dec 2018, 10:00

Here's a few celebrities with smug resting faces that give off a "proud burping champ" look:

Sorry the pictures are so huge i don't know how to shrink them haha

Jason Sudeikis

Jeremy Piven

According to twitter he used to burp during his ustreams that are long gone now

If anyone wants to help me find some clips of them Id reallllllly appreciate it!!!!

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