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Am I the only one

General discussion of the burping fetish.
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Re: Am I the only one

Post by sub_2 » 11 Feb 2018, 16:31

Hey ominus.

Sounds like from your descriprtion you may be going through some kind of sexual issue that may be medical or mental.

Perhaps you may be feeling insecure or stange due to your burp fetish. I think you could maybe speak to your doctor about this and switch the fetish from burps to say farting or coughing.... that way the doctor may not thunk the fetish is that unusual.

Its quite the opposite for me, i crave burp and fart vids, tales and JSOG's more and more and more the older i get!! To the point im completley flacid, even while getting a BJ off my boy friend. Unless he burps im limp as a noodle.

Keep on burpon

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Re: Am I the only one

Post by GaryPorter » 24 Feb 2018, 01:59

frank1 wrote:
21 Jan 2018, 23:04
I might be the odd one out but maybe because there isn't too much content, on the male side that anytime I find some really good content I get excited and that just encourages me to find more and more. That's just my two cents
To me, there's so much content on so many types of sites, I find that I can actually be choosy--if the guy doesn't meet my admittedly high standards visually, I go on to the next. I doubt that I'll ever overcome my shame, but it certainly doesn't stand in the way of my erotic pleasure. Also: air coming out of one end is exactly as arousing as from the other. Your YouTube channels are always exciting to stumble upon, and much appreciated. My only problem is that it's often hard for me to stop. #:-s

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