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by Sairuka
24 Sep 2017, 16:40
Forum: Fetish Discussion
Topic: Fantasy Burp All-Star
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Re: Fantasy Burp All-Star

He's not a celebrity per say, but, uh


I just... Words could not begin to describe. :horny:
by Sairuka
10 Aug 2017, 19:22
Forum: Off-Topic Chat
Topic: Simulation Games
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Re: Simulation Games

If you're at all into life/farming simulation I highly recommend the Harvest Moon games. They're adorable and have a very relaxing atmosphere. They also technically count as dating sims and who doesn't like those lol. On the subject of dating sims, I know of two online ones that are free-to-play: My...
by Sairuka
29 Jul 2017, 21:07
Forum: 18+ General
Topic: Anyone else horny?
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Re: Anyone else horny?

I've been watching porn more often. There's this one video I found that I particularly enjoy and keep going back to lol. Could just be that I'm bored though.
by Sairuka
19 May 2017, 14:07
Forum: TV, Films and Celebrities
Topic: List of Male Burps in the Media
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Re: List of Male Burps in the Media

frank1 wrote:
19 May 2017, 08:41

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJOkI3oQang 14:32
I hate to nitpick/correct you but that wasn't actually him, it was his friend Ethan.
by Sairuka
11 May 2017, 00:08
Forum: TV, Films and Celebrities
Topic: Male Celebrity Burpers
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Re: Male Celebrity Burpers

^I've posted the Rammstein one before, appreciate the Korn share though.
by Sairuka
31 Mar 2017, 02:35
Forum: Misc. Media
Topic: Gavix
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Re: Gavix

Huh, I thought he stopped ages ago, when most of them were taken down. Completely understandable ofc.
by Sairuka
28 Mar 2017, 01:00
Forum: 18+ General
Topic: masturbation
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Re: masturbation

EDIT: Holy Christ, Holy Christ, FORGET the shower head! Usually I masturbate in the cowgirl position but tonight I got a tongue shaped vibe and HOLY CHRIST! I actually had to put my hand over my mouth when I finished so I wouldn't wake up my roommate. Now I can add some extra spice when I think abo...
by Sairuka
10 Jan 2017, 02:20
Forum: Fetish Discussion
Topic: If a FICTIONAL character was real and could burp...who?
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Re: If a FICTIONAL character was real and could burp...who?

Gladiolus Amicitia from Final Fantasy XV. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/f/f2/FFXV_Gladiolus_Amicitia.png/revision/latest?cb=20160818233152 This beefcake is just... UNF. Everything about him is insanely sexy. He occasionally makes comments about wanting to "chug one back" an...