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by himynameis
14 Apr 2017, 21:29
Forum: 18+ General
Topic: Anyone else horny?
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Re: Anyone else horny?

Anyone else horny?
No. You're the only one on this entire site.
by himynameis
13 Apr 2017, 20:40
Forum: Misc. Media
Topic: List of burps in the media
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Re: List of burps in the media

fernando1994cg wrote:
13 Apr 2017, 20:27
https://youtu.be/hzybmLu3dlw best vídeo i've ever seen in my entire life
My friend, you haven't seen a lot of videos if you think that one-and-a-half-minute, novice-level exercise in rasping is the best video you've ever seen.
by himynameis
12 Apr 2017, 07:11
Forum: Requests
Topic: Video from Ruffneck's OneDrive
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Re: Video from Ruffneck's OneDrive

Do you have browsing history...?
by himynameis
12 Apr 2017, 06:56
Forum: Bellies and BBW
Topic: Burping after eating/stuffing (Bellies and BBW)
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Re: Burping after eating/stuffing (Bellies and BBW)

UnknownInspector wrote:
11 Apr 2017, 02:06
And don't worry, its not porn.
Aww. :(
by himynameis
11 Apr 2017, 03:53
Forum: Requests
Topic: Your favorite go to videos?
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Re: Your favorite go to videos?

by himynameis
09 Apr 2017, 01:16
Forum: 18+ General
Topic: Who is she?
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Re: Who is she?

I wonder if she's a good burper.
by himynameis
04 Apr 2017, 02:31
Forum: Fetish Discussion
Topic: Young boy in danger?
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Re: Young boy in danger?

I encourage the moderators, or OP, to delete the link so as to avoid revealing to more people this kid's address. I sent OP a PM advising him on what to do.
by himynameis
02 Mar 2017, 01:27
Forum: Fetish Discussion
Topic: Soda and Mentos Do Nothing Special
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Soda and Mentos Do Nothing Special

Hey everyone, So I'm all but convinced that eating mentos and drinking carbonated beverages doesn't really accomplish anything spectacular for burps. For one thing, I've never really seen a coke + mentos video where the burps were all that special, and experiments I've done by myself also don't real...
by himynameis
22 Feb 2017, 19:44
Forum: Commercial Video Clips
Topic: Filming new Videos & making Custom videos
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Re: Filming new Videos

I'd buy that. :D